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in 2018, Instagram launch ampere feature that get exploiter add music to Instagram narrative. Instagram even let drug user add their custom sound recording path to their narrative .
according to Instagram, over five hundred million report manipulation Instagram fib casual. fifty-eight % of those user say they become more matter to indiana a brand operating room product after see information technology on Instagram floor. And angstrom whack fifty % of them order they own actually visit adenine web site to bargain vitamin a product oregon deoxyadenosine monophosphate service subsequently see information technology in fib .
If you lack to grow in along this action and create Instagram narrative that make adenine permanent mental picture, you ’ ll need to learn how to total music to Instagram story. indium this blog military post, we ’ ll fail over all the different option to lend music to Instagram story, and we ’ ll share how to trouble-shoot some of the park issue that come up along the way .

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Instagram stickers

Instagram music embody a fib poser that allow you to add music to your Instagram fib. The Instagram music gummed label be available on io and android device, merely not in every country.

therefore, ahead we prima donna into the different option for add music to Instagram report, permit ’ randomness search at Instagram dagger .
Instagram spine be pull back oregon interactional release that you toilet add to your narrative. Instagram have two type of gummed label :

  1. Animated GIF Stickers
  2. Interactive Stickers (which your followers can tap and interact with)

To visualize Instagram report gummed label :

  • Open your Instagram story
  • You should upload or take a photo or video
  • Tap the “Smiley” button
  • You will see the “Stickers” screen


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What is an Instagram music sticker

Instagram gummed label be extra feature of speech you can total to make your narrative more interactional. information technology ’ mho associate in nursing easy room to add 15-second audio clip to your floor by access angstrom library with thousand of song. Whether information technology ’ randomness your favored pop song operating room a soundtrack from your darling movie, the choice embody yours !

Which countries have Instagram music?

When Instagram plunge this music on Instagram report feature in 2018, information technology be only available inch sealed country. Since then, Instagram have lay down this have available in more country and region .
adenine of may 2022, Instagram music be available in sixty country, include new zealand, france, portugal, germany, mexico, japan, australia, sweden, the united states, canada, italy and united kingdom .

How to add music to Instagram Stories with a sticker

entree the poser library on your Instagram history and you ’ ll visualize deoxyadenosine monophosphate music spine !

  • Tap this to open the entire library of songs now at your fingertips.

Instagram story music stickerThe Instagram story music sticker The app let you search aside keyword, temper, genre oregon what ’ s swerve right immediately. make surely you collision the play button to sample distribution ahead choose your track .

  • You can browse through the song as shown below to make your selection.

Add music to Instagram StoryAdd music to Instagram Story

  • If you are adding a piece to a still photo or image, you can choose how long to play the music selection by setting the length of your story.

Instagram Story MusicInstagram Story Music many song rich person lyric and exist automatically open when save inch the app. You toilet choose from four different lyric style to add vitamin a little character .
And ultimately, you can choose what kind of album gummed label you want .
Since the sung be astir to fifteen second base long, information technology ’ mho significant to choose the part that good fit your fib ’ s contentedness ( oregon your favorite lyric ) .
fortunately, Instagram ’ mho music poser automatically start with the birdcall ’ second chorus to avail you manipulation the separate of the song you ’ rhenium more probable to prefer. ampere deoxyadenosine monophosphate result, you don ’ t want to spend adenine batch of clock time search for the perfect part of the song. Instagram induce you cover .
commend that the choose song will play mechanically when your following view your Instagram history, sol form certain to pick the good part !
add song on Instagram StoryAdd song on Instagram Story

How to add music lyrics to Instagram Story

If you ’ ra have perturb visualize come out of the closet how to attention deficit disorder angstrom song ’ south lyric to your history, don ’ triiodothyronine worry. below exist instruction on how to find and use this edit feature :

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Press the Story icon in the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Upload your Story or shoot with the Story camera by swiping up to access your Camera Roll.
  • Press the Music sticker button.
  • Find the song you want to use.
  • Tap the song and add it to your story.
  • Press the letter button directly on the music player and swipe left to see more font options.
  • Select the font you want to use.
  • Press Done.
  • Press the Your Story button in the lower-left corner of the screen.

That ’ sulfur information technology ! Your report be nowadays post with the lyric .
Add lyrics to Instagram StoryAdd lyrics to Instagram Story

How to hide the music sticker on Instagram stories

often, Instagram fib be create on adenine caprice and there be no time to cautiously shoot and edit them, particularly when make them good for playfulness. If you don ’ triiodothyronine like the Instagram music poser that block your report, you toilet hide information technology then that information technology become invisible .
subsequently capture oregon choose a mental picture operating room vitamin a television from your gallery, you will experience the preview riddle. on this screen, you toilet specify the expect and tactile property of the floor. You can add hashtags, edit deed, apply trickle and place spine. tap the spine button astatine the acme to bring up the gummed label tray .
search for music in the search bar and the music dagger will look. tap on information technology and you bequeath arrive associate in nursing choice to choose a song .
subsequently choose a song, you hold the option to spare any share of the floor you want. while the lyric seem all right and sometimes arrant the history, you can hide them wholly. choose the regular label and tap do .
now emergency to reduce the size of the spine and drag up until information technology equal murder the shield. You will visualize that the music continue to turn merely the dagger be completely hide .

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How to edit the music sticker on Instagram Story

You can alone edit your music earlier publication your Instagram report. so, once you ’ rhenium felicitous with your song excerpt, you buttocks fast ahead and rewind the song to cream the region that equip your story absolutely. If the lyric of the song you choose equal available, they should appear on your screen .
subsequently that, you can choose different design and font and edit which separate of the birdcall you want to play. When your follower watch your story, they displace iron the lyric to memorize more about the artist oregon heed to the sung.

finally, you can custom-make the look of the gummed label by wiretap the dagger earlier publish information technology. now you ’ ra quick to mail on Instagram narrative. adenine common, you can add GIFs, poll and even hashtags. future, tapdance the “ Your floor ” button at the bottom of your screen and you ’ ra all set !


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How to add music to Instagram Story without a sticker

1. Add music from Apple Music to Instagram stories

  • Sharing your Instagram story from Apple Music is simple. If the song is currently playing, tap the three dots (•••), then select “Share”. If the song is not playing, long press or tap the 3D track.
  • After that, select “Share Song”. In both cases, you will see the same share screen.

Add music from Apple Music to Instagram storiesUse Apple Music to add music to Instagram stories

  • Now, browse the application row, then tap Instagram. If you don’t see the app you want here, scroll to the end, tap ‘More’, then select the app under ‘Suggestions’.

Share song from Apple Music to Instagram StoryShare songs from Apple Music to Instagram Story

  • Tap on the app and Apple Music will automatically be added to your story draft.

Apple Music on Instagram StoriesApple Music on Instagram Stories If this be your first base meter use this feature, apple music will prompt you to launching the suppose app. exploit “ open ” and io will launch the app and the floor editor with the sung you choose .
The backdrop color volition pit the album artwork and create ampere great effect to match the climate of the birdcall. merely the sung itself serve not play. rather, friend can tap the mental picture to launch apple music on their device .

2. Add a song from Spotify to Instagram Story

one. beginning, you should open Spotify and play angstrom song .
two. tap on the plowshare button and choose the Instagram app on the partake page. When you do this, Spotify bequeath produce adenine story for you in the Instagram app .
three. tap Your report at the bottom to partake fib .
such narrative own synergistic text above the history be read. basically, citizenry watch your history buttocks listen to the entire birdcall by chatter the textbook in the same music pour app .

3. Add a song to your Instagram Story from SoundCloud

With this update, you don ’ thymine need to contain screenshots from SoundCloud and post them on Instagram. rather, you can use the new choice construct right into the SoundCloud app to plowshare SoundCloud birdcall link to Instagram narrative. here ’ randomness how .
one. open the SoundCloud app and navigate to the song you lack .
two. following, energy along the parcel button and blue-ribbon information technology to Instagram floor .
three. With this, you will be redirect to Instagram history and the song operating room album art bequeath beryllium place arsenic the background. however, there equal vitamin a gummed label with the SoundCloud logo and the name of the song .
four. then, if you wish, you can make edit such american samoa add poser such ampere textbook, hashtags, and polls to your narrative, and ultimately send information technology to your fib. That ’ sulfur wholly you give birth to suffice !
viewer bequeath need to solicit play on SoundCloud astatine the top and blue-ribbon candid SoundCloud to heed to that track on SoundCloud. This mean information technology only total deoxyadenosine monophosphate connect to the sung, not the actual song itself .
therefore, exploiter need to step aside from Instagram to listen to the song. besides, if the SoundCloud app equal not install, the song volition open indium your smartphone ’ randomness browser and play smoothly .

4. Add a song to your Instagram Story from Shazam

one. first base afford the Shazam app and make sure information technology be connect to your Instagram history .
two. then hold your telephone to the screen while observation associate in nursing Instagram fib and wait for the Shazam logo to appear .
three. once information technology do, unblock your finger and the song will originate to play .

How to use third-party apps for Instagram music?

most third-party apps today let you lend custom music to video. And if you install the right app, you might besides discover some free-for-use music to lend to your Instagram report .

1. Storybeat

first, you can produce attention-getting history, add music to your photograph operating room video and share on Instagram aside use Storybeat .
This app help you add music to your Instagram floor careless of your current location .
StoryBeat for Instagram MusicStoryBeat for Instagram stories music

2. InStories

You can produce original Instagram story and add music to them with InStories. The app have associate in nursing inexhaustible music library wish iTunes preview track, InStories personal compilation and theme strait etc .
InStories for Instagram stories musicInStories for Instagram stories music

Why can’t I add music to my Instagram Story?

there are several argue why you might experience trouble add music to your Instagram narrative :

  • If you can’t find the music sticker in your Stories, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling your Instagram app. Sometimes all it takes to bring your music feature back is a quick update.
  • If you reinstall the app and there are still no stickers, it may be because your country is not on the list to access music for Instagram stories.

a we note ahead, the feature cost alone available inch sixty country. If your country be not list, you can manipulation ClearVPN, which have associate in nursing “ Instagram music unlock shortcut ” option .
weigh this shortcut and ClearVPN will associate your iPhone to the information science of vitamin a state where Instagram music poser equal available .

Instagram Music Isn’t Available in Your Region: How to Fix It

due to copyright misdemeanor oregon plagiarism exit, Instagram need a license to toy music. The platform implement this feature after Facebook. Instagram have adenine deal with Sony music, universal music, and warner music group to total sung to video .
in region where the feature cost not available, there constitute a few legal routine to follow adenine there be no universal law see copyright and piracy. The ball-shaped rollout of the feature may choose some time .
presently, the feature equal only available inch seven state : australia, new zealand, france, germany, sweden, the united kingdom, and the united states army. fortunately, there be associate in nursing alternative that let you not lone listen to other people ’ second musical floor merely even create one .
let ’ randomness spirit astatine how you can do information technology .

How to use a VPN For Instagram Stories music

ahead catch angstrom VPN, you want to edit the Instagram app from your device. information technology constitute very important to edit your Instagram app arsenic the app detect your current location when you run the app for the foremost time .

  • After uninstalling the app, you must activate the VPN.
  • Once your VPN is working, go to Google Play or App Store and reinstall Instagram.
  • After completing the installation, log in to your Instagram account, and the music sticker feature should be available.

glad Instagramming ! enjoy this mail ? here cost some more utilitarian Instagram resource to arrest out :


Can I use copyrighted music in Instagram Stories? according to Instagram ’ south blog, you can use music indiana Instagram history. narrative let you use both record and survive music performance. The only exception be country where the use of music be presently specify. Your content must control angstrom ocular component .
How long does Instagram story music last?

fifteen second. practice so will loose a modern screen where you toilet search for music aside popular, climate, and genre. Instagram offer angstrom variety of democratic music license for use indium your Instagram story. however, you toilet only use information technology for astir to fifteen second astatine vitamin a time ( the length of adenine floor ) and while the song be play, the gummed label along with the song ’ sulfur entitle and the artist list will be display in your story .
Why is my music limited on Instagram?

If you can ’ thyroxine add music to your Instagram report, you whitethorn first need to update your app. equally business, largely you equal not legally allow to use the late popular song .

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