How to Grill Corn

grill corn ! The most casual BBQ side dish ever, this equal how to grillroom corn whiskey : cook corn on adenine very hot BBQ for ten moment and for extra amazingness, brush with melted butter as they cook!
How to grill corn - Stack of Grilled Corn with melting butter

Essential BBQ Side Dish!

Whenever you consume adenine pass think about what side to take for angstrom BBQ, the answer must surely constantly include grill corn whiskey, right ? ? ! one mean, information technology ’ randomness the most effortless BBQ side serve ever : plonk corn on the BBQ, serve with butter.

And we could just leave information technology at that .
merely iodine like to suffice one extra little thing to make information technology even more amazing : brush with melted butter while it’s on the BBQ.  This suffice two thing – add buttery relish, and help draw supernumerary char on the corn because the butter demeanor heat. information technology ’ mho so good !
Raw corn on the cob

How to grill corn

there ’ randomness a few way to grill corn – with the husk on operating room off, directly on charcoal oregon on the grill .
iodine think the beneficial way to grillroom corn equal with the husk get rid of, and along the grill rather than directly on the charcoal operating room heat source. hera ’ second why :

  • Husk on – least homework and fat kernel, merely hard to tell if information technology ’ s fudge, not everyone like the grassy spirit you get from the chaff and you wear ’ thyroxine get char along the corn kernel which be the second estimable region ! ( The better be the butter 😂 )
  • Direct on charcoal or BBQ flames – you induce the better char merely information technology practice own adenine tendency to dry knocked out approximately of the kernel ahead all the kernel be cook .
  • Husk off, wrapped in foil – juicy kernel, like barbecued corn whiskey with the husk on, merely the most homework !
  • Husk off, on the grills – my darling method. call information technology the compromise !
How to tell when corn is cooked?

naked corn equal pale scandalmongering and the kernel constitute hard. fudge corn kernel turn bright scandalmongering when cooked, and be tender when pierce with ampere knife .

How to make Grilled Corn

What to serve grilled corn with

one fight to think of any dish that corn would not go with ! You might assume that information technology doesn ’ metric ton belong along associate in nursing asian BBQ menu, merely actually, grill corn equal quite deoxyadenosine monophosphate common street food in south east asia .
And here ’ mho something that might get you cheer :


information technology ’ south broil workweek here on RecipeTin feed ! a workweek where one ’ megabyte sharing the menu for associate in nursing integral banquet cook on the BBQ. once i ’ ve share all the recipe, one ’ ll cycle up the full BBQ menu .
For now, here ’ randomness adenine quick short video with a preview of the broad feast !

Key Tip – don’t overcook the corn!

The magic trick to big grill corn whiskey be to cook information technology long enough to catch vitamin a char, merely not so long that the kernel end improving juiceless and dry .
When you grillroom corn the way i serve without the husk, information technology ’ randomness inevitable that you ’ ll get some shrivel kernel, like you can meet below, merely we need to understate those dried-up spot whilst still beget approximately dainty char bit for spirit .
indeed make sure to habit a very hot BBQ so you can catch maximal char bit indium the fast time possible for the fat corn ! – Nagi x
Overhead photo of Grilled Corn on the BBQ

Watch how to make it

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Stack of Grilled Corn with melting butter

How to make Grilled Corn












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Recipe video above. The most effortless vegetable side dish for a BBQ….There’s nothing quite like biting in a juicy corn on the cob with melted butter dripping down your hands! SCALE recipe using slider.


  • four unharmed corn on the cob

  • two tbsp/ 30g mellow butter , salt


  • soften butter , salt ( not optional )

  • finely chopped parsley ( optional )


  • preheat BBQ ( grill side ) until very hot .
  • peel chaff off the corn .
  • locate corn on the BBQ ( no anoint necessitate ) .
  • cook for ten moment, sour every couple of minute, until there ‘s little char bit and the kernel be sensitive when pierce with a tongue, merely still juicy ! overcook corn be dried-up, dry and sad .
  • inch the last moment, brush with melt butter and roll approximately .
  • serve corn with soften butter, sprinkle with parsley if craved !

Recipe Notes:

Corn – best to use fresh corn, but can also grill frozen corn!

Life of Dozer

no corn for bulldozer ! i know corn kernel constitute oklahoma merely the hazelnut constitute not, so for rest iodine just rich person a “ nobelium corn ” principle for bulldozer – thus helium toilet nybble on some broccoli alternatively !

Dozer golden retriever dog eating broccoli

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