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Computer games are trendy in modern society; many people all over the world like playing games, and their number increases every day. Game development, including game art, usually takes several years. So, it is natural that the process of game development is very painstaking. In general, this process can be divided into three major stages:

  1. Game engine development. This part of the process is usually made by programming staff working on the software code, which will be the basis of the future game.
  2. Game art design. It is a process of game concept development. At this stage of game development, the concept of the future game is created. The concept should be stated in the special document, called the design document, in which all the rules, descriptions of levels, characters of the future game should be defined for further game art. Game art is the work of visual artists and animators who will visualize settings, levels, locations, characters, icons, and other things, which gamers will then see on their screens with the painting of 2D and 3D animation. It is usually the longest stage because there is too much work to do.
  3. Testing. It is the final part of the game development process. The group of definite people plays the game to find different program bugs and to evaluate game art itself before publication. Thus, the commercial success of this project may be defined by marketing experts.


So, as you can see, game development is not the easiest thing in the world, and that is why it usually takes a lot of time. Nevertheless, game developers shouldn’t forget about millions of gamers worldwide waiting for new exciting games, so it is necessary to think about different ways of creating the new game faster.


Why Is It Better to Use Game Art Outsourcing?


Outsource is one of the good ways to make the development process faster. In this case, the game development company may hire internal specialists to do the particular part of the development process, for example, video game art.


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Here are some reasons why it is better to use game art outsourcing:

  • Speed. Of course, outsourcing makes the work process faster because the game development company’s staff will make the game with external specialists’ help. This point is necessary because of fans who are looking forward to the publication of a new game.
  • Money. Sometimes it’s good to use outsourcing because external specialists’ services will cost less than the in-house full-time staff of designers, animators, visual artists, and other experts. This can be essential for a small game development company consisting of programmers only or if the game development company’s budget is strictly limited.
  • Many variants. Different artists and designers have different points of view. That’s why different people usually have different representations about different work aspects, for instance, regarding how the same character should look like. Hence, the client company may have many variants of visualization and choose the most appropriate one.
  • Experience. People in the company’s staff are always working with similar projects and have definite views on the company’s products, but it’s much better to have experience in various fields. So, it’s clear that external specialists had been working with various companies, are more experienced, and their experience is more diverse and helpful.
  • Originality. The internal staff of the company has already developed a definite style of different games. The reason to outsource specialists is that they can bring some originality, which will always satisfy many gamers.


These reasons are highly significant for game developers who want to make a new commercially viable product to cheer all the company fans after long waiting for a new game release. Hence, if one or even more of these reasons relate to your game project, you should look for a game art outsourcing company.

Wow-How – Game Art Outsourcing Studio

Wow-How Studio is a video game art outsourcing company consisting of professional graphic designers, visual artists, 2D and 3D animators, and other specialists whose working experience exceeds ten years. We have already worked with plenty of consumers all around the world and have experience in different game development projects. Wow-How provides diverse game art outsourcing services; the range of our services includes video game art, painting, 2D and 3D modeling, animation, and so forth. We have already developed our own well-functioning algorithm of work with game developers. Usually, we create a special team of our experts who are working only on one single project, and this is the quality assurance of our design.

We may create the design for a full game or just produce a certain part of work, for example, characters, locations, or levels at the customer’s request. Hence, we can easily help game developers to visualize their games and make them bright, unusual, and exciting. We will help you in releasing your new game faster because while we are working on the design, your staff specialists will have time to work on the code and other important points to do. The popularity of your software company will also grow if you release new games without any delays. So, never put off something that can be done today till tomorrow. With us, your games will become very colorful and will bring your company many new fans!

Are you planning a fantastic game? We can help with all the animation parts! Just tell us more details!

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