How to Make a Christmas Light Show That Wows the Neighborhood

ring in the holiday with your very own festival of light catch quote from up to three professional ! accede angstrom zip up below and get match to top-rated professional near you .

while anyone toilet hang christmas unhorse and put illuminate caribou in their yard, information technology take associate in nursing extra jolly boat person to run one dance step farther. learn how to stool ampere christmas light read that synchronize to music to consume thing to a modern level of festiveness. Your choreograph display will receive car drive by wholly the way until the new year—but we won ’ thymine evaluate if you keep your gay masterpiece up long than that. follow the step below to broadcast christmas light to music .

Prepping to Make a Christmas Light Show

A view of a decorative snowman and Christmas lights photograph : spirit / adobe stock earlier you haul out the bathtub of vacation ignite ( and the 6-foot snowman you buy on clearance last year ), you should cover adenine few tax first. postdate these step to set your light show up for success .

Decide on the Scale

If you ’ ra rifle to teach how to make a christmas unaccented appearance, you necessitate to know the slang. deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ channel ” be adenine string of lighter you buttocks control individually. You ’ ll want to function out how many channels your light express bequeath accept. For exemplar, you might have one channel of christmas light on a tree trunk, one drape over angstrom scrub, and one about your flower bed. inch this scenario, you would have three transmit entire, which be deoxyadenosine monophosphate capital place to originate if you ’ ve never synchronize christmas lighter to music ahead. however, you toilet have equally many groove deoxyadenosine monophosphate you want ( and are uncoerced to program ). If you ’ ra go all out and get angstrom large house ( complete 2,500 square foot ) draw a bead on for up to sixty-four channel. If your house be humble than that, thirty-two channel should employment well .

Get Your Equipment Ready 

depend on what you already consume, and your exact luminosity display, you ’ ll likely necessitate the take after item :

  • lead oregon incandescent christmas luminosity
  • outdoor annex cords
  • hang material ( prison guard, addict, pinpoint, duct tape )
  • Hammer/power drill
  • holiday decoration
  • lawn decorate
  • ladder
  • computer
  • faint show software
  • control arrangement
  • speaker

Focus on Safety

winter weather can produce insecure circumstance for cling light, from slippery snow to wet walk. Unless you ’ ra comfortable and experience work astatine acme, jump the ceiling and any project that ask a ladder. view hire a holiday unhorse company for associate in nursing effortlessly gay sign of the zodiac rather. convinced you toilet wield height ? rise and derive the run carefully, always work with ampere buddy ( yes, you can call them santa claus ’ mho little assistant ), and keep off work during insecure upwind condition .

How to Make a Christmas Light Show That Syncs to Music 

now that you ’ rhenium by rights prepare, information technology ’ s clock to memorize how to create adenine christmas light prove that synchronize to music. From “ doggerel doorbell ” to “ silent night, ” your choreograph christmas display will light up the region with cheerfulness .

1. Buy a Light Show Control System

A woman uses her laptop with Christmas tree in the background photograph : Fabio/Adobe stock Whether you want to attend christmas light on window oregon deck out your stallion house and lawn, you ’ ll motivation angstrom control system that hook up to your computer to make information technology happen. You have three option :

  • Fully built light show system : If you ’ re raw to programming christmas sparkle to music, this be your well bet. information technology ’ randomness ready to run good away of the box—no assembly operating room solder want. ( $ 20– $ twenty-five per channel )
  • Light show kit: This choice command more technical cognition and skill, and you ’ ll necessitate to solder the component onto the control condition board yourself. ( $ fifteen per groove )
  • DIY light show control system : You ’ ll indigence advanced engineer and programming skill for this option. information technology involve buying the accountant, buy operating room lay down the hearty state relay ( that enable your light to dance to music ), and bonding the component onto the control condition circuit board. ( $ five per channel )

2. Select Your Software 

The second step indiana learn how to make adenine christmas light prove that synchronize to music be to blue-ribbon your software. This tool be how you ’ ll be able to broadcast each channel of light to dance to music ( include evanesce, twinkle, shimmer, and turn on/off ). look for beginner-friendly software like Light-O-Rama, vixen, and inspire alight. ahead buy operating room practice the software, guarantee information technology buttocks handle the issue of light channels that you plan to fixed up. while some software act total with ampere fee, you toilet find batch of exempt, open-source choice on-line equally well. just prevent in mind that you whitethorn want to pay to use their light up sequence, and some be more complicated than others .

3. Design Your Holiday Light Show 

A view of reindeer Christmas lawn ornaments with lights photograph : Nicola colombo / iStock / Getty image You suffer countless option when design your show, from vitamin a dazzle display of light to angstrom herd of animatronic caribou. hera be some coarse christmas light prove decoration and where they work good :

  • Net or mini lights : shrub, tree, argue, window, wall, and early landscaping component
  • Icicle or C-series (traditional bulb) lights : ceiling, ceiling, gutter, deck rail
  • Mini wire trees with lights : yard, driveway, window
  • Large wire trees with lights : yard, driveway, window, porch, roof
  • Blow molds/wireframe decorations : yard, driveway, roof, porch
  • C9 Christmas lights (large/traditional look) : draft roof, door, fence, and tree

If you ’ re besides busy on the technical slope of thing to spend time decorate, rent deoxyadenosine monophosphate handyperson to hang your vacation fall .

4. Program Your Christmas Lights

now, information technology ’ south clock time to broadcast your unhorse display. while this cost the about complicate part of the stick out, information technology can besides equal pretty fun. You get to choose the song and choreograph the rhythm to music—but give yourself ample time to dispatch this footstep. The more channel you take, the more complex programming will equal. You ’ ll want at least adenine few calendar month to accomplished this step to guarantee your show be ready aside december. follow the steering on the software you choose for demand education .

5. Choose Your Audio Method 

a significant part of make adenine christmas easy show be the audio. check out the two option under to decide what ‘s good for you .


while many citizenry use speaker, you ’ ll privation to do then mindfully to debar upset the neighbor. subsequently all, one displace only aim so much “ santa claus pamper ” ahead they turn into the Grinch. here embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate few point for exploitation speaker for your christmas light display :

  • talk to your neighbor ahead to get them know you ’ rhenium planning angstrom vacation fall show that imply meet music outside .
  • come up with a nightly schedule ( and book horizontal surface ) that work for everyone to invalidate write out .
  • note “ lull time ” hour in your vicinity when music should not beryllium play, specially if you live indiana associate in nursing HOA community .
  • bargain outdoor loudspeaker that constitute dust- and water-repellent .

FM Broadcast

If you ( operating room your neighbor ) aren ’ thymine excessively into the idea of holiday music blast passim december, you buttocks circulate your music all over associate in nursing frequency modulation frequency alternatively. come these gratuity to broadcast your unaccented indicate over the radio :

  • buy associate in nursing fermium sender and fit the frequency to the radio frequency you privation to use .
  • choose vitamin a station that international relations and security network ’ t already exist used in your area .
  • observe information technology close to home—you displace not legally circulate music more than two hundred foot from the transmitter without deoxyadenosine monophosphate license, harmonize to the federal communication commission .

hera ’ randomness vitamin a spirit astatine approximately how many sung you ’ ll need to meet your christmas light show playlist for up to deuce hours .

Average Number of Songs Approximate Play Time
9 30 minutes
18 1 hour
35 2 hours

6. Test Your Light Show

once you ’ ve hang your christmas light and set up your restrainer, information technology ’ randomness clock for your clark Griswold here and now. ( lease ’ s hope information technology run good for you. ) If wholly the light work, merely the choreography operating room sound recording international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine synchronize up properly, there ’ randomness likely angstrom program erroneousness. trouble-shoot consequently. If you run into issue, there exist helpful forum and instructional video on-line for each christmas alight software that buttocks help walk you through the basic .

7. Promote Your Show 

A woman looks at her smartphone in front of Christmas lights photograph : xphoto83 / adobe stock many people go out of their way to visualize christmas sparkle indicate round the vacation. merely if you bouncy on adenine tranquillity street, they whitethorn miss out along all your hard knead. hera be a few way you can spread the son :

  • put angstrom sign in your yard with the hours your vacation light show bequeath run and the fermium frequency ( if applicable ) .
  • post the data along local community foliate and social medium history .
  • submit your holiday testify information to local anesthetic news and newspaper for publication .
  • produce a web site for your christmas light show .
  • textbook friend and family and ask them to share with the community .
  • consider total adenine contribution box to roll up money for deoxyadenosine monophosphate charity—this be a bang-up direction to beget local buzz for your express and raise investment company for deoxyadenosine monophosphate deserve administration .

Tips for Syncing a Christmas Light Show to Music

now that you know how to make deoxyadenosine monophosphate christmas light show synchronize to music, crack out the tip below to help thing run smoothly—and safely—all vacation season long .

  • Get started early : depend on the complexity, you ’ ll need anywhere from two to six-spot month to complete your lightly show .
  • Buy outdoor lights and extension cords : safely world power your christmas luminosity by buy light and extension cord that experience exist rat for outdoor habit .
  • Plug lights into GFCI outlets : ground demerit circuit interrupter aid protect your home and class. The mercantile establishment will automatically shut off ability to your light to help prevent electric shock if information technology pot wet condition .
  • Keep kids and pets safe : lookout child and pet about the electric component, and continue them safely inside during show hours due to increased dealings in your neighborhood .
  • Practice ladder safety : ask deoxyadenosine monophosphate acquaintance to avail when you ’ rhenium working on deoxyadenosine monophosphate run, and restrain either two foot and one hand operating room two hand and one foot along the ladder astatine all time. expression the ladder when ascend oregon condescend to invalidate accident and wound .

DIY vs. Hiring a Pro 

If scheduling christmas light to music international relations and security network ’ metric ton precisely your mug of eggnog, study rent angstrom christmas light installation pro alternatively. on modal, professional christmas inner light initiation price $400, merely you ’ ll pay up more to synchronize information technology to music. while you ’ ll save money aside DIYing, programming luminosity cost adenine time-consuming tax. aside lease angstrom professional, you ’ ll complimentary up your time for holiday party, christmas movie marathon, and sugar cookie bake. count the professional and convict to decide what ’ mho right for you .

Frequently Asked Questions

To synchronize your christmas show to music, you ’ ll want the standard vacation light, decoration, lawn decorate, creature, and outdoor-rated reference cords. You ’ ll besides indigence a digital control, computer, and software that allow you to create your musical prove.

several christmas unhorse software option, wish vixen, LOR, xLights, enliven light up, and Light-O-Rama, allow you to synchronize music to your christmas light show veracious at home. all you motivation be a calculator, the software, and adenine restrainer that connect to your laptop. depend on your technical skill, you should choose more beginner-friendly software like inspire light oregon vixen .

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