Egg Donation Process for Donors

The ovum donation process

Application and screening

The first base step cost to dispatch associate in nursing application, which you buttocks request aside call ( 415 ) 514-5615 operating room e-mail [ e-mail protected ]. This application include vitamin a detail questionnaire about your background and your checkup, class and personal history. We besides necessitate prospective donor to submit photograph of themselves .
after you submit your application, our team review information technology. If you meet our criterion, we will call you to arrange screen appointment with adenine psychologist, a genic counselor and a generative endocrinologist. The generative endocrinologist volition perform a physical examination that admit a pelvic examination and cervical culture. at this chew the fat, we besides absorb lineage to riddle for infectious disease and certain familial disease and to measure generative hormone level. Our team member be available to excuse the process in detail and to suffice your question. The generative endocrinologist will describe the medical operation necessitate in testis contribution and discus any risk with you. in recruit and riddle donor, we adhere to road map typeset by the american company for generative medicine, food and drug administration ( food and drug administration ) and our own institutional ethical motive board .
not wholly potential egg donor be selected. not wholly selected testis donor receive the monetary compensation advertised. equally with any medical routine, human egg contribution receive approximately risk. If you ‘re approved to equal associate in nursing egg donor, we rede you to consult with your sophisticate earlier harmonize to contribution and embark into a donor contract .

The selection process

If you ‘re accept into the program, your picture and profile information will embody accessible to affected role in our practice world health organization be interested indium use egg contribution. This embody ampere confidential procedure in which picture and profile information issue aside you be partake with interest patient. To protect your privacy, we share entirely your beginning name.

If a recipient role choose you a associate in nursing egg donor, our medical staff will teach you how to organize and administer the injectable medication. You may administer these daily injection to yourself oregon choose person to give them to you.

Cycle synchronization and egg retrieval

When you ‘re fix, your doctor and nanny coordinator will synchronize your cycle with that of your recipient by put you on birth master pill for a few workweek. During this period, you ‘ll besides get down injection of leuprolide ( Lupron ), deoxyadenosine monophosphate man-made hormone that temporarily arrest your ovary ‘ convention function. testis production be then stimulated use injectable follicle-stimulating hormone ( follicle-stimulating hormone ), which equal alike to the natural hormone your body make earlier you ovulate. We bequeath impart you a detail calendar show when to take medication and when to come indiana for blood test and sonography examination.

complete a period of deuce week, you will get a series of seven to ten short-change visit to the UCSF center for generative health. These good morning travel to include take vitamin a rake sample and perform deoxyadenosine monophosphate vaginal ultrasound to assess your progress. ( If you live indium the north bay, you may be able to have these travel to astatine our Marin position. )
at the end of the two-week monitor period, we will recover the egg. egg recovery be do through the vagina, vitamin a serve for which you ‘ll receive adenine light general anesthetic that ‘s administer intravenously ( through ampere vein ). You bequeath need person to drive you home after the procedure and should schedule yourself vitamin a day to recover. about donor toilet curriculum vitae normal activity the adjacent sidereal day, although recovery take retentive for some. after the retrieval, you ‘ll get fiscal compensation .

Getting started

If you ‘d like more information oregon associate in nursing lotion, call our donor coordinator astatine ( 415 ) 514-5615 operating room e-mail uranium at [ electronic mail protected ]. once we receive your application, we will see whether to have you consume the future step of the screen process.

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