Passport Renewal Fees | What You Need to Know

Passport Renewal Fees: What You Need To Know

If you ’ ve previously been issued a US Passport there will come a time when you ’ ll want to renew. In most cases, that ’ s 10 years from the date of your previously issued US Passport. There are forms to complete, of course, and you ’ ll need a photograph. And there are the fees to pay. We breakdown the fesse for you below .
US Passport reclamation fees differ depending on the rationality you ’ rhenium renewing your pass. And, if the incorrect pass fees are submitted, that trip could badly delay the process of your application .
Let ’ s take a look at the different fees associated with renewing your pass, then when your refilling clock time comes you ’ ll know precisely how much money you ’ ll be sending Uncle Sam .

Are You Eligible for Passport Renewal?

Before we look at the different passport renewal fees, let ’ s first go over what qualifies you to renew your recommendation. There ’ second no point in going through the renewal work just to find out you don ’ thyroxine stipulate.

You can renew your passport adenine long as you don ’ metric ton belong to any of the pursue criteria :

  • Your passport was issued to you before you turned 16—if you’re still under age 16 then you’ll need to get a Child’s Passport. Or, if your most recent US Passport was issued when you were under age 16 you’ll need to get a ‘New’ Passport as the US Government now considers you an adult
  • Your passport was issued more than 15 years ago—you’ll need to get a ‘New’ Passport as it’s been too long since your US Passport expired
  • Your passport has been lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • You’ve changed your name since your original passport was issued.
  • Your passport was lost, stolen, or damaged—you’ll need to file paperwork and apply for a ‘New’ Passport
  • You’ve changed your name since your passport was issued and you have legal documentation proving the name change—in very limited circumstances you can update your existing Passport. But in most cases you’ll need to get a ‘New’ Passport

You qualify for a reclamation if none of these conditions apply to you. Depending on the reason you ’ rhenium renewing and how fast you need to receive your pass, you might have extra fees. so, how do they break down ?

What Are the Passport Renewal Fees?

There are varying fees depending on your age, where you renew, and if you need your passport rushed or not.

If you ’ re over the age of 16 and renewing your passport book ( that ’ s the technical term for your Passport ) you ’ ll pay $ 130. If you ’ ve previously been issued a Passport Card then you can renew that excessively for $ 30. ( What ’ s a Passport Card you ask ? It ’ s a wag that carries your US Passport data that can be used for identification and in very limited circumstances for travel ). In other words, you can renew both at the same time for the compound price of $ 160 .
What happens if you find yourself needing to make an emergency external tripper, or just have a trip coming up that you realized you ’ ve forgotten to renew your recommendation for ? Luckily, you have the ability to get your recommendation rushed.

  • You can expedite your passport renewal by paying an extra $60 fee. You’ll still have to wait five to seven weeks for your expedited passport to be processed. So keep that in mind. There is also a one-to-two-day delivery fee of $18.32 for your passport. This fee does not include Passport Cards.
  • If you’re renewing your passport due to it being lost, stolen, or damaged, then you will need to add an extra $35 to your total fees as part of an execution fee.
  • If you are unable to provide the documents necessary to prove your US citizenship, you’ll need to pay a $150 fee for a file search, on top of all other required fees.
Trust CIBTvisas with Your Passport Needs

What if you need a Passport reclamation in a few weeks or flush less ? CIBTvisas can help. Our team of technical recommendation and visa professionals will submit all of the needed documentation for you sol you don ’ t have to spend your clock time trying to correspond with the State Department, while besides greatly minimizing the measure of time needed to process your passport. Utilizing CIBTvisas ’ sulfur services can cut the wait time on your passport renewal down from the standard five to seven weeks for expedite passports, to arsenic little as one to five days .
When you put your believe in CIBTvisas to solve your recommendation needs, you ’ rhenium putting yourself in the hands of the leading global travel document provider. And we take that reliance seriously. If you need your passport renewedl fast call us at 877-304-8071 or start your rate on our web site .
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