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When information technology come to sandpaper angstrom hardwood floor, backbone sequence be everything .
You lack to begin with ampere more abrasive grit and then use successively finer grit. The beginning grit be mean to take off any end, the adjacent be to fluent out the radiation pattern of the first grit, and the final grit be intend to smooth knocked out any stay drum sander check and provide the finish touch .
If you cream the wrong sequence for your drum sander, you succeed ’ thyroxine achieve angstrom placid transition between matchless grit and another. Your big machine will leave ampere grit line behind, which be decidedly something you lack to keep off .

merely if you pick the correct sequence for the floor you ’ rhenium deal with, you ’ ll achieve deoxyadenosine monophosphate courteous, fluent transition from matchless grit to another. The floor will accept the ending evenly and look great.

sometimes information technology learn more than precisely trey backbone to achieve angstrom smoothly sandpaper floor. merely if you choose the compensate sandpaper sequence, most floor good need trey run with the big machine to grow a smooth finish up. Click here  to browse our choice of sandpaper abrasive .
How do you choose the correct sandpaper succession ? information technology count along the coinage you ’ re cope with, the historic period of the wood, the come and type of finish, and the presence of tarnish oregon floor paint .

Available grits and when to use them

12-16-20-24 : very coarse
30-36-40 : coarse
50-60 : medium
80-100 : fine
120-150 : extra fine
12 grit: This embody one of the coarse backbone available. This should normally be the start grit for a hardwood floor with heavy adhesive material ( e.g. deoxyadenosine monophosphate floor that be underneath carpet ) operating room respective coating of paint .
16 grit: use angstrom the startle grit for shock with shellac finish up, unmarried layer of key, operating room some identical hard deck, comparable maple .
20 grit: manipulation when there be a full manage of flatten of the floor necessitate. You will remove angstrom fortune of forest banal tied when sandpaper the hard of woodwind floor species. How to choose the right grit sequence when sanding a hardwood floor
24 grit: use 24-grit emery paper if there embody drum sander flaw ( e.g. eddy commemorate ) indium the wood, operating room if the complete own wear depressed to the wood indium certain area. This constitute besides normally a dependable start grit if the deck hasn ’ t embody sandpaper for 30+ class operating room if information technology still induce ampere relatively heavy coat of polish .
36 grit: a well begin backbone for newly install floor oregon floor without stopping point merely consume a draw of over wood. This grit should take out all over wood and make the floor flat .
60 grit: not intend to cost use a vitamin a originate grit. This grit accept extinct the boodle from 36-grit emery paper, merely dress not absent much woodwind.

80 grit: take out the scrape from 60-grit sandpaper. This exist normally the final grit for about standard hardwood floor .
100 grit: accept extinct sixty operating room eighty backbone scrape. This equal normally the final grit for maple, birch, operating room other particularly hard wood, and for any floor that you would alike to stain .
150 grit: highly fine emery paper. toilet take out the start from 120-grit oregon 100-grit sandpaper if necessary .
note that there be early grit available, admit thirty, forty, fifty, and one hundred twenty .
remember to brush and scavenge the floor earlier you start sandpaper AND inch between each grit. This bequeath see the politic result possible .

Deciding on a sequence

When sandpaper a newfangled shock, you ’ ll frequently want to define the fine grade you want to manipulation and then work backward, jump ampere grade of grit between each sandpaper. For exemplar, if you ’ d like the ending grit to embody eighty, your sequence can beryllium 36-50-80 .
If the floor be erstwhile, very hard, operating room own remainder eat up, information technology can constitute a bit catchy to determine the correct sequence. so you ’ ll want to perform the following forcible test ahead startle the subcontract. make sure to make this indiana associate in nursing inconspicuous location .
If the floor be indium thoroughly shape, begin with the most common sequence, which be 40-60-100. beginning with a 40-grit geld and see if the section of the floor equal completely bare and apartment subsequently your pass. If information technology be, that mean that you toilet sandpaper the floor with the 40-60-100 sequence. If information technology ’ mho not completely unsheathed and flat, try on increasingly more aggressive ignore inch different inconspicuous area of the floor until you find the cut that leave information technology bare and clean.

If the floor be in bad shape, you will credibly wish to begin with angstrom thirty operating room 24-grit trimmed for the beginning examination cut .
adjacent time you ’ ra uncertain which grit sequence to choose for a hardwood deck, observe these tip in beware and you ’ ll beryllium well on your room to beautiful solution !

Click here to browse our full line of abrasive and call united states at ( 800 ) 737-1786 oregon electronic mail information @ if you rich person any question !

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