Revving Up for Round Two

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sometimes winding down leads right into starting up again. And indulging in a second mattress session could increase your orgasmic potential because, according to Joan Elizabeth Lloyd, who writes about sex, when your body is silent turned on from a previous round, it ‘s easier to climax. Plus, chances are your valet wo n’t come as promptly the second clock, therefore he ‘ll have more prison term to dedicate to pleasing you .
But you ca n’t just expect sex after sex. And it ‘s surely not bright to demand it, because when it comes to repeat performances, women have an anatomical reference advantage. “ equally long as she ‘s raise and lubricated, a charwoman is physically capable of having sex as many times as she wants without a fault in between, ” explains Drogo K. Montague, MD, of the Cleveland Clinic Glickman Urological Institute .
Guys, however, are n’t so golden. No count how sexed up their minds are, their members need fourth dimension to recharge. “ On average, a valet in his 20s needs 5 to 30 minutes following his first orgasm to attain an erecting again, ” says Dr. Montague. ( A 30-something dandy will need a few more minutes of recovery time ; the older the valet, the longer it takes for him to get that second erecting. ) That ‘s because after a guy ejaculates, the muscles in his penis mechanically relax, and the blood flow that caused his erecting in the first place decreases .
Your strategy : Give him clock time to recuperate while keeping him sexually focused. To do that, tell him how good he makes you feel — a animal compliment strokes his ego and keeps his mind tuned to sex. One detail worth noting : lodge to the introduce tense. Avoid saying such things as “ That was capital, boastfully guy, but I ‘m even raring to go and time ‘s a wastin ‘. ” Telling him how hot he was signals that it ‘s over. alternatively, say how hot he is and you ‘ll subliminally help him segue into turn two .
But while you want to allow a refractory period, do n’t give him besides a lot space or there ‘s a opportunity he ‘ll doze off — or worse, turn on the television receiver ! That said, you besides ca n’t pounce on his penis like it ‘s the last cunning hedge on the sale scud. “ After a guy ejaculates, his penis is ultrasensitive, ” says Lloyd. “ If you touch him there even lightly following a climax, he ‘ll probably yelp. ” A good plan of action is to try some innocent even arousing body contact. “ After he ‘s caught his hint, curl up against him so your buttocks grazes his crotch, ” suggests Lloyd. “ Or if he ‘s on his belly, arch your body on top of him and let precisely your nipples skim his back. ”
then start caressing his chest, back, and shoulders. The point is to be indicative and playful, not demanding. “ If he thinks that you ‘re giving him an ultimatum about having sex again, he might worry therefore much about getting it up that it wo n’t happen at all, ” says Lloyd. After several minutes, your homo should be cook for a more directly hands-on approach. Start his engine by brushing your lips against his testicles, then move on to his cock. “ just work up to touching or licking the steer of his penis lento — it stays sensitive the longest after orgasm, ” says Lloyd .
While men in their 20s and early 30s should have no trouble getting it up twice in a night, you need to remember that there are different degrees of penis rigidity — just because he ‘s not wielding a rock-hard erection the entire time does n’t mean he ‘s not into having sex with you.

alternatively, enjoy all phases of his longer-if-not-stronger erection, and feel free to take intercourse breaks to allow for other action. You may decide to stop and precisely kiss — hard and deep — while his penis rebounds. Or you may ask for a little manual of arms magic while reminding him of how great he ‘s making you feel .
Whether you have n’t had your boastfully O yet — or you just want more, you greedy girl ! — you can use this duplicate performance to sample some new positions, act out fantasies, or alter the tone and tempo of the meeting. And the second time around does n’t have to be just a rerun — a slower, deeper, and more intense have can come after a wham-bam session. “ The follow-up round is normally less frantic, so you have more meter to indulge unavowed desires and dream up aphrodisiac scenarios, ” says Lloyd. “ Without that erotic urgency, you can concentrate on teasing each other with foreplay, talking dirty, role-playing, and early seductive moves that take a short time and resource. ”
There ‘s a practical argue to change things up excessively — if your world did most of the work initially, it ‘s lone fair for you to take the exponent position next .
Think of your nox of recurring enchant as if it were a road trip — he drives for the first leg, then you take the wheel in the home stretch and allow him to kick back. That might mean you on top this time, a move designed for your pleasure since you get to control the pace and pressure. Or you can try spoon-style sex, where you lie with his chest to your back .
You do n’t constantly have to make a major modification to your erotic repertoire to snag sequel benefits. Small temper changes such as putting in a modern four hundred, lighting a few candles, or leading each other to a different room in the house will get you both therefore cranked up, you may evening want to go for round three.

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