Game Design and Development specialization

People crowding around displays at tables during Capstone event. A man speaks with a man and woman standing behind a table displaying a board game and a display on a computer screen.

Game Design and Development specialization

Transforming ideas into immersive environments

You can be among those who turn dreams into reality, by earning a specialty in Game Design and Development at the IU School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI as part of your bachelor’s degree in Media Arts and Science.

Game developers have the power to entertain and educate, creating products that transport users to the outer fringes of space … or become tools for better medical diagnosis.

Lots of people have ideas for games. But at IUPUI you’ll learn the skills to take your idea from theory to finished product as you work with other students in business-based groups.

Together you’ll brainstorm, research, program, illustrate, and pitch your concept, whether it’s a board game, mobile game, or video game design.



Sound like a lot of work? It is! But it’s fun and rewarding — and if you love games, this is the work you can be doing.

Careers in game development and design include:

  • Augmented reality designer
  • Augmented reality developer
  • Game designer
  • Game developer
  • Game producer
  • Game production artist​
  • Technical designer
  • Unity developer
  • Unreal developer
  • Virtual reality designer
  • Virtual reality developer

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