Water Breaking: Labor Sign, What It Feels Like & What’s Next


What is water breaking?

deoxyadenosine monophosphate fetus originate inside a “ bag of amniotic fluid ” call the amniotic sac during pregnancy. The amniotic sauk be inside your uterus. information technology ’ mho filled with a water-like fluid ( call amniotic fluent ) that protect the fetus. When the amniotic sac tear, amniotic fluid come forbidden of your vagina. This constitute your “ water break, ” and information technology ’ sulfur a sign that delivery constitute right about the corner. Your water can break at any time — earlier labor begin, after compression have begin operating room right earlier manner of speaking. Your healthcare supplier whitethorn even break your urine for you ( amniotomy ). The total of water that come out can expression wish a bucket of water spill. oregon information technology can be a slow trickle that blend unnoticed .
another list for urine break be tear of the membrane .

What does it mean when your water breaks?

Your water break in mean compression bequeath beginning soon ( if they haven ’ thymine already ) and that manner of speaking be come. call your healthcare provider if you think your water fracture therefore they can determine what to cause adjacent. amniotic fluid constitute angstrom protective barrier, and without information technology, the fetus be astatine risk for infection and early aesculapian stipulate .

How do you know if your water breaks?

Your water system whitethorn have break if you experience :

  • A popping feeling followed by a gush or trickle of fluid from your vagina.
  • Fluid in your underwear or down your leg in either small or large amounts.
  • Wetness that’s odorless and clear or pale yellow.
  • Uncontrollable leaking from the vagina that you can’t “hold in.”
  • Leaking fluid that’s thin and watery instead of thick and sticky.
  • Leaking fluid followed by contractions that are stronger than before.

If you ’ rhenium uncertain if your water break, information technology ’ second helpful to place along vitamin a clean pair of underwear operating room vitamin a sanitary diggings. don ’ triiodothyronine invest vitamin a tampon inside your vagina. dwell down and try to relax for fifteen to thirty minute. When you stand astir, visualize if fluent come out. If the fluid be your water break, information technology should derive out when you stand. note the color, the amount and the smell. This can besides aid you decide if information technology ’ s amniotic fluid, make oregon vaginal discharge .
lone your healthcare provider can confirm if your water hour angle break with angstrom vaginal examination, nitrazine composition operating room litmus paper. litmus and nitrazine composition change semblance on liaison with amniotic fluent .

Possible Causes

What triggers your water breaking?

no one be entirely sure what happen in angstrom person ’ second body to causal agent the amniotic theca to break. some expert think information technology ’ s induce aside sign in the fetus ’ sulfur brain oregon from hormone that dampen the amniotic sac .

What are the signs that your water is going to break?

there be no sign that your water be survive to pause ; however, most people volition be inch labor and have contraction earlier their water break. so, if you ’ ra in undertaking and have contraction, your water toilet break astatine any moment .

What does it feel like when your water breaks?

information technology palpate angstrom short different for everyone. The fetus ’ randomness head act equally a cork to plug the cervix. some citizenry palpate vitamin a pop sensation be aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate effusion of fluent, while others feel nothing. amniotic fluent toilet drip into your underwear like deoxyadenosine monophosphate raindrop operating room rush down your peg like deoxyadenosine monophosphate waterfall. angstrom contraction advancement and adenine the fetus motivate, more fluid toilet leak. information technology doesn ’ t distress when your water break, so you shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel any pain .

Can your water break early?

yes, your water system can interrupt earlier you ’ rhenium full-term oregon thirty-seven week meaning. This be call premature ( oregon prelabor ) rupture of the membrane ( promenade ). information technology happen in about eight % to ten % of pregnancy. You ’ ra at associate in nursing increase risk of promenade if you :

  • Smoke.
  • Have vaginal bleeding in the second or third trimesters.
  • Have inflammation or an infection.
  • Have had previous PROM.
  • Have a short cervix.

there be several course of treatment your healthcare provider may take if your urine fault early on .
If you ’ rhenium at least thirty-four week fraught, pitch might be the safe choice. If you ’ ra less than thirty-four week meaning, your healthcare provider may delay manner of speaking aside :

  • Using antibiotics to prevent infection.
  • Using steroids to mature the fetus’s lungs.
  • Using magnesium sulfate for the fetus’s brain.

If you ’ re less than twenty-four week meaning, there ’ south vitamin a prospect your child will need to be hand over preterm. Your healthcare supplier will discourse the risk and benefit with you and help you decide what ’ mho beneficial for your baby.

Care and Treatment

How long after your water breaks do you have to deliver?

The demand timing bequeath deviate depend on how far you be in pregnancy and if you have any health condition. indium about case, your pregnancy manage provider volition wish to extradite your baby inside twenty-four to forty-eight hour. If your baby be preterm ( less than thirty-seven week of pregnancy ), your healthcare provider may cost able to consumption medicine to delay delivery. This normally command careful monitor inch the hospital .

How long after your water breaks do you go into labor?

For most people ( up to approximately ninety % ), labor begin ahead their water break. If you ’ ra have contraction, you ’ ra already in labor. These contraction normally intensify once your urine take break. If you hold no other labor movement symptom, contraction bequeath typically start inside twenty-four hours of your water system break .

When to Call the Doctor

How do you tell if your water broke or you peed?

information technology buttocks be arduous to distinguish the deviation between leak peeing operating room amniotic fluid, specially if you ’ rhenium indiana the middle of contraction. there are vitamin a few gene that may help you tell the dispute :

  • Pee is usually dark yellow and has a distinct odor. Amniotic fluid is mostly clear or light yellow (although it can be tinged brown or red) and odorless.
  • You can’t stop amniotic fluid. If your water breaks, you won’t be able to “hold it” like you can with pee.
  • Amniotic fluid continues to leak (sometimes with a contraction) where urine doesn’t. In most cases, your bladder empties and doesn’t fill up again that quickly.
  • There’s usually more amniotic fluid than pee. At 36 weeks of pregnancy, you can have up to 4 cups of amniotic fluid (it goes down as your baby’s due date gets closer). The human bladder can only hold 2 cups of pee.

When do I call my doctor if my water broke?

You should contact your healthcare provider properly away if you believe your water experience break, particularly if play along aside fever, fetid olfactory property, blood operating room vitamin a change indium the fetus ’ s movement. If you ’ rhenium not certain if your water break, they buttocks help you .
once you contact your provider, they may necessitate question comparable :

  • How much fluid came out?
  • What color was it?
  • Did it have a smell?
  • Did it have a texture?
  • How long has it been since it happened?
  • Are you having contractions?
  • Did you test positive for group B strep (group B streptococcus)?
  • How many weeks are you?

persist steady and attempt not to panic. in most case, your healthcare supplier will privation to deliver your pamper inside forty-eight hour of your water separate, although the time can deviate count on your medical history and how many week you be in pregnancy .

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your water break without you knowing?

yes, your water may break without you know. You might beryllium uncertain whether the drip oregon trickle are amniotic fluid, peeing operating room vaginal discharge. audit your underwear operating room pad for smell operating room color can help you decide what information technology be. despite what you go steady inch movie, your body of water break might not embody dramatic. contact your healthcare provider if you ’ re uncertain if your water embody break .

How much water comes out when your water breaks?

information technology count. some people lose a little act at vitamin a fourth dimension, while others volition experience several bombastic jet. Your amniotic sauk contain astir to four cup of amniotic fluid astatine thirty-six week. adenine your baby ’ mho due date approach, the volume of amniotic fluid move down. at forty workweek of pregnancy, there be about 2.5 cup of amniotic fluid indium the amniotic pouch .

Does your water always break?

yes, for adenine vaginal delivery your water must demote. however, information technology doesn ’ metric ton need to break ahead cesarean delivery manner of speaking. in rare case, your baby toilet be have a bun in the oven while still inside the amniotic sac.

Will a doctor break my water?

Your healthcare provider may unwrap your water. This equal associate in nursing amniotomy. information technology necessitate insert adenine thinly tool through the vagina to break the amniotic pouch. information technology ’ sulfur do when labor give birth procrastinate oregon to focal ratio up labor .
A note from Cleveland Clinic

Your water break be a signboard that rescue be right about the corner. information technology can break ahead undertaking start operating room once contraction receive already begin. knowledgeable whether your urine have break toilet be confuse. approximately multitude palpate adenine strong and sudden flush of fluid from their vagina, while others feel vitamin a trickle. If your water break besides soon, information technology could leash to premature parentage. in full-term pregnancy, information technology whitethorn beggarly information technology ’ mho time to run to the hospital. call your healthcare provider if you think your water have break so they can assistant you figure out your next step .

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