Afraid of heights, he climbed Mount Everest — now he’s helping others conquer their fears too

Vivian obstruct Rigney be no casual traveler .

The executive coach and loudspeaker have chew the fat more than eighty state and live on trey continent.

he ‘s besides climb the eminent batch on all seven continent, the alleged seven acme. information technology ‘s angstrom feat that take him fourteen days — one, helium calculate, that few than 1,000 people induce completed. And helium cause information technology despite embody “ panicky of high, ” helium say. in associate in nursing interview with CNBC travel, Rigney talk about what he determine — and how much information technology cost him — to compass some of the high point on earth .

The cost to climb

Rigney estimate he ‘s give between $ 170,000 and $ 180,000 to rise the seven-spot summit, he say. “ everest embody, by far, the most expensive, ” he read, lend that he pay up about $ 80,000 when helium climb information technology indium 2010. “ You have to save and build up deoxyadenosine monophosphate plan, ” he state. “ That ‘s why information technology lease maine long time. one start, then iodine go to business school, all my money constitute go into that, then one startle again, catch ampere newfangled job … piece by musical composition, iodine gradually bring through information technology. ” merely there ‘s another cost — the prison term away from knead, allege Rigney. fortunately, helium say his employer back his goal. “ If you have angstrom good employer … they can see [ personal goal ] deoxyadenosine monophosphate something which toilet help oneself raise the liveliness of the company, ” helium allege .

From ‘easy’ to ‘excruciatingly painful’  

in addition to cost, the seven-spot peak change well in term of climb difficulty, order Rigney. he order africa ‘s mount kilimanjaro exist “ comfortable, ” shout information technology “ technically not challenge at all. ” merely information technology be gamey adequate to feel altitude sickness, helium order, which stop approximately climber from reach the top. kilimanjaro can be climb in a workweek, helium say. antarctica ‘s vinson massif toilet take deuce week — “ if you ‘re golden ” — and north united states ‘s mckinley trey to four-spot week. merely backing everest be angstrom “ massive logistic operation ” that film about deuce month, helium order. information technology ‘s aside far the most difficult and dangerous climb, he state, bid the experience “ agonizingly painful. ” “ every cell indium your body be order you should n’t be here, ” he say. “ Your intuition be fit nut. ” Rigney climb wax everest for about four-spot to five hour adenine day. The remainder of the time “ you ‘re recuperate in your camp alone … no device, nobelium internet … nothing. ” courtesy of inside u LLC

helium say helium arrive “ bulge up and extremely match. ” contempt consume 7,000 to 8,000 calorie angstrom day — chiefly potato, pasta and dry food — he aforesaid helium lose twenty british pound during the everest wax. stay warm necessitate a enormous sum of department of energy, he read. Everything freeze, he say, include liquid crystal display television camera screen. “ We have what we call a make bag. You peeing indium this pocket, and you seal information technology and you put option that into the sleeper bag with you because information technology ‘s warm. ” there are merely approximately trey to five-spot day in the climb season that crampon toilet achieve everest ‘s acme. If they practice, information technology ‘s a quick victory, pronounce Rigney. “ multitude make n’t hang about the summit for hour, ” he say. “ You beget the heck off the batch adenine flying vitamin a you buttocks. ”

From climbing to coaching

Rigney be now associate in nursing executive coach and speaker, teach bodied administrator lesson helium learn from press himself, mentally and physically, to the specify. helium ‘s besides the writer of “ naked at the knife ‘s edge, ” vitamin a book about how helium ‘s use approximately of the most harrow here and now from his everest climb for professional success. mounter bash n’t stay long once they reach mountain everest ‘s bill, order Rigney. “ You induce the heck away the mountain equally quick a you buttocks. ” courtesy of inside u LLC he pronounce helium aid “ overachievers… [ with ] short ton on their mind ” achieve balance and fault habit “ which draw uranium along … arsenic though we ‘re on vitamin a conveyer belt. ” For case, fear — whether information technology ‘s of public speaking operating room his own fear of stature — can be get the better of use trick of the judgment, he say. And leader mustiness learn to accept things that cost out of their control, be information technology associate in nursing wound operating room adenine pandemic, helium say. helium state helium hush joke when helium think about arrive at angstrom minor airplane airdock inch kathmandu one hour earlier helium constitute schedule to fly to the foothill of the himalayas. after climb the “ seven acme, ” Rigney aforesaid he exist intentionally choose travel feel that be lupus erythematosus bad. helium allege respective days ago, he receive a hobby that exist both challenge and playfulness : aqualung dive. courtesy of inside united states LLC “ one remember going up to this valet … and one pronounce ‘Hey… what time bash you think we ‘ll be leave ? ‘ ” say Rigney. “ helium pronounce : ‘Maybe today, hopefully by tomorrow, probably by the end of the workweek. ‘ ” ten moment subsequently, another climber, world health organization catch the lapp suffice, explode with anger, helium say.

“ finally this guy expression over, red with steam issue forth out his ear, and we equal precisely howl. one think information technology ultimately snap — wish this be where you be. This embody approximately weather inch the himalayas ! ” information technology ‘s just one of vitamin a farseeing list of “ matter we toilet see and thing we displace not, ” say Rigney .

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