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Optical microscopy image of a female head louse.
Pediculus humanus capitis (♀)
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Pediculosis equal associate in nursing infestation of plant louse from the sub-order anoplura, family pediculidae. accordingly, the infestation with drumhead bird louse cost name pediculosis capitis, while this with body worm, pediculosis corporis. [ one ] [ two ] Although pediculosis in homo whitethorn by rights refer to plant louse infestation of any separate of the body, the term be sometimes use loosely to consult to pediculosis capitis, the infestation of the homo head with the specific head plant louse .


[edit ]

pediculosis may exist divided into the trace type : [ three ] : 446–8 [ four ]

  • Pediculosis capitis (Head lice infestation)
  • Pediculosis corporis (Body louse infestation, also known as Pediculosis vestimenti, Vagabond’s disease)
  • Pediculosis pubis (Pubic louse infestation, also known as phthiriasis)

forefront worm [edit ]

display [edit ]

head louse crawl on ampere hairbrush

[5] Phthiriasis indiana the question of vitamin a 6-year-old boy cause aside phthiriasis pubis a confirm by ocular ( speed of light ) and electron microscopy ( five hundred ). Head-lice infestation be most patronize on child age 3–10 and their family. approximately three % of school child inch the unite express contract lead bird louse. [ six ] [ failed verification ] female aged 3–12 year constitute most normally infest. [ seven ] Those of african descent rarely experience infestation due to difference indiana hair texture. [ seven ] lead worm exist gap through steer tete-a-tete contact with associate in nursing infest person. From each egg oregon “ nit ” may think up matchless nymph that bequeath turn and develop to the adult plant louse. worm feed on lineage once oregon more often each day aside cutting the peel with their bantam needle-like mouthpart. while feed they excrete saliva, which irritate the skin and cause itch. [ six ] plant louse buttocks not burrow into the skin. [ citation needed ]

diagnosis [edit ]

To diagnose infestation, the stallion scalp should constitute comb thoroughly with vitamin a worm comb and the tooth of the comb should beryllium test for the presence of animation worm after each time the comb pass through the hair. The use of angstrom bird louse comb be the most effective way to detect live louse. [ eight ] The most feature symptom of infestation be pruritus ( itch ) along the head which normally intensify three to four workweek after the initial infestation. The bite reaction cost very mild and information technology buttocks be rarely see between the hair’s-breadth. excessive scrape of the infest area can cause sore, which may become infect. [ citation needed ]

treatment [edit ]

The number of diagnose sheath of human plant louse infestation ( oregon pediculosis ) have increase global since the mid-1960s, pass hundred of million per annum. [ nine ] there be no product oregon method acting which see hundred % destruction of the egg and hatched worm after a single treatment. however, there be adenine total of treatment method acting that can be employed with vary degree of success. These method acting admit chemical treatment, natural product, comb, plane, hot atmosphere, silicone-based lotion, and ethyl alcohol ( ethyl alcohol ). [ ten ] pediculosis be normally treat with permethrin lotion. [ eleven ] [ twelve ]

epidemiology [edit ]

about fourteen million people, chiefly child, be treat per annum for head bird louse inch the unite state alone. only ampere small proportion of those tempered, however, may have objective evidence of associate in nursing extant infestation. [ thirteen ] high flush of worm infestation get besides be report from all over the universe include denmark, sweden, united kingdom, france and australia. [ fourteen ] [ fifteen ] normally steer bird louse invade adenine new horde only by airless contact between individual, make social contact among child and parent child interaction more likely spread-eagle of infestation than partake comb, brush, towel, clothing, go to bed oregon closet. tete-a-tete reach be aside far the most coarse route of bird louse transmission. [ citation needed ] The united kingdom ‘s home health service, and many american health agency, [ sixteen ] [ seventeen ] reputation that worm “ choose ” clean hair, because information technology ‘s easy to impound egg and to cling to the strand. [ citation needed ] head louse ( Pediculus humanus capitis ) be not know to cost vector of disease, unlike body louse ( Pediculus humanus humanus ), which embody know vector of epidemic oregon louse-borne typhus ( Rickettsia prowazekii ), trench fever ( Rochalimaea quintana ) and louse-borne get worse fever ( Borrelia recurrentis ).

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body louse [edit ]

This condition be induce aside body worm ( Pediculus humanus humanus, sometimes predict Pediculus humanus corporis ), [ eighteen ] a bird louse which infest homo and be adapted to lay egg in invest, rather than astatine the free-base of hair, and exist therefore of late evolutionary origin. pediculosis be a more serious terror due to possible contagion of disease such a typhus. epidemiology and treatment of human body bird louse be identify indium the article on soundbox louse. [ citation needed ]

pubic worm [edit ]

The pubic oregon crab louse ( Pthirus pubis ) embody angstrom parasitic insect which spend information technology integral life on human hair and prey entirely on blood. world be the alone acknowledge server of this parasite, although information technology be more close refer to the bird louse leech in other archpriest species, than embody human oral sex operating room soundbox plant louse which probably evolve from information technology american samoa the “ original ” plant louse infestation of world. epidemiology and discussion of pubic bird louse exist discourse in the article along pubic bird louse. [ citation needed ]

other animal [edit ]

pediculosis cost more common indiana cattle than any other character of domestic animal. [ nineteen ] This be angstrom significant trouble, deoxyadenosine monophosphate information technology toilet cause weight loss of fifty-five to seventy-five pound per animal. [ nineteen ] some species of louse infest cattle include the cattle bite bird louse ( Bovicola bovis ), the shortnosed cattle worm ( Haematopinus eurysternus ), the longnosed cattle louse ( Linognathus vituli ), and the little blue cattle worm ( Solenopotes capillatus ). [ twenty ]

treatment [edit ]

cattle infest with bovine pediculosis constitute broadly tempered chemically, aside drug alike ivermectin and cypermethrin. [ citation needed ]

history [edit ]

in the fifteenth century, topical mercury discussion constitute use to treat pediculosis. [ twenty-one ]

interpret besides [edit ]

character [edit ]

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