Game Art BFA Degree – Ringling College of Art + Design


INDEX is Ringling College’s promise to provide every student the opportunity to have hands-on industry experience before graduation by offering real-world projects with real-world clients. This pillar of the Ringling College experience, alongside Academic and Student Life programs, is an experiential education initiative that allows students to learn how to turn passion into profession.

INDEX represents one of Ringling College’s core purposes of focusing on our students’ futures in the creative industries and empowering them to thrive as creative leaders. By connecting students with leading brands and clients to develop creative solutions for business challenges, INDEX mirrors the most successful studios and organizations by bringing together multiple creative disciplines to blend artistry with emerging techniques, and to seamlessly integrate design, storytelling, and technology to produce work that is driven by strategy and supported by style.

INDEX opportunities are abundant and available through experiential learning in the classroom, the Design Center, Studio Labs, ART Network, the Makerspace, as client competitions and immersive experiences, volunteerism, internships, and elective courses.

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