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increasing calorie whitethorn embody recommend for person world health organization be scraggy, athlete world health organization need to amplification weight to enhance performance operating room those whose calorie motivation be increased due to adenine hapless health condition. scraggy can be cause by heredity, adenine serious illness, not eat adequate, oregon ampere combination of acute ongoing use and insufficient calorie in the diet. hard depression can besides affect the appetite, result indium slant loss .
To gain body weight the total of calorie consume indium the diet must exceed the count of calorie the body need to maintain information technology current weight. medical problem such a depressive disorder operating room eat disorder must be address and treatment afoot earlier system of weights addition will happen .

Nutrition Facts

The nutrition consideration of adenine healthful diet inactive apply when advance weight be coveted. The finish be to increase the total of calorie in the diet while make healthful choice from a variety of food. choose dairy product, kernel, pisces, domestic fowl, testis, legume, nut, fruit, vegetable, whole grain cereal, bread, rice and pasta.

Where serious scraggy be angstrom problem, system of weights gain can exist good achieve by centralize along food with either a high calorie operating room fatten subject. ounce for ounce, fatness receive more than twice the calorie of either carbohydrate oregon protein. preferably, adipose tissue source should chiefly equal from plant source such a vegetable oil, margarine not control trans fatso acid, and nut oregon seed. subsequently weight derive finish be achieve deoxyadenosine monophosphate healthy merely lower berth adipose tissue diet equal recommend .
associate in nursing increase of at least five hundred to thousand calorie each day volition promote deoxyadenosine monophosphate one to two irish pound weight amplification per week. information technology lease associate in nursing extra 3500 calorie to profit one cypriot pound of consistency slant. The chart on page three provide trace for increase calorie by five hundred to thousand each day. The nutrition fact empanel along the food label can besides help with choose alimentary food to issue the extra calorie need for profit weight unit .

Special Considerations
  1. A basic vitamin and mineral supplement, providing 100% of the RDA may be necessary depending on current nutritional status. Ask your physician about the need for supplements.
  2. Plan for regular eating times, including three meals and several snacks throughout the day. The need to eat even when experiencing a lack of hunger can be overcome with encouragement from others.
  3. Stimulate a poor appetite by socializing and eating with friends; or by enjoying favorite foods, enticing aromas like freshly baked bread, soft dinner music, flowers on the table and relaxed, pleasant mealtime conversation.
  4. Eating larger amounts of foods at mealtimes will increase the calorie content of the meal. If larger meals are not tolerated, try increasing the serving sizes gradually or eating small amounts more often throughout the day.
  5. For those who drink alcoholic beverages,”a drink before meals or wine with meals can increase the appetite. Remember(that alcohol does carry “empty” calories—calories with no nutritional value. However, it is not wise to start drinking alcohol simply for this benefit.
  6. To increase calories, select higher calorie nutrient dense foods and beverages. Beware of filling up on low-calorie or no-calorie foods and beverages. Instead of diet sodas, water, coffee or tea; drink fruit juices, milk and milk shakes. Dried fruits and canned fruits packed in heavy syrup will supply more calories than fresh fruit and are no more filling. Dry milk powder can be added to soups, casseroles and mashed potatoes to increase the calories and nutrients, especially protein.
  7. A canned liquid supplement such as Ensure or Sustacal preferably taken between meals is effective when there is a lack of interest in food and eating. Many stores carry their own effective brands at a lower cost. Liquid supplements are a convenient way to consume extra calories.
Weight Gain Tips
  • Eat smaller, more frequent meals
  • Fill up on food, not low-calorie beverages
  • Make mealtime pleasant — set an attractive table, play soothing music
  • Get regular exercise — check with physician first
  • Get together with friends or neighbors to share cooking duties and delights
  • Take advantage of community programs to provide ready-made meals
  • Have nutritious snacks convenient
  • Use substitutes to increase calories, try adding dry milk to fluid milk, soups, or mashed potatoes
  • Plan mealtimes around energy levels — eat a larger breakfast if you feel better in the morning
Suggestions for Increasing Calories
500 calorie snack
food calorie food calorie
1 bagel – 3 oz 240 1 cup ready-to-eat cereal one hundred ten
2 Tbsp peanut butter 172 1 cup low-fat 1% milk hundred
1 cup 1% milk hundred 1 cup canned pears one hundred ninety
6 dried apricot halves sixty-six 1 oz cheddar cheese one hundred fifteen
Total 578 Total 515

1,000 calorie snack
food calorie food calorie
5 oz can vanilla pudding 220 1/4 of a 14″ cheese pizza 306
4 graham crackers one hundred twenty 1 cup grape juice one hundred fifty-five
1 small banana eighty-one 1 cup soft serve ice milk 225
1 cup pineapple juice one hundred forty 10 vanilla wafers 185
1 cup tuna salad 375 1 oz roasted peanuts one hundred sixty-five
1 slice wheat bread sixty-five Total 1,036

Total 1,001

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