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Specialize in programming, game design, or game art and animation

Want to make the switch from gamer to developer? CG Spectrum’s online game dev courses show you how to turn your ideas into actual playable games. Whether you want to work for an AAA studio or become an indie developer, our job-focused career training equips you with relevant, practical skills that will serve throughout your career in the video game industry.

Benefits of studying game development at CG Spectrum:

  • Unreal Academic Partner & Unreal Authorized Training Center

  • 1-on-1 mentorship from game industry veterans

  • Build your own playable games

  • Job-focused curriculum and networking opportunities


Build a solid understanding of the game production process and progress faster with your career goals at CG Spectrum game development school.

As an Unreal Academic Partner, CG Spectrum is committed to working closely with Epic Games to provide high-quality educational opportunities with an experienced faculty, proven curricula and resources to create positive outcomes for students with a variety of personal growth and career objectives.

Throughout the program you’ll be personally mentored by an industry mentor with years of experience working at some of the best studios. Classes are held online each week, so you can study wherever you are in the world!


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