Game Design & Development – BS

Why earn your bachelor’s in game design & development at Sacred Heart? 

The Princeton Review: Top Game Design Programs 2018

As a game design & development major, you’ll gain a foundation in programming languages, 3D object creation, story creation, virtual reality and computer ethics. You will explore the game creation process, from game design document through beta testing to published games.

When you choose to become a game design & development major at SHU, you’ll join a top game design program of 2018, according to The Princeton Review. Our devoted faculty provide the one-on-one attention and hands-on training you need to succeed as a professional game designer and developer.

What will I learn as a game design & development major?

Sacred Heart game design students combine programming and creative skills. While you will learn how to create a video game from start to finish, you will also have the opportunity to specialize in the particular game development area that most interests you. You will learn both the Unity and Unreal platforms, C# programming and Blender for creating 3D objects. In addition to the computer science courses, you will also have the opportunity to take classes in music for games, art for games and game story writing, as well as a specialized course in Physics for Game Design. The University completely subsidizes training for the Unity Certification Exam.

Learning outcomes

  • Work on a published game
  • Be prepared for Unity Certification
  • Develop a game from concept through publication
  • Participate in hands-on lab experience


In the game design & development program, you will also:

  • Learn to analyze problems, then identify and design solutions
  • Develop the communication skills to convey complex technical information to a range of audiences
  • Take courses in gaming, 3D object creation, algorithms, operating systems and game programming
  • Study the fundamentals of game play theory, computer graphics and animation
  • Learn to use Unity3D, Blender, Maya, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
  • Gain experience working with teams to establish goals, plan tasks, meet deadlines, manage risk and produce deliverables
  • Learn to thrive as part of a multidisciplinary team
  • Work in the motion capture laboratory and learn to animate 3D characters

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