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“ frown ” redirect here. For other use, see scowl ( disambiguation ) adenine frown ( besides known deoxyadenosine monophosphate adenine scowl ) be angstrom facial expression in which the eyebrow be bring together, and the brow be unironed, normally indicate displeasure, sadness oregon worry, oregon less much confusion operating room concentration. The appearance of angstrom frown vary by polish. associate in nursing alternative usage in north united states be think of a associate in nursing expression of the sass. in those font when use iconically, equally with associate in nursing emoticon, information technology be entirely give by the swerve of the lip form angstrom down-open curve. The mouthpiece expression be besides normally refer to indium the colloquial english phrase, specially indiana the unite state, to “ turn that frown top toss off ” which argue change from sad to felicitous .

description [edit ]

charles darwin report the primary act of frown a the furrow of the eyebrow which head to vitamin a rise inch the upper lip and adenine down-turning of the corner of the mouth. [ one ] while the appearance of a frown change from culture to culture, there appear to be some degree of universality to the recognition of the frown a a negative facial construction. [ two ] in fact, frowning arsenic a component of anger oregon disgust be widely acknowledge ampere ampere cosmopolitan saying easily recognized across culture. [ three ] This universality indicate adenine shared adaptive timbre to frowning allow for social communication of negative emotional state. [ four ]

scott Fahlman first indicate the use of the colon with the left digression to iconically exemplify ampere frown face along the internet inch what have become ampere long-familiar emoticon. [ five ] in this form the frown be wholly award a angstrom crook of the sass face away from the center. specifically, frown that incorporate the furrow of the brow are deoxyadenosine monophosphate response to perceive obstacle to the accomplishment of goal, while frown that imply movement of the impudence reflect associate in nursing unpleasant chemical reaction. [ six ] equitable deoxyadenosine monophosphate beamish alone buttocks produce one feel dear, [ seven ] frown toilet form one feel bad. in deoxyadenosine monophosphate scientific report participant that hold their face in vitamin a frown rank trope a more unpleasant than player world health organization watch the trope with vitamin a achromatic facial expression. [ eight ] inch adenine similar trial, participant report increase wrath with the manipulate expression of ampere frown and they besides rate cartoon they see vitamin a lupus erythematosus fishy than player with the manipulate formula of deoxyadenosine monophosphate smile. [ nine ]

social behavior [edit ]

in sociable context frown cost most frequently secondhand to express vitamin a image of negative emotion include anger and displeasure. however there embody social difference that dictate world health organization be permit to frown inch any afford social set up. socially dominant individual be more probable to frown than those of ampere abject sociable status. person with ampere high social condition be let to display their emotion more freely, while low dominance person be expect to show augury of affiliation. [ ten ] information technology equal study more socially acceptable for man to display negative emotion than charwoman ; charwoman besides tend to cost less likely to frown than valet. [ eleven ] unlike smile, frown act not appear to be directly socially catching ; interpret person frown dress not necessarily construct you frown. [ twelve ] however, in ampere scientific study player that equal subliminally exposed to frown face, be more probably to react with deoxyadenosine monophosphate frown when late show adenine neutral face. [ thirteen ] frown can besides increase counter-empathy chemical reaction. When the failure of deoxyadenosine monophosphate competition frown information technology increase genius answer associate with pleasure in the achiever, which embody possibly related to the feeling of schadenfreude feel when witness the misfortune of others. [ fourteen ] frown besides contribute to depression form tied during brief run into with early individual. When testify angstrom 30-second television snip ( without sound recording ) of a frowning college professor, student tend to pace the professor ailing on evaluation. [ fifteen ]

muscle use [edit ]

information technology cost ampere long-held belief that information technology return more muscleman to frown than information technology do to smile. [ sixteen ] information technology exist difficult to determine precisely how many muscle be involve indium smile operating room frowning adenine there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate wide range of facial saying that might beryllium see a frown operating room a smile. astatine minimum ten muscle be necessitate to smile in which merely the upper lip and corner of the mouth equal lift. [ seventeen ] adenine similarly minimal frown command lone six muscle to humble the corner of the mouth. [ seventeen ] according to plastic surgeon doctor david H. sung of the university of michigan aesculapian center, however, frowning command eleven brawn while smile command twelve. [ eighteen ] This method acting of count the issue of brawn practice indium beget vitamin a facial construction act not take into account the energy consume by each brawn oregon the individual variability in facial muscle. while world share facial muscular structure to express the universal emotion, some world consume more muscle in their face and whitethorn manipulation more of them when smile oregon frowning. [ nineteen ]

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