How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Tree removal costs $ 750 on average, but pricing ranges from $ 200 to $ 2,000 Get quotes from up to 3 pros ! Enter a nothing below and get matched to top-rated pros near you.

Tree removal costs anywhere from $ 200 to $ 2,000 or more, with the modal price falling around $ 750. Shorter trees will cost closer to $ 200, while tall trees are harder to remove and can cost up to $ 2,000. many tree removal professionals will charge by the foot, so removing a improbable, louche elm tree will cost you more than a small unfolding crepe myrtle .

Minimum Cost National Average Cost Maximum Cost
$200 $750 $2,000

What Factors Influence Tree Removal Cost?

Tree removal costs vary widely based on acme, total of trees, diameter of the trunks, and the corner ’ mho handiness. Whether you have an invasive tree species you want to remove or need it gone for landscape purposes, take a look at the respective costs of cutting down trees below .

Cost per Tree

Trees that are smaller, have pin down trunks, fewer branches, and are comfortable to entree will cost about $200. Some with far-reaching branches might flush need certain sections pulled down by ropes before a professional can remove the tree itself. The most challenge projects can cost $2,000 or more. minor trees typically cost less per foundation compared to taller trees. Trees under 30 feet improbable are considered shorter and less expensive to remove. The tiniest trees can cost angstrom humble as $8 per foot, while grandiloquent trees can cost $15 per foot or more .


Expect to pay 25 % to 50 % more to take out a tree in a nasty, hard-to-reach, or insecure descry. When the tree is close to power lines or has heavy branches hanging precariously over your property, it will make the problem a bigger challenge. Removing a bad tree from a tight outer space in a minor yard international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine square, either. Agreeing to remove fences or major obstacles before the pros come out can sometimes cut costs .


Professional corner removal services may use a variety of saws and ladders in accession to a bucket hand truck and early items for cleanup. The service will besides require safety materials, like difficult hats, earplugs, goggles, gloves, and steel-toed boots .


Tree removal is a hazardous job that requires professional skills, which is why much of the cost of tree removal avail is in the labor. certified arborists can efficiently and safely remove trees, assessing nearby risks during the speculate and ensuring there is no unnecessary damage to your home or yard. That is why you can expect to pay per foot, as improbable trees require more time and gamble to remove, quite than hourly rates. Before hiring a pro, make surely they are cover .


Most of the prison term, you aren ’ t going to want to keep the tree dais after the tree is removed. Removing a tree can besides leave behind a trail of branches, bark, leaves, and the tree itself. The company might haul away your tree for about $70, put it through a chipper for an average cost of $ 95, or split it into firewood for your home at about $ 70 .

Tree Removal Costs by Region

If you live in a cheery venue and need a annoying palm tree removed, you might actually pay less ( about $40 to $320 ) because handle trees are a softer wood that is easier to remove. That being said, people living in locations with variable seasons can take advantage of off-season discounts that some tree removal companies offer during colder months .

Tree Removal Costs by State

different states have different requirements, such as permits or environmental laws, that can change the cost of tree removal. here are the rates for tree removal in respective states across the U.S .

Location Average Cost
California $650 – $1,300
Illinois $535 – $730
Colorado $350 – $650
Florida $750 – $1,500
Maine $515 – $700
New York $750 – $1,100
North Carolina $600 – $900
Texas $300 – $850
Washington $550 – $800
Washington, D.C. $250 – $700

Tree Removal Costs: Rural vs. Urban

Costs for tree removal can besides vary by rural or urban locations. In a city, services are closer to you and won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate likely charge for the time spent traveling to your property. If you live in a rural sphere, tree removal companies will charge about $0.50 per mile to travel to your home or a flat rate ranging from $ 50 to $ 200 .

Additional Costs to Consider

unanticipated circumstances and ongoing care can result in other overheads. It ’ sulfur deserving keeping the be in mind .


Do you have a tree tiptoe precariously cheeseparing to your home after a storm ? In this site, you can ’ triiodothyronine delay calling out the pros. Emergency tree removal normally comes at a agio, specially when services are in high demand, like they will be after a storm. How much you pay depends on the circumstances, but it isn ’ metric ton unheard of to pay angstrom much as $5,000 in an pressing position. home indemnity policies frequently cover the price of cutting down trees when it relates to storm damage, so it ‘s worth checking your policy conditions .

Fallen Tree

Expect to pay $75 to $150 to remove a corner that has already fallen. The pros don ’ t have any climb or careful cutting to do, so it ’ south normally fair a case of chopping it up or mulching it before removal. however, if you have a dead or dying tree, don ’ thymine let it get to the stage where it falls itself. It can do major damage to surrounding property and you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want it to fall on family or unsuspecting passersby. Some local authorities charge fines for neglecting it .

Stump Removal 

Stump removal is typically $100 to $150 for the beginning stump, with a deal on multiple stumps, such as $50 per additional stump removal. Removing a tree stump is dangerous, but if you are comfortable and skilled with handling a chain saw ( and put on the proper personal security equipment ), you can remove tree stumps with a chain saw to save a fiddling act of money .

Tree Trimming and Pruning

The cost to prune a tree ranges from $75 to $1,500. How much you pay depends on whether it ’ s a small sapling or mature monster. Pruning is normally done every few years to rid the tree of dead, diseased, or damaged branches. Trimming is normally an annual contract and costs between $200 and $760, but it ’ s all about aesthetics rather than health. The pros might shave around $ 25 to $ 100 off their bill if you ’ re glad to clean up the chop branches and debris yourself. relate article Family having brunch in the garden7 Reasons Why You Should Prune Your Trees Cutting your trees back is a brilliant measure forward


The cost to transplant a tree starts at around $400, but it can go up to $5,000 or more for long-distance moves of large trees with sprawling roots. This might only be something you want to consider if you ’ ve got a tree with particular sentimental or prize-winning value .

Tree Removal by Type

Some trees can grow to a very baronial 100 feet tall—or more. american english ash, bur oak, and maple are considered to be more unmanageable to remove than others, and consequently, removing them costs more .Cost to remove trees by type, with pine being $250-$1,500


Some states, such as California, forbid the removal of oak trees, as they are considered inheritance trees. other trees that might fall into this class are the Douglas Fir, Santa Cruz Cypress, and Redwoods. If, after contacting your city ’ s plan and building department, you discover you are allowed to remove an oak tree, you will likely spend $800 for a 60-foot corner. however, Oak trees can reach up to 100 feet, so the average compass is between $ 200 and $ 2,000 .

Japanese Knotweed

japanese knotweed is not a tree, but rather a shrub. It is frequently mistaken for a tree, as it can grow up to 10 feet high, and is highly incursive. In fact, some states, such as Michigan, prohibit the monomania or insertion of it. It spreads identical fast and aggressively via its rhizomes ( an clandestine stalk ) which can be deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as 40 feet in length.

Some people have evening reported japanese knotweed growing thus aggressively that it knocked the flooring out from under their homes. If you have spotted a few young plants, remove them immediately, and take care to remove all the roots and rhizomes arsenic well. A master will likely charge based on the public square footage of the area the knotweed has spread over, and the intensity of the invasion. Prices will probably start at $2,000 and go up to $10,000 .


An aspen is a poplar tree, merely like cottonwoods and balsams. These trees are enormous, reaching heights of 90 to 115 feet. Due to their complex and expansive root organization, aspens can cost $1,000 to $1,800 to remove .


You will spend $250 to $1,500 to remove a pine tree, depending on its size and health. Older trees cost more not only because of their size, but because they could have a tap solution living deep inside the land. This requires a specialist to remove by cutting into the surface roots, clearing the stump, and treating the land. Without this extra care and expertness, you might leave seedlings in the soil and have a new ache tree on your hands before retentive .


Palms are highly heavy, weighing between 100 and 1,000 pounds per foot of truck, depending on the variety. Because of this, the cost to remove a palm corner between 35 and 60 feet tall is $650. For handle trees taller than 80 feet, the price will jump between $ 1,100 and $ 1,500 .


Maples can grow to 100 feet high gear and have very big branches, which makes them expensive to remove. Expect to pay between $250 and $2,000 .


Ash trees have strikingly colored leaves in fall, coming in purple, loss, orange, and more. These trees reach 80 feet with branches that spread a wide as 25 feet and price $250 to $1,800 to remove .


The corner in your yard could be a “ true cedar, ” which is native to places with identical high gear altitudes such as the Himalayas or the Mediterranean and can reach heights of 160 feet. false cedars are more common in North America, though, and look very alike to true cedars. The assumed kind can range from 50 to 230 feet in acme. Depending on the stature, removing a cedar can cost between $250 and $1,500 .

How Much Does DIY Tree Removal Cost?

Tree removal is a dangerous job you should leave to skilled professionals. If you have the required skill set, you might save a copulate hundred dollars going the DIY route, but the money saved doesn ’ t outweigh the consociate risks. In some cities, it ’ randomness even illegal to remove a tree yourself .

Cost of Materials

condom is essential, so many materials are directly related to keeping yourself protected. Expect to pay $ 200 to $ 300 for gloves, protective goggles, steel-toed boots, a hard hat, chain saw chaps, and earplugs. You ’ ll besides need a chain saw ( $ 50 to $ 150 ) and felling wedges ( $ 20 for six ) .

Skills Required

Tree removal is best left to certified arborists, who can remove trees with minimal environmental shock while besides avoiding risks of property damage. Removing a tree requires navigating the potential interference of wires, clandestine pipes, and other infrastructure on the place that isn ’ triiodothyronine constantly in plain sight .


We can ’ t stress this adequate : corner removal is dangerous. It ’ s about constantly a better idea to hire a local tree removal pro. many times, removing a tree, even by a professional, requires proper permits. If you don ’ triiodothyronine already have the necessary equipment, it can actually be even more expensive to handle this tax on your own. even for small trees, there is a high risk of hurting yourself or damaging your property and incurring fines. For larger trees, there ’ mho a greater hazard of serious injury or even death by attempting DIY tree removal. You ’ ll besides need to take early nearby trees and electric lines into consideration—these make a DIY job even more dangerous .

How to Know If a Tree Needs Removal

There are a few signs to heed that might indicate a tree should be removed :

  • The tree is dead or all over 25 % of its branches are dead .
  • The proboscis is hollowed or in differently poor health ; a fallible trunk can not support the rest of a tree .
  • There are signs of pest infestation or fungus .
  • The corner is excessively near to might lines or an existing structure .
  • The tree is leaning 15 degrees or more, indicating a problem in its root arrangement .

How You Can Save Money on Tree Removal

There are a few ways to save on tree removal—the first gear being confirming that you need the tree removed in the first seat .

Reuse Debris

Any healthy wood scraps ( unblock from pests or disease ) can likely be reused in the form of firewood or to make furniture and other family items. In addition, it ’ s possible that a local woodworker or furniture godhead might take the wood off your hands for their own oeuvre, and will haul it away for free .

Talk to the Utility Company

If the tree is intersecting with a office line or about to, your utility company might remove it at no monetary value to you .

Get an Evaluation

A local tree surgeon can confirm if you need the entire tree removed, or if cutting some branches will suffice. In accession, it ’ sulfur important to have a professional keep and check your trees every class. With the right care, trees should live a long time .

Frequently Asked Questions

For little trees, just a few hours. Larger trees could take american samoa farseeing as one working sidereal day, about eight hours.

A little, healthy tree growing close to your dwelling international relations and security network ’ t normally a problem. however, it ’ second worth speaking to an tree surgeon if you have a tree within 15 to 20 feet of your family that international relations and security network ’ t in such good health or is encroaching on your home ’ second circumference. The last thing you want is branches burrowing their way under tiles, causing a ceiling leak. Unless it ’ s dead or dangerous, think doubly about cutting down a tree in your yard. They ’ re good for health, wellbeing, wildlife, and the environment. Plus, local anesthetic authorities often have regulations prohibiting the removal of trees, specially protect species or individual trees with historic value .

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