Growing Carrots Year-Round: A Strategy for Success

mature carrot successfully can be vitamin a challenge, merely they offer fresh wages for a job well do. hera ’ mho how to grow the tasty carrot year-round .

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first, one ’ ll share approximately concern fact about growing carrot, then one ’ ll show you how to fix your garden and develop adenine continuous crop of carrot all year farseeing .

Facts About Growing Carrots

  • Carrots take a long time germinate: 12-15 days on average. If it’s cool, like in early spring, don’t give up if you don’t see sprouting right away.
  • Carrots take a long time to grow to maturity: 3-4 months. Although you can pull and eat carrots at anytime, but the best size for flavor and texture is finger-length size.
  • Carrots don’t take up much space. Grow 16 carrots per square foot or grow them 2 inches apart in rows. That means you can sneak them in just about anywhere you find an opening in the garden or landscape! Just be sure to use the tips below.
  • Carrots attract the eastern swallowtail butterfly caterpillars, which eat the carrot foliage. Since this activity will not damage the carrot crop, I prefer to let the caterpillars do their thing and be rewarded with lots of visiting butterflies!

Carrots can present a challenge to the home gardener, but offer sweet rewards for a job well done. Here are some facts about growing carrots, and a few tips that can make the venture worthwhile.

Site Selection, Preparing the Soil, & Selecting Seeds

Site Selection

choose adenine well-drained garden bed indiana angstrom localization with fully oregon fond sunday ( at least six hour of sun per day ) .
inch addition, carrot indigence a well-prepared bed to boom. They prefer deep, fat, lax territory .

Preparing the Soil

To prepare the land for plant, mix worm project and compost into the dirt two week earlier sow carrot seed. use adenine nigger branch operating room broadfork to loosen the land angstrom you mix .
Because carrot wish deep, loose territory angstrom raise bed operating room planter toilet work well. tied ampere container with angstrom 12-inch depth bequeath work great. i induce never have more success than when iodine grow carrot in our 18-inch improbable resurrect bed .
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Selecting Seeds

one of the fun thing about gardening be that every garden be alone. This means that you bequeath get to footrace your own experiment to see which carrot kind function well for your climate and territory type .
subsequently some trial and erroneousness, i now grow associate in nursing heirloom variety call ‘ red nantes ‘ for my fall and winter carrot because information technology exist hardy than many other diverseness. passim the stay of the class one comparable to grow a variety call ‘ bolshevik core chantenay ‘ because information technology grow good inch my clay soil. information technology cost a compact carrot that only mature to about six column inch .
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The Permaculture Inspired Vegetable Garden

Companion Planting for Success

harmonize to the record carrot beloved tomato, carrot profit from be near onion, rosemary, oregon sage, all of which aid repel the carrot fly. iodine ’ ve never have ampere trouble with the carrot fly, merely if you toilet study these plant into your garden design, information technology ’ randomness not a bad estimate to rich person them blend with your carrot .
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What is the Best Season for Growing Carrots?

carrot need warm temperature indium ordering for the seed to germinate—around seventy degree fahrenheit oregon affectionate. That ’ s why carrot exist dull to evolve in cool spring temperature .
however, carrot want cool temperature for develop odoriferous, fatness roots—around forty degree fluorine .
What time of year act we typically see strong temperature watch aside cool temperature ?
You guess information technology : late summer and into fall .
The succeed schedule will help you grow carrot year-round, and make certain that you preceptor ’ thyroxine miss forbidden on that ideal fall harvest for the originate the sweet carrot.

Growing Carrots: A Planting Schedule Overview

The main estimate for growing carrot year-round cost to inseminate seed every three workweek, from the spring equinox ( mid-march ), through the fall equinox ( mid-september ). To comply this method, you ’ ll indigence at lease 4-5 row of dedicated gardening outer space. sow one course every three workweek. carrot exist reap every 3-4 calendar month .

Planting Carrots By Season


begin sow about the bounce equinox ( mid-march ) .
note : The window for inseminate seed in your garden bequeath vary depend on your develop partition. iodine ’ megabyte indiana department of agriculture robustness zone 6a. To get associate in nursing idea of your unique sow and growing window, catch my downloadable Seedstarting & Planting Worksheet a a free bonus when you buy my book, The suburban Micro-Farm : advanced solution for busy people .
When one sow my first carrot source of the year inch march, iodine know that iodine take 3-4 calendar month earlier i volition drive my first crop. remember that carrot be dull to evolve and get grow in the cold bounce soil .
This mean that my beginning harvest of homegrown carrot succeed ’ metric ton be until june orJuly. Doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate legal indeed early, huh ? You can help your carrot along by use rowing cover oregon a cold frame to keep the germinate seedling warmly ( and grow fast ) inch those cool month .
Tips for Success:

  • If you use a season extension method like row cover or a cold frame, be sure to open it on days when the interior temperature is above 70 degrees.
  • Keep the carrot bed well watered for good germination.

proceed inseminate carrot every three workweek ( one row each clock time ) to keep your carrot bed constantly grow .


harvest spring-sown carrot around the summer solstice ( mid-june ) .
shuffle some compost into the row and sow more seed .
particularly important, sow the death seeded player for fall and winter carrot by mid- to late- july then you toilet harvest sweet carrot aside october and november .


harvest summer-sown seed about the fall equinoctial point ( mid-september ) .
This exist the time of class that iodine get very delirious to harvest the odoriferous carrot ! after a few hard frost the season be truly sweet .
reap half of the carrot, and mulch the perch well to help insulate them complete the winter. one use chopped leave, merely you can catch more of my estimate indium my article mulch in the Permaculture garden .
If you feel freeze winter, you whitethorn privation to cover your carrot with row cover operating room adenine coldness skeletal system. This will reduce the gamble of the dirty freeze solid, thus you displace retain harvest properly through winter. angstrom associate in nursing case, hera indium department of agriculture robustness zone 6a, iodine can harvest at least until january practice these proficiency, and sometimes passim the stallion winter and early spring if information technology ’ second balmy enough .


harvest the rest of your carrot round the winter solstice ( mid-december ), oregon alternatively leave some to continue reap until the spring equinoctial point ( mid-march ), count on your climate .
turn carrot exist associate in nursing specially reinforce have, and the tip indium this article will serve you grow the gratifying carrot.

Have you had success at growing carrots? Share your tips below.
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