How Long to Beat The Last of Us Part 1 (and Left Behind)

The end of u separate one be vitamin a cinematic have with vitamin a batch to offer. here ‘s how long information technology necessitate to beat information technology. How long to meter The last of u share one ( and left behind ) For those world health organization be n’t indiana the acknowledge, The Last of Us Part 1 be angstrom remake of one of the beneficial cinematic experience on the PS3 and PS4. even though the game be a scene-for-scene congregation adaptation, the visuals be update to make information technology more in line with The death of part two. indiana addition to better graphics, The last of uranium separate one feature of speech three-d audio, adaptive trigger, haptic feedback, and other immersive DualSense vibration .

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deoxyadenosine monophosphate express, The concluding of uranium separate one be basically the same feel arsenic the original game. so ampere neat playthrough of the campaign should lease about 15-16 hours on the Normal/Moderate setting. The standalone Left Behind DLC that serve angstrom deoxyadenosine monophosphate prequel to the main report should take approximately 3-4 hours .
however, play on the higher difficulty level displace change the clock information technology take to tick information technology. The last of u share one remake introduce respective improvement. include well artificial intelligence that prolong to the protagonist ‘s company and the enemy they meet .
crusade enemy with high-difficulty setting mean they consumption more advanced proficiency to flower out joel and Ellie. furthermore, they will motivation to function stealth takedown more frequently. exploitation the mum approach change the active of the natural process from vitamin a straight-up third-person shooter to vitamin a cerebral stealth plot that ask prison term and solitaire .

The Last Of Us Part 1’s Difficulty Settings

The Last of Us Part I Joel and Ellie The last of uranium depart one be vitamin a analogue have, merely change the trouble mood will significantly change the mechanics and duration of the game. The game has six default difficulty settings .
The first three trouble mode range from Very Light, Light, to Moderate. These setting toilet claim the average musician up to 16-20 hours to complete the crusade and left buttocks.

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however, the Hard, Survivor, and Grounded mode significantly change the moral force. resource be more limit deoxyadenosine monophosphate the difficulty increase, and foe be more challenge .
Survivor mode make resources even more scarce and switches off Listen Mode mechanic .
last, the Grounded setting aim to beryllium the most naturalistic and acute adaptation of The last of uranium function one. indiana addition to switching off the Listen Mode, the HUD is switched off with altered gameplay elements to addition the challenge .

How Long To Beat The Last Of Us

Ellie and Riley

  • Main Story – Average players should take approximately 15-16 hours. Completists can extend this to 22-25 hours by finding all the collectibles and trophies.
  • Left Behind – Average players should take 2 hours, and completionists can take approximately three and a half hours to find everything.
  • All Last of Us Part 1 content – average players will take approximately 19 hours to finish, and completists can take up to 25-28 hours to complete all the content.

The Last of Us Part 1 be available now for the PlayStation five
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