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When information technology come to build muscle, your gymnasium everyday equal merely part of the puzzle — your diet, particularly your protein intake, be the other key agent .
inch general, you need between 1.2 – 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight daily to encourage muscle growth .1
while specific factor can play ampere role indium where you spill along that range, add your muscleman with quality protein from your diet be the key to promote muscleman growth. read on to determine about how to make the most of your protein intake.  

How a lot protein do you want to build up muscle ?

immediately that you know the general range of protein need to build brawn, let ’ randomness dive deep into the specific, based on your sex and soundbox type. These be calculate, and change based on your senesce and flat of bodily process .

scraggy healthy weight unit fleshy corpulent
male 2.0g/ per kilogram bodyweight 1.4 g/ per kilogram bodyweight 1.2g/ per kilogram bodyweight 1.2g/ per kilogram bodyweight
female 1.8g/ per kilogram bodyweight 1.2g/ per kilogram bodyweight 1g/ per kilogram bodyweight 1g/ per kilogram bodyweight

What be protein ?

protein exist one of the three macronutrients along with fatten and carbs. information technology provide four calorie per gram and be make up of amino acid .
protein come from both animal and plant beginning, wish meat, egg, dairy merchandise, bean and pea. while information technology happen naturally in many food, there embody besides adenine wide-eyed diverseness of protein accessory on the grocery store .

How act protein contribute to muscle growth ?

much of our body be construct up of protein, admit muscle, bone, skin, and hair. Because information technology affair exist so widespread, there ’ sulfur adenine constant employee turnover of protein in our body — some be break down ( catabolism ) and approximately be build up ( anabolism ) .
The amount of protein we consume in our diet can influence whether we be indiana ampere build up operating room break polish state of matter .
exercise lawsuit stress on our muscle, making bantam tear operating room injury in the muscle protein that motivation to beryllium repair. consume more calorie and protein in our diet than we be break depressed provide the build up block for our muscle to repair and gain mass over time .

How to calculate your protein requirement for muscle batch

If you lack to forecast how much protein you need to build up muscle mass, there be a few approach you toilet remove.

one. The dim-witted overture exist the gram per kilogram calculation use the mesa above. If you be deoxyadenosine monophosphate female and presently at a goodly system of weights of one hundred fifty pound, you indigence 1.2 g/kg protein to build bulk .
150lbs / 2.2 lbs/kg = 68.2 kg bodyweight x 1.2 g/kg protein = 82 grams protein per day 
two. You can besides function deoxyadenosine monophosphate macro approach, like our simple macro calculator. information technology bequeath give you recommendation for carbs and fat angstrom well, free-base on your gender, historic period, system of weights, and goal. This department of energy wholly the mathematics for you !
three. The third option embody to count your protein intake deoxyadenosine monophosphate deoxyadenosine monophosphate certain share of your entire calorie inhalation — between 10-30 % be a reasonable roll. If you want to profit multitude, we ’ five hundred recommend between 20-25 % of your calorie come from protein. For example, if you surveil adenine 2000 calorie diet :
2000 calories x 0.30 = 500 calories from protein / 4 calories per gram = 125 grams protein per day 

Which gene could affect your calculation ?

You might experience higher operating room broken protein need for different reason. charwoman typically have less thin aggregate than man and ask less protein in general .
womanhood world health organization be pregnant oregon breastfeed induce high protein want. besides, if you ’ ra reclaim from any kind of injury, your need may constitute higher adenine your body constitute in deoxyadenosine monophosphate state of matter of animate .
If you ’ ra trying to lose weight and are presently consuming besides many calorie, you might accept to geld back on protein inhalation arsenic part of associate in nursing overall lower-calorie diet .
however, keep your share of calorie from protein the same bequeath help continue your lean muscle mass and potentially promote muscle growth based on exercise .

High-protein food to help you build muscle

The table below list approximately high–protein food and comparison the total of protein indium each food free-base on angstrom 100g serving.2 however, commemorate 100g be not inevitably the serve size of each of these food .
while chia seed cost high per 100g, you would likely not consume more than 10g at deoxyadenosine monophosphate clock time — you might devour more than 100g of milk astatine once .

Classification  Food  Grams protein per 100g food 
Meat  Chicken Breast  31g 
Turkey Breast  30g 
Pork Chops  30g 
Lamb Chops  26g 
Ground beef  26g 
Fish  Salmon  22g 
Sardines  25g 
Tuna  24g 
Mackerel  26g 
Nuts & Seeds  Chia Seeds  16g 
  Peanuts  24g 
  Almonds  21g 
Eggs  Whole eggs  12g 
  Egg whites  11g 
Dairy Products  Skimmed milk  3.5g 
  Greek yogurt  6g 
  Cheddar cheese  25g 
Soy Products  Soy beans  11g 
  Soy milk  4g 
  Tofu  16g 

Protein for muscle growth — frequently asked questions 

Do males need more protein than females? 

Males generally have a higher proportion of muscle than females, which would require higher levels of protein for muscle growth or maintenance. However, based on the height, weight, and muscle mass, a female could require more than a male with less muscle mass. 

Will protein make me gain weight? 

Too many calories from any source can make you gain weight. If you want to gain muscle, you will likely see the number on the scale increase.  

Muscle tissue holds water while fat does not; this is why you might see changes in your body composition but not see weight loss. Too much protein — more than your body needs — can be stored as fat for later usage and also lead to weight gain. 

What is the best protein to build muscle? 

The best proteins to build muscle are those that contain all of the essential amino acids — the building blocks for protein that the body can’t make on its own — which are called “complete” proteins.  

Varying your protein sources in your diet can help assure you get a wide range of amino acids. Research shows that protein sources high in the amino acid leucine can increase muscle growth.3 Dairy foods, like whey protein, are high in leucine. 

What is the best vegan protein for muscle growth? 

There are many high protein vegan supplements on the market — soy, rice, pea, etc. A blend can be a good option to make sure you are obtaining all the amino acids. Look for one with higher levels of leucine and compare labels to find the one with the most protein per 100g. 

Is it possible to consume too much protein? 

It’s possible to consume too much of any nutrient — and what our body doesn’t need to burn for energy, it will store.  

Our kidneys are involved in the processing of the protein in our diet, and extremely high levels of protein can be harmful over time. However, studies show that up to 3.5g/kg bodyweight per day does not cause negative side effects.4 


Take Home Message 

Protein is a key nutrient found in many of our foods, and available in many supplement forms.   

As the key muscle builder, protein in our diet, along with exercise that challenges our muscles, causes them to repair and grow.  

Following an eating pattern that includes high quality protein is an important part of building muscle and meeting your strength goals. 

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