GitHub – GoogleCloudPlatform/serverless-game-contest: A system to manage game programming contests and demonstrate serverless architecture.

Serverless Game Contest

This is not an officially supported Google product

This repository contains code that can be used as is or modified to run
a programming contest where participants write game playing apps as
functions as a service. It can also be the basis of an automated programming
assignment receiver and grading system.

The code here demonstrates usage of several Google Cloud Platform products:

  • App Engine Standard for Python 3.7
  • Cloud Functions
  • Pub/Sub
  • Firestore
  • Logging
  • (Optional) Identity-Aware Proxy

There are three parts to this repository:

  • /player Example game playing apps
  • /questioners Functions to run and score the game playing apps
  • /manager An application participants can use to submit game playing apps
    and view scores and overall standings

The examples here are all for the simplest possible game: guessing a number.
The can be a starting point for more complicated single-player games, or
even multi-player games. All code is in Python 3.7, but other languages such
as Node.js or Go could be used.


Sample Python 3.7 code to play the “guess a number” game. The code can be
run as a Cloud Function, or on other function as a service platforms
or any web server that can accept HTTP requests over the Internet.


Two example Python 3.7 programs to run any game player, asking for and
receiving successive moves until the player wins a game, fails to make a
valid move, or exceeds an allowed number of moves. There are two sample
programs for the “guess a number” game, one easier than the other for the
players. Any number of questioners can be run simultaneously, evaluating
the players in a variety of circumstances.

In order to allow multiple simultaneous questioner, these examples are to be
run as Google Cloud Functions, triggered by a Pub/Sub topic.


The /manager/appengine folder contains the App Engine Standard Python 3.7
program that provides pages for contestants to submit the web addresses of
their players for evaluation and scoring. Information about runs and scores
are stored in Datastore, and are used to display current standings. This
program also provides administrative features for initializing new contests.
Access to this application can be restricted to selected, authenticated users
with Identity-Aware Proxy.

Questioners report scores either to this application, or to the standalone
cloud function application in the /manager/function folder if Identity-Aware
Proxy is being used to restrict access to the App Engine program.

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