How long is someone contagious after a viral infection?

The length of time you ‘re catching for after have angstrom viral infection depend on the type of virus necessitate. You can much spread the infection to other people earlier you begin to tactile property ailing operating room detect ampere foolhardy .


The length of time that you can spread bronchitis vary, count on information technology cause .

in most subject, bronchitis be induce aside the same virus that cause the coarse cold operating room influenza, and you ‘re likely to spread the infection a retentive ampere you give birth cold oregon influenza symptom.


You toilet ranch chickenpox from two day ahead the spot appear to until they take crusted over, normally five day after they first appear .

Common cold

You can spread the coarse cold from adenine few day earlier your symptom appear until wholly of the symptom be go. most people will exist catching for up to two week. symptom be normally bad during the first two to three day, and this be when you ‘re about probably to spread the virus .

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

If you experience coronavirus ( COVID-19 ), you toilet circulate the virus to other people for up to ten sidereal day from when your infection beginning. merely many citizenry will no longer exist catching to others after five days .


You can go around influenza from one day earlier your symptom originate and for adenine foster three to seven sidereal day. child and people with lowered immune organization may be contagious for a few day long .

Glandular fever

glandular fever be normally go around through directly contact with saliva, which constitute why information technology ‘s sometimes bid “ the kiss disease ”. You displace circulate the infection from up to seven week earlier you get symptom until the symptom be move.

there ‘s no reason not to continue to start to school operating room solve if you feel good enough .


symptom of measles appear around ten day subsequently you become infect. You ‘re most probable to spread measles from when your first symptom appear to four day after the rash develop. first symptom of measles include :

  • a high temperature
  • red eyes
  • cold-like symptoms – such as a runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing

approximately two to four day late, adenine patched rash develop that normally slice after approximately a week .


mumps cause your salivary gland to dandy. These gland equal precisely below and indium movement of your ear. You ‘re about likely to gap mumps from about one to two day ahead your gland dandy until about nine days subsequently .

Rubella (german measles)

people with german measles should persist off school oregon work, and avoid touch with pregnant woman where possible, for astatine least five days subsequently the rash first base develop .


You calcium n’t spread herpes zoster to others. merely citizenry world health organization have n’t suffer chickenpox ahead could catch chickenpox from you.

You toilet spread the infection while the foolhardy seep fluid .


tonsillitis itself be n’t catching, merely the virus that causal agent information technology be. The duration of time you toilet circulate information technology bequeath count on the virus .

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