Game Dev Tycoon: 8 Tips To Become Successful

Game Dev Tycoon is about making games and making a profit. It requires tactics and understanding, and here are some tips to help with that.

Since it originally came out in 2013, Game Dev Tycoon has entertained fans and lovers of tycoon games for hundreds of hours. Rightly so really, it takes everything gamers enjoy and combines it into an easy to play but rather strategic game that players often have to work hard when trying to succeed.

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Ultimately, some tycoon games are easy to succeed in, whereas others require a fair amount of know-how and understanding. So if you’re struggling to be successful, look no further than these top tips.


Balance Is Key

Game Dev Tycoon Balancing employees in the office

As it is with a lot of business and tycoon games, you need to be prioritizing the balance of your company, your employees, and your own character. It’s best to keep a good balance between your Tech and Design employees, preferably having two on full Design, two on full Tech then two that are perfectly balanced.

This will enable you to be the best at the design and tech aspects of the game as well as allowing for the other aspects to stay afloat too. Try to balance out your own character as best as you can too, it makes sense that you have no skill you’re really lacking in.


Always Have Good Combinations

Game Dev Tycoon list of game topics

From the beginning of the game, it becomes pretty clear that combinations are a good thing. However, after playing the game for a considerable amount of time, it becomes easier to forget just how important this aspect actually is.

The best way to figure out if you have a good combination is to look for the ++ under the gaming system itself. It may sound simple, but this will be the difference between going bankrupt or being a millionaire. That being said, the beginning of the game should mainly be just finding and creating new combinations to see what works.


Investments Are A Scam

Game Dev Tycoon Investment look and office game

Where interviews can be the best things you can get, investments are the complete opposite. Every time you get one it’s pretty much guaranteed that it’s a scam that will lose you money that often you can’t afford to lose.

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They may be tempting but you will be more likely to get money and popularity from releasing more games or developing new engines. Sometimes the investments and scams are hidden rather well, so keep an eye out for anything that feels a little suspicious and remember to stay far away from any investments.


Have Some Me Time

Game Dev Tycoon Alone in the garage

When progressing to the chance to hire employees, it quickly gets really easy to forget about your own character. Many players tend to level up and train their employees to an extremely high level, only then to find out their character isn’t even on the same level anymore.

This can severely impact the success of the games as well as the success of your company so it’s really important to put a bit more focus on your own character as well as the employees.


Got A License?

Game Dev Tycoon License for popular game platforms

When you first start playing Game Dev Tycoon it gets pretty easy to just stick to one platform or console. However, as new consoles begin to come out you’ll very quickly find yourself fighting with your finances to begin making games on other platforms.

You must keep this in mind throughout the game and make sure you have enough money to buy the licenses as soon as you can. They’re a one-off purchase and will allow you to develop multiple games while it’s a popular platform.


Take The Time To Remove The Bugs

Game Dev Tycoon Bugs in a game

It makes sense really that you need to be trying to fix bugs before publishing the game. However, it’s a commonly missed tip that can severely affect the success of the game.

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When you’re trying to release as many games as you can to try to get a little more profit before going bankrupt, it becomes second nature to just release a game as soon as you can. However, taking that time to remove all the bugs will enable you to increase the quality of the game and the Design and Technology by a few points too.


Analyze And Assess

Game Dev Tycoon Game Report

A similar habit many players pick up is the relentless production of games. They tend to complete one game and then instantly start another, thinking that speed means money. However, it’s definitely quality not quantity with Game Dev Tycoon.

The best tip is to hold off on making a new game after just finishing another. Pick up some contracts or just wait and do some research while reviews and game reports come in. Take note of the analysis this will give you and use that to make a better game next time. It will make your life so much easier.


Keep Note Of What Works

Game Dev Tycoon What Works

Remembering all the combinations and techniques can be tough. Nevertheless, here are the best tips for each platform you’ll come across at the beginning of the game.

  • PC: Best for Adventure, Simulation, and Strategy. You can use Action and RPG but don’t expect loads of popularity. Mainly for mature audiences.
  • G64: Prioritize Adventure and Strategy. Action, RPG, and Simulation don’t do too well. Avoid Casual at all costs. Aim for mature audiences.
  • TES: Causal is the best here. You can do Action, RPG, or Simulation but it’s not the best. Stay away from Adventure and Strategy. Focus on young audiences.
  • Master V: Casual is great. Action, RPG, and Simulation are just okay. Avoid Adventure and Strategy. These games are for anyone.
  • Gameling: Prioritize Casual. You can use RPG and Simulation but it won’t be great. Action will be even worse and Adventure is even worse than that. Don’t touch Strategy. Cater for young audiences.

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