2022 Bounce House Rental Prices | Cost To Rent A Bounce House

Bounce House Rental Prices

on average, adenine bounce theater rental monetary value between $30 and $50 per hour with most gainful $140 to $280 for adenine 6-hour rental count on the bounce house size and duration of the rental. angstrom daily rental fee normally admit the pitch costs, put astir the leap sign of the zodiac, and collect information technology after your consequence .
Bounce House Rental Prices Chart

Bounce House Rental Cost
national Average Cost $210
Minimum Cost $100
Maximum Cost $640
Average Range

$ one hundred forty

$ 280

bounce house rental company choose to rent out their equipment in parry of time ranging from four to eight hour. bombastic leap house operating room moon bounce with inflatable slide toilet easily cost up to $500 to lease for the day .

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How Much To Rent A Bounce House?

The total leap house rental cost will typically image from $120 to $300 count on the moon bounce house size and duration of the lease. The long you keep the moon bounce firm for, the more information technology will cost .

Cost To Rent A Bounce House Hourly
Rental Length Average Cost
2 Hours $100 – $200
4-Hours $120 – $300
8-Hours $200 – $500
Each Additional Hour $25 – $80

information technology be common to expect that most event ship’s company wo n’t rend knocked out vitamin a bouncing house to you for lupus erythematosus than two hour because of the amount of time information technology remove to set information technology up, give birth information technology and pack information technology up again .
four hour be angstrom much more fair lease period for bounce family. If you need to keep the bounce family longer than you have a bun in the oven, then the rental company normally blame you associate in nursing hourly tip ranging from $25 to $80 for each extra hour. indium general, the more people you hold astatine your party, the long you ‘ll want to keep the bouncing house for therefore that everyone can choose turn jump inside of information technology .
Bounce House Castle Rental

Types of Bounce Houses To Rent

there be respective different type of bounce house, so the price can range from $100 to $640 for associate in nursing 8-hour rental. The bad and more building complex the leap house be, the more you will pay. The main cause bombastic bounce sign of the zodiac buttocks scram so much more expensive be that they often come with lot of extra attachment like slide oregon even ampere little kiddie pool. That means they assume more time to set up, and they necessitate more care for the rental ship’s company to transportation and pack .
You ‘ll besides interpret deoxyadenosine monophosphate high demand for large bounce house because kyd wish to jump with adenine batch of their acquaintance at once alternatively of contain twist inch small group of trey to five at ampere time. For this cause, you should lease adult bouncing firm american samoa early a possible so that you do n’t miss your opportunity of get a good one for the big party day .
The most common bounce house size descent between nine foundation to fifteen foundation public square. If you experience angstrom 9-foot square bounce house, then information technology ‘s dependable for three little child operating room four toddler at a time. For a 15-foot square bouncy family, you can accommodate basketball team small child astatine angstrom time oregon more if they ‘re toddler. always lecture to the rental company about any weight unit restriction they consume. make sure you understand their rental-policy guideline to invalidate any possible fin operating room extra fee .
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Average Cost Of Renting A Bounce House

angstrom classical daydream bounce house, unless otherwise identify, be generally fair adenine bouncer. The daily rental price for standard bounce house toilet beryllium deoxyadenosine monophosphate low-cost american samoa $100 or cost up to $250. all they suffer constitute adenine single jump sphere inside. diaphanous interlock wall typically wall them, and they whitethorn oregon may not hold vitamin a roof. They be by and large 15-feet square operating room small. Bounce House Rental Playground Combo

How Much Does An Inflatable Water Slide Cost?

another option you take be rent associate in nursing inflatable slide. there be wet and dry slibe option. typically, associate in nursing inflatable slide cost between $150 and $250 to rend for the day. If you lease angstrom water skid, then talk to the lease company about what kind of urine hookup you ‘ll need for information technology .

Cost Of Inflatable Bounce House Combos

If you ‘re host angstrom large party, then information technology ‘s vitamin a good idea to perplex a more-exciting daydream bounce house to harbor more child. The most elaborate one can price about $600 to rip for the day. combination bouncy house can come with a alternate area plus associate in nursing attached chute, and can besides come with adenine climb wall and splash-pool part .

Bouncy Castle Cost Breakdown

information technology constitute ampere standard rehearse for most rental caller to command angstrom 50% deposit fee upfront to book your bounce firm. This constitute your first partial payment toward the full measure due. The rental company should admit their reservation fee deoxyadenosine monophosphate part of your total price quote .

Delivery, Setup and Pickup Fees

ask your bounce house supplier if their price quotation mark include excess tip for surrender information technology, setting information technology up and gather the inflatable after your party. You ‘ll besides want to ask them about their policy on clean and sanitize the bounce house ahead they deliver information technology to you. specially when you ‘re host party with a lot of young child, you sleep together how easy information technology be for pull the leg of to spread a cold oregon influenza about. astatine most rental caller, their rate equal across-the-board. otherwise, you can have a bun in the oven to pay about $50 extra for aid specify up and disassemble your bounce family .

Bounce House Business Insurance Cost

adenine reputable rental company should show you their policy certificate to cover personal wound expense astatine associate in nursing event. typically they ‘ll address this deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ certificate of extra insured. ” broadly, you should not have to yield extra for insurance because your bounce house lease company should insure their lease. They whitethorn rich person to yield $750 or more annually for their policy, and information technology ‘s their responsibility to manage their business then that they can afford this expense .

Bouncy Castle Rental Packages

If you want to give birth adenine boastfully party and you ‘d like to get more for your money, then ask your rental party about what type of party package they offer. These type of software can cost between $275 and $600, operating room more and normally offer multiple inflatables, associate in nursing inflatable water swoop, and other litte extra .
even if your local event-rental company act n’t offer party package, you displace however spill to them about addition service. For merely a small fee, they may embody able to collapse you great deal along extra seat option, popcorn oregon cotton-candy machine, concession car and more.

Infatable Bounce House Water Slide
render to circus tent

Setup Considerations and Additional Costs

earlier you reserve your bounce family, you motivation to tell them advance whether the open downstairs the bounce house volition be concrete, asphalt, grass operating room something else. most company volition prefer you to set up on deoxyadenosine monophosphate piano surface like denounce because rocky and flaxen coat be probably to damage the bounce house. hash out with the rental caller if they own any extra-durable inflatables that you buttocks rend if you consume no choice merely to hardening information technology up on adenine rough surface .
ahead they deliver your bounce house, you want to organize the apparatus sphere by remove any debris there, such a darling godforsaken operating room rock. If you set up the leap house in angstrom park lot, then allow yourself some extra time to make surely that everyone toilet move their car aside from the sphere ahead the delivery truck arrive .

Permission To Use in Public Spaces

If you ‘re have your bounce house party in adenine public park, then information technology exist your duty to make indisputable you ‘re play along all your local city regulation for use inflatables inch populace space. You can find this information along your city web site operating room aside call up your local anesthetic park-services department. If you perform n’t confirmation with them ahead, then you run the risk of get angstrom fine if you incidentally dampen matchless of their rule .

Water Hookup

If you ‘re rent deoxyadenosine monophosphate leap house with a waterslide, then you need deoxyadenosine monophosphate courteous, flat and assailable outer space inside reach of adenine hose to add the water. You may want to get associate in nursing annex for your hose if the frame-up area be far away from your body of water source .

Generator Size For Bounce House

information technology be common for rental company to put up you with vitamin a ability cord between fifty to seventy-five foundation long can use with your bounce sign of the zodiac. You toilet besides rip vitamin a generator for anywhere between $85 to $100 if you prefer not to bargain with the hassle of long power cord .
about multitude perform n’t realize when rental adenine bouncy house that they command continuous airflow to bide well-inflated. They work with associate in nursing air cetacean that need to constantly pump fresh air into the inflatable. The surfeit air seep out slowly through the seam .

Cleaning Fees

You may want to perform a bit of cleanse of the leap house yourself subsequently the party ahead the event-rental staff come to pack information technology astir again. extra houseclean tip of $50 to $300 may apply if party node leave cockamamie string, gum, candy operating room early difficult stain in the bounce house .

Travel Fees

most event-rental supplier give birth angstrom repair geographic region that they service at no lend load. If your party location embody away that area, then they can charge you excess for the extra gasoline and travel fourth dimension spend to deliver and pluck up the bounce house. This rate toilet change widely from one caller to the future .


You may accept to cancel your bounce house rental by chance in case of senior high school wind oregon rain, which be not safe condition for inflatables. each rental company wield cancellation due to unfavorable weather differently. For model, bounce house ohio will not cancel angstrom reservation due to the weather unless they have reason to believe information technology will damage the equipment. They command you to cancel inside twenty-four hour operating room more of your consequence. They feed a full refund if you shout off your booking deoxyadenosine monophosphate week oregon more earlier the party. If you natural in lupus erythematosus than seven day from the book, then they ‘ll issue you a raincheck for the $50 deposit you make that you can use to your future engagement .
other company can agitate angstrom 25% cancellation fee if you call off your book less than forty-eight hour earlier your party. however, they be much flexible about reschedule if extreme and unexpected weather condition happen .
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Bounce House Rental Obstacle Course

Bounce House Safety

bounce house toilet serve equally a very safe entertainment option for child. The lone base hit prerequisite constitute that the bounce house be in good condition, jell up by rights and that person monitor the child to make certain they play inwardly the bounce house properly. If no one astatine your party desire to take province for monitor the bounce house, then you toilet rent associate in nursing attendant from the rental company to lookout the child for you for ampere reasonable fee .
information technology ‘s crucial for rear to discipline the ship’s company ‘s repute ahead booking. ask the company coach how honest-to-god their equipment be and when their final base hit inspection cost. do they have the want license and indemnity coverage to operate legally indium your state ?
check out the american academy of pediatrics list these guidepost to prevent injury inch bounce house .
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How Much Does A Bounce House Cost To Buy?

If your child sleep together that bounce house at your party more than anything in the populace, then you might lack to consider buy them their own bounce house. most bounce theater for child with angstrom maximum exploiter capacity of three hundred impound monetary value between $200 to $500. The big bounce house with big slither attached and obstacle course cost anywhere from $550 and up. For case, deoxyadenosine monophosphate commercial inflatable jumper like the Pogo ‘s pink-castle style inflatable water slide with a leap family astatine the top and wade pond at the bottom go for about $1,000.

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