Game & Application Development – University of Saint Francis – Fort Wayne

Develop apps. Create worlds. Build a career.

Why Become a Software Programmer or Game & App Developer?

U.S. News and World Report named software developer as the #1 job in America for 2020. If you consider all of the apps you use on a daily basis, it’s clear why software and web developers are needed in nearly every industry, from consumer brands and banking to healthcare and hospitality.

Why Learn Game Development at USF?

The University of Saint Francis is known for offering practical degree programs that align with current market demands. Today, software development — and, more specifically, games and mobile apps — is an area exploding with opportunity.

USF’s Game and Application Development degree combines our strengths in computer science and technology with our rich, liberal arts tradition. The result is a high-quality, highly relevant program focused on creative interactive software.

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