Imodium: Dosage, uses, side effects, how it works, and more

Imodium can cause mild or serious side effects. The follow lists contain some of the key side effects that may occur while taking Imodium. These lists don ’ t include all possible side effects. For more information on the possible side effects of Imodium, talk with your repair or pharmacist. They can give you tips on how to deal with any side effects that may be bothersome. note : The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) tracks side effects of drugs it has approved. If you would like to notify the FDA about a slope effect you ’ ve had with Imodium, you can do so through MedWatch .

Mild side effects

Mild side effects of Imodium can include : *

  • constipation†
  • headache
  • nausea and vomiting
  • dizziness
  • sleepiness†
  • dry mouth
  • abdominal (belly) pain
  • indigestion

Most of these side effects may go away within a few days or a couple of weeks. But if they become more dangerous or don ’ metric ton go away, talk with your repair or pharmacist. * This is a partial list of mild side effects from Imodium. To learn about other mild side effects, talk with your sophisticate or pharmacist, or view the order information for loperamide, the active agent component in Imodium.
† This balmy side effect is explained in the “ Side effect details ” section below .

Serious side effects

dangerous english effects from Imodium are rare, but they can occur. Call your doctor right away if you have good side effects. Call 911 or your local emergency total if your symptoms feel life threatening or if you think you ’ re having a checkup emergency. serious side effects and their symptoms can include :

  • Paralytic ileus (reduced movement in your intestine that causes a buildup of food and can lead to a blockage in your intestine). Symptoms can include:
    • abdominal (belly) swelling
    • feeling full or bloated
    • abdominal cramping or pain
    • constipation
    • nausea and vomiting
  • Allergic reaction.*

* This good side effect is explained in the “ Side impression details ” section below .

Side effects in children

Imodium side effects are exchangeable for both children and adults. See the side effect lists above for more information .

Side effect details

You may wonder how often certain side effects occur with this drug, or whether sealed slope effects pertain to it. here ’ s some detail on certain side effects this drug may or may not cause .

Allergic reaction

As with most drugs, some people can have an allergic reaction after taking Imodium. But it ’ s not known how much this occurs in people using Imodium. Symptoms of a mild allergic reaction can include :

  • skin rash
  • itchiness
  • flushing

A more severe allergic reaction is rare but possible. Symptoms of a severe allergic reaction can include :

  • swelling under your skin, typically in your eyelids, lips, hands, or feet
  • swelling of your tongue, mouth, or throat
  • trouble breathing

Call your doctor right off if you have a hard allergic reaction to Imodium. But name 911 or your local emergency act if your symptoms feel biography threatening or if you think you ’ re having a medical emergency .


Some people have stultification after taking Imodium. In fact, it ’ s one of the more common side effects of this drug. Imodium slows down the movement of food through your intestine, helping you to pass firmer stools less much. While this military action reduces diarrhea, it may besides lead to constipation in some people.

According to the drug ’ south manufacturer, in clinical studies stultification occurred in less than 3 % of people who took Imodium. If you have constipation with Imodium, stop taking the drug. constipation may death for a few days after you take Imodium, but it typically goes away on its own. And drinking plenty of water can help ease stultification. however, if you have constipation that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate better after a few days, see your doctor. On rare occasions, stultification can be a symptom of a dangerous side effect called paralytic intestinal obstruction. With this condition, the movement in your intestines slows down so much that food builds up inside your intestine. And this can lead to a dangerous obstruction ( obstruction ) in your intestine. If you have constipation with abdominal ( belly ) swelling or bulging, or severe abdominal pain, stop taking Imodium. And see your repair correct away. These symptoms may indicate paralytic intestinal obstruction .


Imodium can make some people feel sleepy or tired. The drug can besides cause dizziness. But it ’ s not known how much these side effects occur with Imodium use. If you feel sleepy, tired, or airheaded with Imodium, don ’ metric ton drive or function machines. And if you have concerns about these symptoms with Imodium use, spill the beans with your sophisticate or pharmacist. Changes in stool color ( not a side effect ) Taking Imodium won ’ t induce the color of your stools to change. If you have red or black stools, it ’ s likely that you have blood in your fecal matter. typically, having blood in your fecal matter suggests there ’ s a problem inside your stomach or intestines. If you have red or black stools, stop taking Imodium and see your doctor right aside. They ’ ll arrest to see what ’ s causing the color deepen in your stool. And they can recommend appropriate treatment for your condition. Blood pressure changes ( not a side effect ) Imodium doesn ’ metric ton affect your blood pressure. The drug can sometimes cause dizziness, but this international relations and security network ’ thyroxine related to blood coerce changes.

however, keep in take care that Imodium is used to treat diarrhea. And if you become dehydrated ( have a low fluent flat ) from diarrhea, you may develop depleted blood coerce. To help avoid dehydration while you have diarrhea, it ’ mho authoritative to drink plenty of fluids. You can besides drink a rehydration solution. These drinks contain glucose ( sugar ) and electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium. Rehydration solutions help to replace fluids and electrolytes in your body that you can lose through diarrhea. Pedialyte and Gatorade are examples of rehydration solutions that contain electrolytes. If you feel dizzy or think you may be getting dehydrated while you ’ re taking Imodium, call your sophisticate. They can recommend ways to help improve your stipulate .

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