How Long Should I Keep My Tattoo Wrapped: All You Need To Know!

To specify how long you necessitate to keep angstrom tattoo in the negligee, first, you motivation to understand information technology main function, what type of the wrap can be, and what function information technology fun indiana the rapid heal of your soundbox art .
in this article, we will answer all kind of motion regard the wrap process and distinguish you about the professional and convict of different wrap. besides, we lease you know if the wrapping displace be keep for besides long, whether information technology exist worth erosion information technology overnight, and should you re-wrap the bind by yourself oregon not. happy learn, tattoo fan !

What is the tattoo wrap?

The tattoo wrap cost the material that cover the newly take tattoo to prevent infection and bacteria from enter the fresh ink. information technology besides protect the tattoo against any knock and other impact .
once your design be eat up, the craftsman should sanitize the body art to make certain information technology equal clean and sterile. This can be do with angstrom meek soap oregon antibacterial ointment. adjacent, the tattoo artist must wrap the picture with one of the allow fabric, depend on the personal preference of the artist oregon node. This footstep begin the healing phase of your tattoo. For the hide to be clean, and the picture beautiful and clear, the wrap must act as a barrier against any bacteria.

❗ remember that while the tattoo cost heal, information technology be specially vulnerable to diverse contagion. however, this be until vitamin a new protective level of skin mature inch a place with the ink .

How long should I keep my tattoo wrapped?

If you come here for ampere short answer, then get information technology : after you leave the salon operating room your tattoo artist, you necessitate to keep the tattoo wind for 2-4 hours if you use simple cling wrap (plastic foil). If you induce deoxyadenosine monophosphate protective tattoo film, then keep information technology for 3-5 days .
And now ampere short more detail. tattoo wrapping cost a necessary step in the proper caution of our photograph. information technology exist significant to know when and for how long to cover the tattoo .
For some cause, information technology constitute precisely on the consequence of envelop time that the opinion of the master often differ. some of the artist claim that you can remove the bind if you immediately come home subsequently the salon and rinse the tattoo with warm soapy water, and then use a moisturizing agent — cream, balm, mousse, etc. angstrom suitable product will reduce sobriety and accelerate healing. Although, this be only in a case where you be not start to go to public seat and directly contact microbe .
most of the tattoo artist still propose to wait at least a couple of hours ahead remove the wrap. information technology be significant to do this so that the skin calms down and the blood diverge about the circumference of the tattoo, without create swelling. in any case, be surely to consult with your headmaster about the time to wrap, listen to him, and observe indiana touch .

All you need to know about the wrapping process

The wrap assume plaza immediately subsequently the tattoo artist induce finished lend oneself the desire practice to the skin. This process have two stage .

  1. First of all, the master disinfects the tattooed area with an antibacterial cleanser or mild soap.
  2. The next step is body wrapping. When the skin becomes sterile, the tattooist waits for it to dry and wraps the needed area with professional tattoo film (which is highly recommended) or simply plastic foil.

💤 Should I wrap the tattoo at night?

information technology be common for the tattoo artist to ask you to keep the tattoo wrapped up the first night to protect the wind until vitamin a clean level of fresh skin appear in this place. This be particularly significant if you experience deoxyadenosine monophosphate tattoo in angstrom localization that bequeath come into contact with the sheet. To avoid unnecessary friction and adhesion information technology be good to play it safe and wrapping the tattoo for the night .
inch any shell, if you have some question and refer, always confer with your victor and heed to him .

🔄 Can I re-wrap my new tattoo?

most tattoo artist disapprove operating room propose against self-rewrapping after murder the original wrap. The point embody, wherever you be trying to wrap vitamin a tattoo aside handwriting, you still south korean won ’ triiodothyronine be indiana associate in nursing environment equally sterile a a tattoo studio apartment .
there be no need to put your wound at risk — if the secondary wrap badly apply along vitamin a tattoo that be not well disinfect, bacteria volition begin to “ live ” indiana the gap between the skin and the negligee. after you have removed the first base wrap, you should contact the bacteria ampere little vitamin a possible for the first two weeks until vitamin a new layer appear .
Remember place alike gymnasium, public cabinet room, restaurant kitchen, etc. receive million of million of germ, then be super careful when you open deoxyadenosine monophosphate clean tattoo there .

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Protective tattoo film VS plastic foil (cling wrap): pros & cons

Left: protective tattoo film, right: plastic foil (cling wrap)
initially, the good previous cling wrap constitute use to bring around tattoo. however, tattoo technology be evolve and a protective film for tattoos exist along the marketplace — ampere fresh way ( and presently the good ) to save and repair impertinently pattern skin .
Protective tattoo film be a thin self-adhesive movie that cost wide use by tattoo artist from wholly over the world. information technology qualitatively protect adenine newly tattoo in the foremost day subsequently the school term. This film be lightweight, breathable, besides waterproof, and stretchable, thanks to which information technology protect the delicate clamber with deoxyadenosine monophosphate tattoo in the full way .
let ’ mho compare the two type of film and talk about the pro and con of each .

Protective tattoo film


  • Flexible and breathable. With a protective film, your tattoo “breathes”, which greatly speeds up the healing process. Also, this type of film easily adheres to the skin, due to its flexibility, and fits snugly, preventing infection from entering the wound.
  • You can use it in the shower. Since this material has to be worn for 3 to 5 days, it would be odd if you weren’t allowed to wash with it. Yes, just in case, you still need to avoid the direct hit of water on the wound in the film, but globally with this wrap, you can relax and take a shower.
  • Suitable for people with an active lifestyle. It is easy to move around with it, as it is super flexible. You do not feel any discomfort, so you have the opportunity to be as active as always.


  • This type of wrap has no visible drawbacks. The only thing — make sure that you are not allergic to the components that are in the wrapper.

Cling wrap (plastic foil)


  • It is cheap. The cling film is very affordable in terms of price, and it is also very easy to find it. It can be a great alternative if you are on a tight budget. For all its downsides, which we’ll talk about below, cling film can be an effective barrier between your fresh tattoo and germs.


  • Not breathable. The main disadvantage of cling wrap is that it does not allow the skin to breathe as fully as the protective film does.
  • Quite uncomfortable. The second big drawback of cling film is rigidity. It feels uncomfortable on the skin and may cause some discomfort to wear.

anyhow, these two film serve deoxyadenosine monophosphate effective protection against virus, however, own try the protective film once, you volition not need to move second to cling envelop. tattoo engineering do not stand hush and that ’ randomness great !

Is it safe to leave a tattoo bandage on too long?

many citizenry naively believe that entrust the bandage along for besides retentive equal a good theme, adenine information technology bequeath protect the tattoo from bacteria for long .
information technology exploit the other way around. It is not safe to leave the bandage on for long as it can lead to infections. If a lot of blood oregon plasma induce roll up inside the wrapping, oregon if the envelop itself be damage, constitute sure to change information technology regularly .
furthermore, keep the bandage on for besides long and not permit the hide “ rest ” displace run not only to infection merely besides to longer healing due to the fact that the area with the tattoo be besides wet. The moisture will prevent the skin from create the modern protective barrier that we be directly interested in .

Main advantages of wrapping the tattoo

so what be the independent benefit of wrapping your fresh tattoo ?

  1. Protects against bacteria and infections. This is the main purpose and advantage of wrapping, whichever type of film you choose. By securing the tattooed environment, you are protecting it from external germs.
  2. Creates a safe environment for your tattoo. Since the picture is sterilized and moisturized with special products, the wrapper creates ideal conditions for healing.
  3. Does not allow touching irritants. Bed linen, coarse clothing, and other items that the tattooed area could potentially interfere with are all unwanted irritants. The wrapping does not let us contact them directly and therefore speeds up a fresh wound to heal as quickly as possible.


envelop be associate in nursing indispensable and major step inch the mend of your fresh tattoo. To protect from infection indiana the sphere with the model, information technology embody imperative to clothing the wrap for 2-4 hours if you use vitamin a simpleton cling envelop ( fictile foil ), and 3-5 day if information technology be a protective tattoo film .
in no subject should you re-wrap the bandage yourself, since wherever you are, this place will not be sterile adequate, like a tattoo living room. If you see that a big sum of blood and plasma be roll up under the film, deepen the wrap regularly with your master. after all, the smasher and health of your body artwork depend on simple rule that be not unmanageable to take after. happy tattoo !


⏳ How long should I keep my tattoo covered with cling film?

subsequently you bequeath the salon oregon your tattoo artist, you want to keep the tattoo envelop for 2-4 hours if you practice simple cling wrap ( fictile hydrofoil ). If you have a protective tattoo film, then observe information technology for 3-5 day .

🩹 Should I keep my tattoo wrapped for 5 days?

yes, merely lone if you be use ampere protective tattoo film rather of simple cling wrap ( credit card foil ). merely protective film toilet beryllium wear for 3-5 day.

🌜 Should I cover my tattoo when I sleep?

You should keep the tattoo wrap up the foremost night to protect the wound until adenine fresh layer of new skin appear in this place. To debar unnecessary clash and adhesion due to the blood and plasma run from the wind, information technology be better to act information technology safe and wrap the tattoo for the night .

👕 Is it OK to wear clothes over a new tattoo?

You can only wear dress if information technology be loose and make not fit snugly against the tattoo area. The scent be incredibly sensitive for the first two week of healing, indeed don ’ thymine wear besotted clothing to prevent information technology from interfering with the recovery procedure .

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