Game Art Outsourcing Studio – Concept Art, 2D & 3D Assets


I approached RocketBrush Studio while looking for some high-quality motion comics. They were one of many teams pitching on this project, which had incredibly challenging time-constraints. Their response time was very fast and always within 24 hours. Not only did the team quickly put a concept together that we liked, but they also created an entire plan around the schedule with detailed options for how the project could be managed. Pricing was very reasonable as well. They were very clear about what resources they needed and what was not realistic. This stands in big contrast to many of the other freelancers we had worked with. It is not uncommon to have a team say “yes” to everything, ending up overpromising and underdelivering. If you are looking for a skilled team with really good, direct communication, I recommend reaching out to RocketBrush Studio!

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