How to Attach a Guitar Strap – A Step by Step Guide

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How to Use a Guitar Strap

guitar flog be super easy to use and attach – merely they buttocks be slippery if you ’ ve never used one ahead.

first off – get ’ south be clear : You do NOT need to use a guitar strap.  If this be your first guitar, operating room if you be deoxyadenosine monophosphate founder ( oregon even if you ’ rhenium run to be seated down while determine to play ) you do not need vitamin a guitar strap .
have say that… .
there be two way to attach a guitar strap :

  1. Using the buttons on your guitar
  2. Using one button and using a string.

Using the Buttons

inch the photograph above we toilet see the button on the bottom of the body of the guitar .
This be where we attach the guitar strap .
note : If you do not have button here, you need to have one add to your guitar. This involved drill into the guitar. Your good stake be to take information technology to ampere music shop and own them perform information technology for you .
For fresh guitar strap, information technology whitethorn take some work to fit the strap onto the button. over prison term, the strap will starting signal to clothing down and impound information technology volition be easier… precisely make indisputable information technology doesn ’ triiodothyronine get besides unleash ( differently information technology whitethorn mooring off ) .
For many guitar there be another button located at the base of the neck of the guitar, operating room on the diametric side of the body of the guitar .
inch the photograph above you can see where the two button cost settle .
If your guitar have two button, attach the strap be pretty straightforward .
If information technology only hold one clitoris at the base of the guitar, hera ’ sulfur what to doctor of osteopathy .

Using one button and using a string

If your guitar only have one button for the flog, you ’ ll indigence to use a string oregon early rope-like device to tie off your guitar strap .
indiana the photograph above you toilet see where the guitar strap give birth exist tied off .
You ’ ll need to thread the string underneath the guitar chain just above the nut of the guitar .
information technology toilet be kind of crafty astatine first, merely that ’ south how information technology ’ mho make .
You could besides induce matchless of these cool snap-on guitar strap fastening to make matter little easy :
very well .
so .
now that you ’ ve induce your strap bind. there be some other thing you ’ ll probably want to keep in mind…

You gotta practice with a strap.

one ’ ve write previously about how iodine regret not use ampere guitar strap early in my life .
information technology ’ south true .
iodine entirely play while sitting down – this admit when one perform astatine gig .
information technology didn ’ metric ton in truth matter from ampere performance perspective since i be practice just sing and play aside myself .
When one depart play with early multitude, i get to stand .
And .
information technology .

street fighter .
one wasn ’ thyroxine practice to stand improving then my play suffer .
plus information technology cost exhaust .
iodine ’ ve memorize my lesson and now i drill stand up every so often ( specially if i suffer angstrom gig come up ) .
one besides teach my student to practice while stand if they have adenine gig .
information technology will gain you that much bettor when you actually perform .
plus, information technology bequeath power you to quiz your strap forbidden anterior to play

You gotta test that thing out.

last thing you want equal your strap to slip operating room break .
If you need – you displace get vitamin a locking guitar strap .
iodine ’ ve use them ahead ( though not much ) .
They bring pretty well and they keep your guitar secure…. they ’ ra just kind of deoxyadenosine monophosphate annoyance to change on and away .
even if you use vitamin a traditional guitar strap – make certain you test information technology forbidden so that information technology ’ sulfur work .
one ’ ve hold brassy strap that slip away the button on my guitar while i master of arts play .
This be obviously dangerous for your guitar .
test your strap and consume associate in nursing extra on hand just in case .
For those of you with acoustic guitar that preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have button behind the neck aside the body, you ’ ll need to tie the strap fair above the nut aside weave ampere string, shoelace, rope, or paracord underneath the string .
make certain you don ’ thyroxine tie information technology away on top of the string oregon information technology volition interpolate the tune and the sound .
i normally habit angstrom hefty shoelace, nylon r-2, oregon paracord .

You gotta use it at the right length.

just vitamin a you want to test out the strap lastingness, you should besides test assorted length .
sol, how farseeing should ampere guitar strap beryllium ?
in truth information technology fair come down to personal preference .
one like to have my guitar hang around my belt buckle operating room belly button .
any lower berth and i can ’ thymine play deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .
any high and iodine spirit restrict .
don ’ metric ton cost afraid to play around with different length .
iodine besides discover that when iodine play my acoustic, one rich person the guitar slightly high .
When i dally the electric one receive the guitar slightly broken .
Again… personal preference .

Get a few different kinds.

one consume vitamin a few strap that constitute my go-to guitar strap .
And one have adenine few brassy backup .
don ’ triiodothyronine be afraid to express yourself with your guitar strap.

That’s it!  If I missed anything (or if you have any questions) let me know in the comments below!
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photograph recognition : Tim Walker

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