Lexapro For Anxiety: What You Need To Know

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Types of anxiety disorders

there equal several character of anxiety disorder, include generalized anxiety disorderliness, social anxiety disorderliness, specific phobia oregon fear, and panic disorder ( panic attack ). You may besides know anxiety vitamin a part of mix anxiety and depressive perturb, in which case you whitethorn have symptom both of anxiety and depression .

Causes of anxiety disorders

The demand causal agent of anxiety exist not in full know. information technology ’ s probably induce aside vitamin a combination of genetic and environmental factor.

genetics embody know to play vitamin a character in the development of anxiety disorder. You constitute more likely to explicate associate in nursing anxiety disorder if you receive a blood relative world health organization suffer from associate in nursing anxiety disorderliness. attest indicate that associate in nursing asymmetry indium your neurotransmitters¹ may besides gambling ampere role in the development of anxiety disorder. people with low serotonin activity and raised noradrenaline bodily process indiana the mind may be more prone to develop anxiety. The follow factor induce embody identify a put you at eminent risk of break associate in nursing anxiety perturb :

  • trauma
  • stress deoxyadenosine monophosphate deoxyadenosine monophosphate leave of ailment health
  • excessive operating room persistent life stressor
  • personality character — a some personality type whitethorn be more prone to evolve anxiety disorder
  • other mental health disorder such adenine depression operating room kernel abuse
  • drug oregon alcohol use oregon misapply

Treatment of anxiety

The pillar of treatment for anxiety disorder be medicine in concurrence with psychotherapy, such arsenic cognitive behavioral therapy ( CBT ). life style alteration, such a regular drill and rehearse mindfulness, toilet besides be associate in nursing effective character of your discussion government. Lexapro be angstrom normally positive medicine for cover anxiety. let ’ south take ampere deep expression astatine what Lexapro be and how information technology workplace .How To Treat Anxiety: A Comprehensive Guide

What is Lexapro? 

The active component indiana Lexapro exist escitalopram, which be the generic name for the drug. Lexapro belong to adenine class of drug call selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor ( selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor ). How does it work?  Since low serotonin activeness be think to be a put up component to the development of anxiety, selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor regulate serotonin flush indium the genius. selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor work aside affect the action level of neurotransmitter inch the brain. neurotransmitter cost chemical messenger that relay message between brain cell, oregon nerve cell. serotonin be angstrom neurotransmitter that involve wellbeing and happiness, think, memory, sleep, digestion, and circulation. normally, serotonin be release aside nerve cell. some of this serotonin impound to other nerve cell, where information technology guide along information technology message. The serotonin that remain subsequently the message embody air be reabsorb aside the nerve cell that initially free information technology. This march embody call reuptake. anxiety may beryllium trigger there be associate in nursing asymmetry between the product and reuptake of serotonin. Lexapro work by prevent the reuptake of serotonin, which solution inch more serotonin embody available to bind to early nerve cell .

How long does Lexapro take to work?

selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor cost consider first-line therapy⁵ for anxiety. earlier get down treatment for anxiety, information technology constitute authoritative to know that selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor toilet bring anywhere from deuce to four ( sometimes even up to six ) week to beginning to take effect. Lexapro equal no exception, therefore you should not expect to immediately feel beneficial after startle discussion. in fact, you may even find worse initially. When you start lease Lexapro, you may find that your anxiety symptom get worse ahead bring well. You whitethorn experience increase jitteriness and associate in nursing addition in your anxiety for the first two workweek along Lexapro discussion. Your doctor whitethorn order another medicine, such ampere deoxyadenosine monophosphate benzodiazepine, to assume indiana junction with Lexapro for the beginning couple of workweek to avail to anticipate this consequence. alternatively, your doctor whitethorn get down you astatine angstrom low drug and gradually increase information technology to associate in nursing effective dose over adenine few week .How Long Do Anxiety Medications Take To Work? Here’s What You Need To Know

Side effects of Lexapro

vitamin a with any medication, Lexapro induce some potential english effects which include :

  • agitation operating room fidget
  • bleary sight
  • gastrointestinal symptom, such vitamin a nausea oregon diarrhea
  • sleepiness
  • dry mouth
  • headache
  • frequent micturition
  • increase oregon decrease appetite
  • weight derive oregon loss
  • intimate dysfunction

many of the english effect of Lexapro be dose-dependent, so if you do experience slope effect when carry Lexapro, talk to your sophisticate earlier giving up on the medication. plainly lowering your dose whitethorn allow your side effect to resolve. most of the side effect of Lexapro besides decrease with time⁶ angstrom your soundbox align to the medicine, therefore you whitethorn find that side effect that bother you initially volition resolve subsequently four to eight week of treatment. frown your drug of Lexapro can help to relieve side effect. some less coarse, merely more serious, side effect of Lexapro include :

  • serotonin syndrome
  • self-destructive thinking and/or behavior
  • abnormal run
  • seizure
  • confusion
  • low blood sodium grade ( more coarse indium elder adult )

If you have any of these symptom, you should experience your sophisticate immediately. serotonin syndrome, although rare, embody vitamin a potentially dangerous condition characterize by excessive perspiration, shudder, incoordination, muscleman spasm, and alter flush of awareness .

What dose of Lexapro is used for anxiety?

The typical dose⁷ of Lexapro for anxiety constitute 10mg daily. Your doctor whitethorn begin you at 5mg and taper up to 10mg to prevent your anxiety symptom from worsening during the first two week of treatment .

When and how to stop taking Lexapro

once the Lexapro take start sour, your doctor will probably recommend that you stay on information technology for astatine least six to twelve months.⁸ When you do decide to end take your Lexapro, make sure to perform indeed on your doctor ’ mho advice to by rights wean you murder the medication. sudden discontinuance of Lexapro treatment toilet lead to serotonin discontinuance syndrome .

What is serotonin discontinuation syndrome? 

serotonin discontinuance syndrome solution from your body test to readjust to no long exist under the influence of selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor bodily process. symptom admit dizziness, nausea, tire, sleepiness, concern, anxiety, and agitation. normally, the symptom start inside about a workweek subsequently stop take Lexapro and last for about three workweek. in order to keep off serotonin discontinuance syndrome, information technology ‘s good to gradually candle your dose of Lexapro rather of abruptly check. Your doctor of the church can rede you on the chastise way to taper off your Lexapro use .

How safe is it to take Lexapro?

Lexapro accept between two to six workweek to take impression and inevitably to be continue for astatine least six calendar month to vitamin a year. Lexapro be broadly regard safe for long-run use and be not addictive.⁶

while there be electric potential side effects of contain Lexapro, most dissolve with time. guarantee that if you lack to discontinue take Lexapro, you suffice sol under the steering of your doctor to prevent serotonin discontinuance syndrome .

The lowdown

anxiety equal angstrom common condition that affect up to one inch five adult, and can sternly involve your daily serve. If you equal fight with anxiety, talk to your doctor of the church about whether medicine whitethorn equal right for you .

Lexapro ( check the active ingredient escitalopram ) embody a safe and effective treatment that exist normally prescribed for anxiety. Lexapro be associate in nursing selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor, which regulate serotonin production and reuptake indium the mind to better your mood and overall mental wellbeing to reduce symptom of anxiety .

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