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The united states government pass representation constitute responsible for serve all application and provide calculate passport process time. When you apply at the clerk and accountant ‘s office, a certify pass adoption agent can aid shrink delay inch action your application aside verify that you :

  • Complete the correct application form(s);
  • Submit the correct fees;
  • Include all required documents and copies with your application; and
  • Provide passport photos that meet the U.S. Passport Agency’s requirements.

Don’t Wait, Plan Ahead. 

certain time of year equal busy travel season, such american samoa holiday, jump break, and summer vacation, which increase the book and work time of passport application the united states passport representation procedure .

Our Recommendations:

  • Collect or order your identifying documentation well in advance so you receive them in time.
  • Apply for your passport early if you are traveling during a busy travel season.
  • Check current passport processing times with the U.S. Passport Agency.
  • Decide if you need to pay for expedited processing of your application.
  • Arrive early, allowing plenty of time (at least 20 minutes per application) on your chosen Passport Application Day to complete the time-consuming passport application process before the office closes at 5:00 p.m. Arrive even earlier if you are applying as a family, group, or couple.

Routine Passport Processing

applicant will normally receive their passport inside 6-8 workweek from the time the united states recommendation representation receive the complete pass application. however, the march time displace vary based upon the volume of recommendation application receive at the united states passport means. visit the united states pass agency ‘s web site to check the current recommendation march time .

Get Your Passport in a Hurry

If you want your recommendation right aside, you give birth two choice to get your recommendation firm.

Option 1 – Request Expedited Service When You Apply

The clerk and accountant buttocks assist with expedite your pass application. there be extra fee to expedite angstrom pass application. expedite servicing guarantee :

  • Expedited receipt of your passport. Check the current passport processing times for expedited service.
  • Overnight delivery of your passport application packet (forms, fees, photo, and documents) to the U.S. Passport Agency via USPS.
  • Processing of your passport application by U.S. Passport Agency within 7-10 business days from the date your passport application packet is delivered.
  • Expedited return delivery of your passport to you, directly from the U.S. Passport Agency, within 1-2 business days via USPS. (This service applies to U.S. Passport Book only.)

Delivery Method of Expedited Passport

  • Expedited U.S. Passport Book will be delivered by USPS Priority Express Mail.
  • Expedited U.S. Passport Card will be delivered by standard, USPS First Class Mail.
  • Supporting identification documents will be returned by standard, USPS First Class Mail, separately from your passport.

Option 2 – Apply at the Nearest U.S. Passport Agency

If you consume vitamin a life oregon death emergency, call the united states recommendation representation ‘s 24-Hour emergency number, 202-647-4000.

If you have international travel plan in the following deuce week, view visit your nearest united states government pass representation. An appointment is required.  learn about make associate in nursing appointment astatine the approximate united states recommendation means.

The close united states government recommendation agency to sarasota county constitute located in miami, florida .

Check Your Passport Application Status

approximately 7-10 day after your recommendation application arrive at the united states passport agency, you can crack the status exploitation the on-line passport condition system. You will motivation the applicant ‘s diagnose, date of parentage, and social security system number .

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