Game Programming – Humber College

Humber’s Game Programming advanced diploma program is project-driven and focuses on programming and designing game engines for the purpose of game development, from indie to AAA. You will work on team projects using programming tools to prototype and build games through the lenses of game engine architecture, optimization and the agile methodology.

Topics such as C++ programming, graphics, mathematics, physics, artificial intelligence, Unity/Unreal game engine development and computer networking are all covered by a comprehensive set of courses.

You will work with peers in the Animation-3D Advanced Diploma and the Bachelor of Music degree during game jams, external projects, and/or semester long in-class projects as you build the vital collaboration skills needed by the games industry.

You will graduate with a significant mid-program project and capstone project to demonstrate your coding talents using game engines (such as Unity or Unreal) and also your ability to create your own C++ game engine. With a high degree of game engine expertise, familiarity with 3D modelling, scripting, and technical direction, you will have the tools you need to compete and succeed in the rapidly expanding field of game development.

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