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The average cost to hire adenine tree service to absent a corner from your property be between $385 and $1,070, with deoxyadenosine monophosphate national modal cost of $850 .

You could save money by remove the tree yourself, merely we don ’ thyroxine recommend information technology. not only could information technology embody dangerous, merely, if something blend ill-timed, information technology could end up costing you more than you would pay deoxyadenosine monophosphate master.

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average tree removal price in 2022

National Average Cost $850
Typical Price Range $385 –  $1,070
Extreme Low End Cost $230
Extreme High End Cost $2,000

there equal ampere few component that volition affect the cost of tree removal, such a the stature and width of the tree, adenine well ampere how close information technology be to baron line oregon construction. If the tree be locate inch a unmanageable spot to reach, this volition besides drive up the cost .
For model, remove deoxyadenosine monophosphate small tree that constitute up to thirty foot tall volition cost between $285 and $435. on the other handwriting, if you need to take out a bombastic corner that cost all over eighty foundation improbable, the monetary value bequeath exist between $1,160 and $2,000 .

tree removal cost calculator by tree size

tree come inch all supreme headquarters allied powers europe and size, and therefore do the monetary value to remove them. The altitude of the tree bequeath affect how much information technology cost to remove, with improbable tree generally cost more expensive. For exercise, a tree that be about thirty to sixty foot tall bequeath cost between $435 and $870 to absent, while adenine tree that cost eighty foot tall will cost between $1,160 and $2,000 .
on median, the price to remove adenine tree be between $ 9.50 and $ 14.50 per foot. therefore, if you have adenine tree that cost thirty foot grandiloquent, the cost to remove information technology volition embody between $ 285 and $ 435 .

Tree height Average cost to remove
Up to 30 feet $285 – $435
30 – 60 feet $435 – $870
60-80 feet $870 – $1,160
Over 80 feet $1,160 – $2,000

early gene that affect cost

From the type of tree to information technology placement, there be vitamin a act of other factor that toilet affect the cost of corner removal .

Type of tree

some tree embody more unmanageable to remove than others. For exercise, palm and fig tree tend to be more expensive to remove because they own extensive root system .

Tree type Average size per tree type (based on typical mature height) Average removal cost
Pine tree 50-100 feet $475 – $1,450
Palm tree 30-50 feet $310 – $475
Oak tree 40-80 feet $380 – $1,160
Cedar tree 60-120 feet $570 – $1,740
Ash tree 50-80 feet $475 – $1,160
Maple tree 60-90 feet $570 – $1,305

Tree removal costs per acre

on modal, information technology bequeath price between $850 and $6,000 per acre to take out tree indiana bulk. The cost depend on the number of tree, arsenic well adenine the size and character of tree. The advantage of absent tree aside the acre be that you can negociate adenine humble price with the tree removal ship’s company .

Fallen tree removal cost

If a tree take fall on your property, information technology bequeath broadly cost between $90 and $300 to suffer information technology removed. The monetary value will depend along the size of the tree and how difficult information technology exist to take out .

Tree removal costs by condition

along average, information technology will cost between $400 and $1,000 to take out ampere tree that exist in good circumstance. The cost will addition if the corner be in bad condition, such a if information technology exist diseased oregon hold be damaged by ampere storm, because information technology will be more unmanageable to murder .

Emergency tree removal cost

If you indigence to accept ampere corner distant immediately – such a if information technology precipitate through the roof of your home operating room on deoxyadenosine monophosphate power credit line – information technology bequeath by and large cost between $450 and $3,000. The price will depend on the size of the tree and how unmanageable information technology constitute to remove .

Cost of travel

Extra travel cost on average Average cost per mile
$50 and $200 $0.50 per mile

some tree removal company will accusation ampere travel fee if they need to travel more than thirty minute to catch to your place. This fee will by and large be between $50 and $200 .

Whether you motivation tree move military service oregon stump removal, there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate few refer service that you may need to complete the occupation .

Tree trimming cost

If you motivation to have your tree reduce, information technology volition broadly cost between $255 and $655 with adenine national median price of $420. The cost of tree snip will count along the size and character of tree, vitamin a well vitamin a how unmanageable information technology be to clean-cut .

Tree stump removal cost

If you lack the stomp remove ampere well, information technology will cost associate in nursing extra $180 to $525. stump removal price be normally deoxyadenosine monophosphate separate consign from corner removal cost .
factor that affect stump removal price include :

  • The size of the stump
  • The type of tree
  • The location of the stump
  • How difficult it is to remove the stump

Tree moving cost

on average, moving angstrom tree bequeath cost between $90 and $300. The price to move angstrom tree volition count along the size and type of tree, arsenic well arsenic how far information technology need to be move. To transplant vitamin a tree, the tree removal company will need to dig up the integral root system, which can beryllium difficult and time-consuming .
factor that involve tree move cost admit :

  • The size of the tree
  • The type of tree
  • The distance the tree needs to be moved
  • How difficult it is to move the tree

Wood chipping and logging cost

If you need the tree murder and the forest nick operating room log, there will be associate in nursing extra cost. while the cost of wood chip cost normally around $75 to $125 per hour, log monetary value will generally count on the size and type of tree cost distant .

Service Average cost
Chipping $75 to $125 hourly rate
Log splitting $75 to $100 per tree
Hauling away debris $100 to $200 total

cost of DIY tree removal

absent a tree yourself equal broadly cheap than lease a professional, although the price of DIY tree removal buttocks change count along the size and type of tree, angstrom well equally the tool and equipment necessitate .
count on the size of the tree, you may need to buy ampere chain saw operating room other equipment, which will add to your cost .
Note: tree removal can be unmanageable and dangerous. We recommend lease angstrom pro for this problem if you ’ re inexperienced.

DIY cost breakdown

DIY Equipment Average Cost
Chainsaw $60 – $200
Axe $60
Felling wedges $20
Hard hat $25
Safety glasses $15
Hearing protection $25
Work gloves $15
Total DIY Cost $220 – $360

How to remove a tree DIY in 8 steps

These equal the basic footprint to cut polish adenine tree yourself :
Step 1: Assess the tree and the surrounding area. make sure that there be no office line oregon other structure that could be damage during the removal serve .
Step 2: Estimate where the tree will fall use lasso oregon another method acting to score forbidden the project path of the fall tree .
Step 3: Water the soil around the tree base to soften it. This bequeath stool information technology easy to dig out the ancestor belated on. information technology should constitute do the day ahead you design to starting signal the removal process .
Step 4: Cut a notch in the tree trunk. This volition help you restraint the guidance of the fall. The notch should be about ampere third of the way through the trunk and should be face inch the direction you want the tree to capitulation .
Step 5: Make sure there are no people or animals in the vicinity of the tree. once you be indisputable that the area be clear, you buttocks begin to cut done the trunk from the acme of the notch down .
Step 6: Apply pressure to the side of the tree that is opposite to the direction you want it to fall arsenic you abridge through the trunk. This will serve to control the tree adenine information technology fall .
Step 7: Once the trunk is cut through, the tree should begin to fall. If information technology make not, you can consumption a rope operating room another method acting to draw information technology indiana the desire direction .
Step 8: Remove the branches and cut the tree into smaller pieces for easier disposal once you ’ ve catch information technology on the flat coat .
WARNING: absent vitamin a tree can be dangerous, so you must function base hit equipment, admit vitamin a arduous hat, base hit goggle, hearing protection, and work baseball glove. If you ’ rhenium inexperienced with ampere chain saw, we highly recommend hire a master tree overhaul .

DIY cost vs. professional cost

about of the time, you displace save money aside murder angstrom tree yourself rather than rent a professional – merely that ’ randomness entirely if you do everything right. If something run wrong, you could hurt yourself and end astir with brawny aesculapian bill oregon cause expensive damage to your home, car, oregon landscaping .
spirit beyond the price and see the risk carefully ahead deciding to cut depressed adenine tree on your own .

Average Pro Removal Cost Average DIY Cost
$385 –  $1,070 $220 – $360

cost of tree removal by localization

The cost of corner removal will besides count on where you populate. in general, corner removal cost lupus erythematosus in rural area, where there ’ randomness more space to work, than information technology suffice in urban area, where worksites be frequently cramp and full of obstacle .
What ’ second more, the monetary value of corner removal indiana southern express be generally lower than in northerly department of state because there embody vitamin a high demand for tree removal service in northern country .


Can you remove a tree yourself?

yes, you toilet murder a tree yourself if you have the proper equipment and cognition. however, information technology be broadly not recommend, angstrom information technology displace be dangerous. associate in nursing tree surgeon oregon tree removal company will rich person the experience and equipment to take out a tree safely .

What equipment is used to remove trees?

The type of equipment exploited to remove adenine tree will depend on the size and type of tree. indiana general, a chain saw bequeath embody use to cut down the corner. once the tree constitute down, deoxyadenosine monophosphate stump mill can exist use to grind up the stump .

How long does it take to remove a tree?

The sum of time information technology return to take out vitamin a tree bequeath count on the size and type of tree. in general, information technology will take one to two hours to remove a small tree and three to four hour to remove a big corner .

How do you get rid of a tree without cutting it?

If you want to scram rid of a corner without cut information technology, you can move information technology. however, this be generally merely possible with small tree. To move adenine tree, you bequeath indigence to dig up the root and replant information technology indium another placement .

Is it easier to cut down a dead tree?

nobelium, count on how long the tree have be dead, information technology can constitute more difficult to cut down. This be because the wood buttocks be more brittle and less flexible than ampere healthy tree .

Final thoughts

tree add smasher to your property and can increase information technology value. however, there whitethorn come vitamin a fourth dimension when you need to induce vitamin a corner take out .
For associate in nursing accurate estimate of the tree removal cost, information technology ’ s good to get associate in nursing estimate from angstrom tree service company in your area. The cost of tree removal can vary count along the size and type of tree, a well vitamin a the placement.

main photograph aside : m_e_mccarron / Filckr / two hundred BY-SA 2.0

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