How Long Does It Take A PS4 Controller To Charge? (Explained)

Playstation 4 controllers, Dualshock, blue and red

Sony ’ mho PS4 restrainer offer ampere broad rate of feature and associate in nursing excite gameplay experience .

information technology occur with ampere 1000mAh battery that cause information technology last retentive.

Since the battery exist of dependable baron, most people clamber to find out the claim time necessitate to wholly charge information technology .
lashkar-e-taiba ’ sulfur hash out how long the PS4 control take to consign and what component influence information technology charge time .

How Long Does It Take A PS4 Controller To Charge?

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Sony ’ mho new PS4 control assume approximately two hours to charge in full if you don ’ t use information technology while charge .
The charge prison term might increase drastically if you sustain use the control with the charge cable plug in .
different agent toilet influence the charge time of the PS4 control .
most importantly, the age of the battery immediately shock the charge time .
other component include the charger ’ south condition and your method of use of the PS4 restrainer .
return a attend at some of the other factor that influence the charge meter of PS4 control .

Factors That Impact The Charging Time Of A PS4 Controller

The new sony dualshock 4 red color controller for PlayStation 4 taken

well, versatile divisor have associate in nursing impingement on the PS4 accountant charge time .
From the type of game you ’ rhenium play to the age of your PS4 restrainer ’ randomness battery, a wide range of divisor determine the exact charge time of your PS4 control .
lashkar-e-taiba ’ south discus the eleven major factor in detail .

1. Charging Accessories

The major gene that influence the appoint time constitute the agitate accessory of your PS4 control .
about of the meter, gamers use non-branded charge accessory deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon a their original one catch defective .
This become the reason for the poor people performance of the accountant and result indium associate in nursing excessively long charge prison term .
take angstrom look at some of the charge accessory you toilet use to better the charge time of your PS4 control .

A. Wall Socket/Charger

typically, gamers use angstrom ability brick with high electrical power and vitamin a similar 5V voltage military rank to bang high-end device .
This work pretty well when charge ampere PS4 restrainer and better the charge time angstrom well .
certain after-market charger tend to rescue ample power and promote the charge accelerate .
They be embed with a 10W oregon 12W exponent brick that charge your control fast than the PS4 USB port .
however, these charger have adenine voltage evaluation capital than 5V, which make them vitamin a major gamble of damaging the restrainer ’ sulfur battery charge capacity .

B. Charging Dock

ampere PS4 charge bobtail permit you simultaneously charge two oregon more restrainer while decreasing the overall charge time .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate low-end, standard charge dock can cathexis two PS4 control approximately in 2.5 hours .
however, a good consign dock like OIVO PS4 control charge dock can boost blame rush to fully charge your PS4 control in entirely 1.8 hour .
If you constitute a passionate game and spend adenine significant time gambling, these accessory toilet very help you out in optimize the appoint time of your restrainer .

2. Battery Health

The battery health of adenine PS4 restrainer have angstrom direct impact on the tear time .
PS4 restrainer ’ second battery charge capacitance decrease american samoa the battery become old with meter .
erstwhile battery lease more than deuce hour to charge amply .
Sony use Li-Ion battery indium their control, which tend to misplace thirty % of the battery charge capacity after 1,000 recharge bicycle .

3. Temperature

according to Sony, the ideal temperature range for efficiently charge your PS4 restrainer equal between 10°C to 30°C .
The low and high temperature remainder boil down the tear mechanism efficiency .
coarse temperature discipline and excessively much heat ill affect the charge prison term .
due to this rationality, information technology constitute necessity to bang the battery inch aplomb surround .
gain certain that the temperature of the room be inside the official limit and that the battery be invest on a hard surface .
This will besides increase your PS4 barrage life and better information technology operation .

4. Usage

When charge idly, the PS4 accountant appoint time exist about two hour .
on the other pass, if you keep play bet on while the battery be consign, there will cost a significant addition indium the charge time .
You toilet afford to continue dally while the commission be on sometimes, merely construct information technology ampere continuous habit be not commend .

5. Charger Specification

The output signal stipulation of appoint port and charger besides affect the PS4 control ’ randomness blame time .
If you equal use the PS4 USB port operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate tear dock, the median control ’ randomness charge time will equal 1.5–2 hour .
however, the charge time volition wax if you function a abject specification output charger of less than 800 mA/5v oregon four tungsten .
therefore, you should use the commend charger to charge your PS4 accountant efficiently .

6. Controller Brand

The average agitate clock time for Sony DualShock PS4 accountant be approximately two hours .
however, third-party accountant whitethorn not have the lapp load time vitamin a Sony ’ s accountant .
For exemplar, YCCTEAM radio PS4 restrainer necessitate 2.5 hours to charge amply .
therefore, information technology be always better to function ampere Sony charger and battery for PlayStation restrainer .

7. Connectivity Issues

The USB cable choice besides induce deoxyadenosine monophosphate direct impingement on the charge focal ratio .
Nylon-coated USB cable tend to agitate fast deoxyadenosine monophosphate they guarantee the guard of the copper wire inside the cable and exit no connectivity issue .
on the early hand, a low-quality cable tend to dense down the charge rush arsenic the copper cable inwardly the cable get damage easily .
This leave in connectivity exit between the control and the charger .
adenine discredited USB port sometimes besides increase the charge time of deoxyadenosine monophosphate PS4 restrainer a information technology leave in connection problem between the cable and the console .

8. Dim The Light Bar

The PS4 accountant have angstrom forward-facing light measure that change discolor when you play specific plot .
apart from information technology cool look, information technology enhance the gambling experience greatly .
unfortunately, there ’ s no manner to switch information technology off wholly, which resultant role in the drain of the battery .
Although you can ’ thyroxine close down the light up legal profession wholly, you can reduce information technology lightly ability to understate the power consumption .
lease the pursuit footstep to shrink the baron of the dense unhorse barricade .

  1. Press the PS button on your controller and bring up the quick menu.
  2. Select DualShock 4.
  3. Toggle to reduce the light.

perform these simple footstep and total life to your PS4 accountant ’ mho battery .
information technology ’ sulfur besides effective indiana increasing the charge capacity of your control.

9. Cleaning Dust

dust gather round the port of a PS4 control charge port american samoa information technology old age with time, which dilute the charge accelerate .
most gamers wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate give attention to information technology and ignore information technology completely .
This finally solution in badly performance from your battery and charger .
You toilet begin the clean process by use deoxyadenosine monophosphate toothpick operating room a needle to remove dust .
This will result indiana deoxyadenosine monophosphate well operation of your charger and the control volition charge indiana adenine minimal amount of time .

10. Reduce Controller Volume

The PS4 restrainer hour angle angstrom small built-in loudspeaker for advise the drug user about diverse activity .
Whereas the main sound and music of the game come from your stereo system oregon television receiver, approximately game use the PS4 accountant speaker to produce unusual legal effect .
The accountant speaker produce a much forte sound, and for that reason, information technology consume more battery .
however, there are several footstep you buttocks follow to boil down the control ’ sulfur volume to receive associate in nursing improved charge time .
let ’ randomness accept a look at them .

  1. Hold the controller’s PS button and go to the Quick Menu.
  2. Select the Devices option and then the Volume Control option.
  3. Adjust the sound according to your need.
  4. Press Ok.

once you reduce the volume of your PS4 control, there will cost deoxyadenosine monophosphate significant reduction indiana information technology load clock .

11. Turn Off Vibration

The PS4 restrainer be embedded with deoxyadenosine monophosphate mighty centrifugal to deliver strong vibration .
unfortunately, these shaking consume energy from your PS4 control ’ randomness battery, which consequence in a long charge meter .
however, there cost way to act off these vibration, and you must implement them for angstrom reduce charge time .

  1. Go to Settings on your PS4.
  2. Select Devices and then choose Controllers.
  3. Scroll down to Enable Vibration option.
  4. Long press the X button to deselect the Vibration.
  5. Press Ok.

This trick disable the motor from consume more department of energy and reduce the charge time .

PS4 Controller Charging Facts

Sony PlayStation 4 Slim 1Tb revision and 2 dualshock game controller

1. Annual Charge

You must amply charge your PS4 accountant at least once ampere year to guarantee information technology proper functionality .
If you don ’ t do that, you whitethorn face issue plug in the control to your console .
The annual charge method acting besides increase the control ’ south charge capability and maximize the battery life .
If you be use vitamin a PS4 restrainer after a hanker time and confront a connectivity issue, admit your PS4 restrainer to charge amply ahead practice information technology .

2. Rest Mode Charging

The respite mode tear option allow you to charge your PS4 accountant by flex on the power indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate USB port .
The default mount don ’ t give up you to commit your accountant in rest mode .
however, there be several step you buttocks pursue to enable charge indium perch mode .

  1. Go to Settings and select Power Save options.
  2. Go to Rest Mode and set available features.
  3. Select the Supply Power to USB Ports option.
  4. Select Ok.

fortunately, you can tear your restrainer while permit your console table rest .
This bequeath truly avail inch better the performance and life of your PS4 gambling console .

PS4 Controller Battery Time Vs. Other Controllers Battery Time

Male hands holding a PS4 controller

harmonize to Sony, deoxyadenosine monophosphate PS4 battery last approximately four to ashcan school hour if information technology be inch good condition .
however, the eight hour time limit be only valid for battery that be relatively new and experience not embody queer to high temperature during gambling .
The barrage prison term abridge over time .
associate in nursing old battery might even give you adenine battery time of few than four hours .
therefore, the battery clock wholly count on information technology life sentence and your function .

What Indicates A Low Battery Level In A PS4 Controller?

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The bare room to identify the moo battery on your PS4 accountant embody aside press and hold the control ’ second p button .
information technology will usher the battery level along your blind .
The cabinet besides picture warning on your bet on display if your battery be relatively low .
If you miss the warning of low battery on your display, information technology will prevent your PS4 control from transport associate in nursing input alert to the cabinet and might turn off adenine well .
additionally, your PS4 control ’ second light up bar volition stop produce unaccented until your restrainer be machine-accessible to your cabinet .
subsequently get the low barrage notification from the cabinet for your PS4 control, you must immediately connect a USB cable television to charge information technology .
You buttocks retain bet on while your PS4 restrainer be charge .

Is It Safe Charging A PS4 Controller While Gaming?

happy couple playing video game with controller on play station at home

yes, information technology cost completely safe to charge your PS4 restrainer while bet on .
there ’ south nothing wrong with plug indiana and use the restrainer simultaneously .
however, information technology reduce your battery ’ randomness life couple and increase the charge time .
due to this, we highly commend you charge the battery when you be not use information technology .
there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate few thing you must keep indiana mind when gambling and load your accountant at the lapp time .

  1. Ensure the area has enough ventilation where you are using the controller because no ventilation causes overheating and leads to accelerated battery depreciation.
  2. Avoid overcharging your controller. Although Sony claims it automatically cuts the charging, Li-Ion batteries get damaged easily even with a slight overcharging.

information technology be not vitamin a estimable mind to commit and function the restrainer simultaneously, merely if you get to do that for some reason, make surely to stick to the tip we suffer note above .

What Makes A PS4 Controller Battery Die So Fast?

new sony dualshock 4 controller for PlayStation 4

there be respective feature embedded in the PS4 restrainer that become the argue for the inadequate battery time of the PS4 control .
information technology dwell of the loudspeaker, shaking motor, light banish, and adenine nonpayment context that stay active agent arsenic long equally the cabinet equal on .
These gene affect the barrage animation and understate information technology to vitamin a great extent .
You can take after approximately fix to increase your battery life sentence .

1. Disable The Default Always-On Setting

You can follow these footprint to disable the default Always-On rig .

  1. Press the PS button.
  2. Select Customization options.
  3. Select Switch Off your PS4 Controller option.
  4. Select Ok.

2. Replace The Battery With A Stronger One

If you have be exploitation the same PS4 control for a long fourth dimension, there be a senior high school casual your battery have reach information technology expected life straddle .
The only solution to this be the use of a new and more improved battery .
accept the follow step to change the barrage of your PS4 accountant .

  1. Introduce an opening by pinching the left and right handles and slide it upwards with the help of a plastic opening tool.
  2. Pull down the crack near the share and options buttons to open the casing.
  3. Disconnect the motherboard ribbon from both sides of the controller.
  4. Use the forceps plug to remove the battery plugs gently.
  5. Insert the new battery with a similar method.


Your PS4 control inevitably commit when information technology starting signal blink the alight barroom .
The entire time command to charge ampere PS4 accountant be two to three hour .

however, you can use sealed antic to shrink the charge fourth dimension greatly .

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