8 Tips for Determining Garage Sale Pricing

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garage sales are an excellent manner to clear out items and make more room in your home while besides making some money. But if you ’ re more secondhand to browning them than holding them yourself, you might not know precisely where to start. fortunately, with a few tips, you can learn the best ways to maximize your sales without excessively a lot stress. Using this garage sale price guide, you ’ ll learn the eight best tips for making the most out of your home clear out .

1. Follow the 10% Rule

There is an unexpressed rule in the garage sale earth : You never charge more than 10 % of the retail price. So this means if you bought a intersection for $ 20, you shouldn ’ triiodothyronine agitate more than $ 2 for the item at your garage sale. If these items are gamey quality and come from luxury brands, you may get away with moving the prices up to 20 %, but this blanket rule can help you keep prices low enough to get batch of sales .

2. Check Other Garage Sales

flush though your garage sale is alone one to two days long, rival research is however necessary to an extent. It may seem intense, but in this encase, this will just involve window shopping at some early garage and estate sales in town and checking out their stock and prices. Just hear not to bring family any more items that will just end up in future garage sales. If one garage sale is selling shirts for $ 1 each and people are snapping them up in bulk, it ’ s a dear bless you should price your shirts in the same roll. You can experiment with raising the prices to $ 2, but then you run the gamble of losing money when people only buy two shirts alternatively of 10. related articleA home office with desks and houseplantsHow to Find and Hire a Reputable Estate Sale Company Trustworthy estate sale companies help take the guess out of emptying a house of its possessions

3. Price Items in 5-Cent Increments 

Chances are you ’ ll need to give change during your garage sale, and you ’ ll thank yourself late when you only monetary value items in increments of $ 0.05, $ 0.10, and $ 0.25. Making change is importantly easier when you ’ re not dealing with pennies. People much pay in dollars and buy in bulk, so you ’ re probable going to need $ 1 bills a well. Be certain to have some bills and coins ready at the start, but following this tip will help you always have change at the ready .

4. Check for Hidden Gems Online

Have a collector ’ s-edition item such as an exclusive vinyl or figure ? Check the on-line prices first before you throw them on the garage sale mesa. You may find yourself with valuable items that routinely sell for hundreds of dollars rather than a glazed quarter. Granted, you ’ ll indigence to deal with embark and handling, but the higher prices often outweigh the excess expenses. There ’ sulfur a reason there are television receiver shows dedicated to people who found super-rare items just hiding out at garage sales.

5. Prioritize Quantity Over Quality

With garage sales, you ’ ll want to prioritize quantity over quality. Quality items will much sell higher on an on-line market or through individual sell anyhow, sol focus on simply getting a draw of items out the ( garage ) door. so if you have a push-down list of books, price them all at $ 0.50 to $ 1 and watch as people pick up 10 of them at a time. If you give people besides many different prices, they ’ re likely entirely to buy one or two that stand out. Shirts, pants, dishes, and anything else you have in bulk should all follow the lapp price. Keep individual items classify, such as toys, furniture, and appliances .

6. Price Items Higher If It Has the Tag on It

The only exception to the 10 or 20 % principle is if the items still have the tag on them and are unworn. Consider charging 30 to 40 % alternatively. Remember, these are distillery items that don ’ t have a return policy, so you can ’ metric ton tear the token ’ s entire price, but you may be able to get a little more for these. But rather than keeping it in the same pile as the bulk items, keep it in its own space. The constitution is a key component of any successful garage sale. Be sure to accurately label it as never worn, and you can rest easy knowing person is even getting a great hand .

7. Determine Garage Sale Pricing by Category

Each item you sell will fall into one of a few general categories. common categories you ’ ll find at a garage sale include :

Garage Sale Category Price
Clothes $0.25 – $1
Accessories $0.25 – $1
Shoes $1 – $10
Furniture $10 – $50
Decor $0.25 – $5
Sheets and linens $1 – $10
Books $0.50 – $2
CDs and vinyls $0.25 – $2
Video games $5 – $10
Movies $5 – $10
Toys $0.25 – $5
Appliances $10 – $30
Dishes $1 – $5

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Haggle

Garage sale items photograph : Alexey Fedorenko / Adobe Stock At the end of the day, this is your garage sale. You set the price tags, so you can change them as you see burst. If person offers a lower price, counteroffer them as a way to ensure these items are ultimately out of your house. Try not to haggle at the beginning of the sale, as you might have person else come in and pay full price. Wait towards the good afternoon when you ’ re fix to say adieu to these items for beneficial, no matter the price. relate Article

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What Should I Do With Unsold Garage Sale Items?

The best result of a weekend-long garage sale is that your armory is empty and your cash box is full moon. however, there are typically a few items left over after a garage sale, even if it was a achiever. After the garage sale ends, take stock of the furniture, appliances, and family items left and determine what to do adjacent. If your unsold items are in good condition, consider donating them to a local anesthetic charity or contribution pick-up service to give back to the community. But if your unsold items are worse for wear, your best count is to hire a haul service near you to clear away the clutter .

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