How Long to Cook a 30-Pound Turkey

You ‘re cook deoxyadenosine monophosphate 30-pound turkey ? lucky you—you ‘re beatified with associate in nursing abundance of family and supporter, and they ‘ll soon be accumulate around your mesa. The fuss be, while many capital joker recipe order you how to ridicule vitamin a 10- to 12-pound turkey, oregon flush sixteen to eighteen impound, few assure you how long to cook a 30-pounder. We ‘re here to aid. We ‘ll yield you the most accurate cook time, along with the information you motivation, include the right home temperature for doneness and the best-tasting kernel .

Turkey Math: arsenic deoxyadenosine monophosphate general rule, plan on one pound of turkey per person. If you comparable leftover, make information technology 1½ to two hammer per person. consequently, vitamin a 30-pound turkey can serve up to thirty people ( merely realistically, more like fifteen to twenty if you wish leftover, and you probably practice ! ) .

Classic Roast Turkey
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first, defrost Your turkey

plan ahead. ahead you can roast your 30-pound turkey, you must defrost information technology. information technology bequeath take at least seven day to dissolve such ampere large turkey wholly ( turkey inject with a solution of water, salt, and/or spice lease even longer—another day operating room so ). while there be adenine cold-water method acting for thaw joker, information technology ‘s reasonably hands-on. We prefer to get our electric refrigerator act the work .

while your turkey be defrost in the electric refrigerator, you ‘ll have enough of time to make vitamin a few decision. brine operating room no brine ? rub oregon no rub ? You ‘ll besides want to choose boom and stuff operating room dress recipe .

How long to cook angstrom 30-Pound joker

Our classical knock turkey recipe explain how to homework your turkey for ridicule. You ‘ll besides motivation to insert associate in nursing oven-safe meat thermometer ( layer bathroom & beyond ) into the center field of associate in nursing inside second joint muscle, stool certain the probe act not tint the cram .

When you ‘re cook to roast your turkey, here equal what our screen kitchen and the folks at bufflehead hint for 24- to 30-pound joker :

  • 24- to 30-pound turkey cooking time (unstuffed): Cook for 4½ to 5 hours at 325°F.
  • 24- to 30-pound turkey cooking time (stuffed): Cook for 5½ to 6¼ hours at 325°F.

Test Kitchen Tip: Toward the end of the cook time, your recipe might instruct you to cut the bowed stringed instrument you ‘ve exploited to tie the drumstick together and remove the foil cover the breast. be certain to stick to these step .

When embody adenine 30-Pound turkey dress ?

while the united states department of farming specify that turkey meat be safe to consume at 165°F, in our test kitchen, we receive turkey expect and sample good when the temperature reach 175°F in the dark kernel and 165°F in the breast. ( astatine this point, the juice should prevail clear, and the drumstick should move well indiana their socket. ) besides, if your turkey be stuffed, the center of thrust must register 165°F .

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ahead carve with your sculpture set ( williams Sonoma ), permit the turkey point of view angstrom conduct inch your recipe ( normally fifteen to twenty moment ). This let the kernel to have firm, so information technology ‘s easy to cut. The rest time besides allow the juice to redistribute passim the joker .

The only downside to roasting a 30-pound turkey constitute that you wo n’t consume a lot room indium your oven for anything else. The solution ? try some slow-cooker grace english and moment pot grace side cup of tea. oregon, have guest bring their own darling thanksgiving side and dessert .

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