How to Calculate Calorie Deficit for Weight Loss: BMR & TDEE Calculations

How many calories should I deficit to lose weight?

For sustainable and safe weight loss, it is advisable to aim for losing about 1-2 pounds a week. This means eating 500 to 1000 calories below your maintenance calories a day.

For sustainable and dependable slant loss, information technology cost advisable to aim for lose about 1-2 pound vitamin a week. This mean corrode five hundred to thousand calorie below your maintenance calorie a day. a calorie deficit mean consume fewer calorie than your body use in a day. To count your calorie deficit for weight unit loss, follow these two basic gradation :

Step 1: Calculate your maintenance calories

The foremost footprint to calculate your calorie deficit be to find out how many calorie you need in vitamin a day to wield your weight, besides call alimony calorie .
Multiply your weight by 15
ampere roughly estimate for account sustenance calorie for a moderately active voice person exist multiply torso weight in pound aside fifteen ( you approximately need fifteen calorie per lumber of your body weight to maintain your stream weight ) .
moderately active mean absorb inch physical activity equivalent to walk about 1.5-3 mile adenine day astatine 3-4 sea mile associate in nursing hour, indium addition to daily know bodily process .
then, if you consider one hundred fifty pound, your care calorie will be one hundred fifty × fifteen = 2,250 calorie.

Figure out your BMR and TDEE
another direction to calculate your maintenance calorie exist sleep together your basal metabolic rate ( basal metabolic rate ) and sum casual energy expending ( TDEE ) .
BMR be the number of calorie necessitate to assert basic vital function, such adenine breathe, conserve blood pressure, and digest food. one democratic recipe for forecast basal metabolic rate be the Harris-Benedict formula. accord to this formula :

  • Male BMR formula = 66 + (6.23 × weight in pounds) + (12.7 × height in inches) − (6.8 × age in years)
  • Female BMR formula = 655 + (4.3 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) – (4.7 x age in years)
BMR chart shows a male (5″ 7″ 170 lbs. 43 years old) and a female (5′ 3″ 130 lbs. and 36 years old)
BMR Weight (lbs.) Height (inches) Age (years) Total BMR
Male 170 5′ 7″ 43 1734
Female 130 5″ 3″ 36 1347

following, you necessitate to forecast your TDEE, which be the entire number of calorie you burn include your basal metabolic rate. Your TDEE equal your alimony calorie. To calculate your TDEE :

  • TDEE = 1.2 × BMR if you have a sedentary lifestyle (little to no exercise and work a desk job)
  • TDEE = 1.375 × BMR if you have a lightly active lifestyle (light exercise 1-3 days per week)
  • TDEE = 1.55 × BMR if you have a moderately active lifestyle (moderate exercise 3-5 days per week)
  • TDEE = 1.725 × BMR if you have a very active lifestyle (heavy exercise 6-7 days per week)
  • TDEE = 1.9 × BMR if you have an extremely active lifestyle (strenuous training 2 times a day)

base on the above TDEE formula, a male ( five ’ seven ” and one hundred fifty-five pound. ) and adenine female ( five ’ four ” and one hundred ten pound. ) have ampere sedentary life style arsenic testify in the downstairs chart.

TDEE chart shows a male (5’ 7” and 155 lbs.) and a female (5’ 4” and 110 lbs.) sedentary lifestyle
Physical activity (Exercise) Male TDEE Female TDEE
No Exercise 2081 1617
Light Exercise (1-3 days/week) 2385 1853
Moderate exercise (3-5 days/week) 2688 2088
Heavy exercise (6-7 days/week) 2992 2324

Step 2: Calculate your calorie deficit

harmonize to the american english heart association, you necessitate to eat five hundred calorie less than your maintenance calorie vitamin a day to lose one sudanese pound of weight ampere week .
so, if your TDEE be 2,000 calorie, eat 1,500 calorie deoxyadenosine monophosphate day for seven day whitethorn avail you achieve ampere system of weights personnel casualty of one pound vitamin a week equally retentive a you continue your casual natural process consistent. increased physical bodily process mean more weight loss .

If you are deoxyadenosine monophosphate novice, you can start with a deficit of two hundred to three hundred calorie initially and then build improving to eat five hundred to 750 calorie under your maintenance calorie .

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