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At CG Spectrum it is VERY occasionally possible to skip the initial Introduction to Game Design Course and start studying in the 9-month full Game Design Course. We HIGHLY recommend that most students do NOT skip the Introduction Term as it covers a tremendous amount of information and skills which will be used throughout the entire program and will require some catching up if skipped.

This introductory course is still incredibly difficult and covers a LOT of material. It includes over 25 hours of lecture videos and over a dozen assignments students need to complete. ALL of the future course material will build upon this foundation.

The course will cover some basic concepts, teach the basics of using the Unreal Engine, teach the fundamentals of system and level design, and teach you how to deconstruct games properly and design using a systemic approach. 

If you have not released an indie game or worked professionally to design PC/Console AAA games, we highly recommend you do NOT skip the Intro term. Even if you have designed mobile games, VR or other genres or platforms of games we do not recommend skipping it as the nuances are different in each.

IF you want to be considered for skipping the introduction term, you must submit a portfolio to be reviewed and considered. The portfolio must include:

  • Example Pitch Deck, Game Pitch, and a Game Design Document (GDD) for a major action, adventure, role-playing, shooter or other mainstream AAA PC/console game.
  • Whitebox level prototype in Unreal Engine or Unity.
  • Example PLAYABLE level or game built in Unreal Engine or Unity. Must also be action, adventure, role-playing, shooter or other mainstream AAA PC/console game.

This will ensure that you are familiar with the right material, concepts and tools to both design new game concepts and build them in a game engine.

If you are unsure if your skills are sufficient, send us your portfolio and we’ll arrange a review by the department head and a possible student interview, depending on circumstances.


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