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What’s the Average Going Rate for Babysitters and Nannies?

When deciding how much to pay your babysitter or nanny, it ’ south significant to set a competitive rate to attract the best caregivers. But there are lots of factors to think about when determining the price of child caution. Use the information below to compare nanny and babysitting rates in your area, and align on a reasonable price per hour for your brood hen .

How Much Does a Nanny Cost?

nanny wages can differ based on years of have, department of education degree, use condition ( full-time live in/live out ) and more. According to holocene Sittercity data, the average hourly rate of nannies in 2022 is $ 20.00 per hour. *

  • 54% of families report that they sometimes or always tip their nannies.
  • 50% of nannies are compensated for their travel expenses.

You might besides consider providing employment benefits like paid time off, health insurance, flatulence money, and mobile call coverage. Because nannies typically work on a full-time or set schedule footing, parents should expect to pay a weekly or monthly salary based on a account hourly engage .

How Much Do Babysitters Cost?

Unlike nannies, babysitters frequently work half-time or on an casual basis for several families at a fourth dimension, and are paid hourly at the end of a switch. cost of living and minimal engage laws can influence hourly rates. According to late Sittercity data, the national typical hourly rate of babysitters in 2022 is $ 17.50 per hour. *

Use the chart below to determine the most allow babysitting pace by hourly engage by location.

Nannying and Babysitting Rates for Top U.S. Cities

last update : July 2022

Other Factors to Consider When Setting Your Rates for Child Care

For nannies and babysitters who set their own rates, the cost can increase for a few reasons :

  • Number of Children: As any parent knows, more children means more work, especially when age ranges vary. For each additional child, pay your child care provider an extra $1 or $2. (i.e. If the base rate is $16 per hour for one child, the cost for two children would be $17.)
  • Certifications: There’s a difference in experience – both in life and in child care – between your neighbor’s 16-year-old daughter and a nanny of 10 years who is CPR and first-aid certified. Plan to compensate your nanny accordingly.
  • Additional Responsibilities: If you expect your sitter to pick up the kids from school, help with homework, or perform household tasks like cooking dinner or cleaning, plan to pay more for these additional services.
  • Special Occasions: If you plan to hire a sitter for New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day, you’ll need to pay more than your usual rate. Sitters are in high demand at these times.
  • Travel and Expenses: Of course, sitters in large cities like Manhattan or San Francisco are more expensive than those in smaller Midwestern cities. But you’ll also need to think about how long it takes for the sitter or nanny to travel to work. If you live in a rural area where the sitter has to drive 45 minutes each way, you might have to pay more to make it worth their time for a 2-hour babysitting job.

* Sittercity Provider Data, January 2022

source : https://thaitrungkien.com
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