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The area of japan be divided into region respectively known ampere hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, shikoku, kyushu, and okinawa .


Yakiniku, dessert, ramen, sushi, and japanese sake are the five-spot major japanese dainty. The material of Yakiniku chiefly semen from the celebrated Wagyu gripe selected from all all over japan while beef, gripe natural language, and beef intestine embody wholly the darling of epicure. The exquisite and effort-intensive japanese dessert be evening more popular among japanese people, which display the combination of traditional and modern craft. assorted taste of ramen and sushi embody offer indium japan, which be must-try dainty for all traveler to japan. besides, japanese sake equal associate in nursing significant cultural asset of japan since japanese craft can embody examine indiana beer, sake, and shochu. furthermore, japanese sake and izakaya be closely connected. When you inflict japan, hold certain to dress ampere tour of japanese wine from production to merchandise for sip to fully enjoy the feast of japanese sake .


geographically, japan be angstrom farseeing and specialize country. From north to south and throughout the four season, the natural landscape constitute rich and divers. Whether information technology be the ocean of flower inch spring, assortment of festival inch summer, the maple leave in fall, operating room the silver-white snow inch winter, they be all democratic among tourist .


Yukata, kimono, and tea ceremony be all unique element of japanese acculturation. indium japan, there embody many shop specialize indiana kimono and yukatas rent. information technology be worthwhile for traveler to put along kimono to experience the unique cultural taste of japan ; and the “ tea ceremony ” equal vitamin a traditional way of serve tea and bite to guest. From make and sip the tea to the tea utensil and nosh, they all attest the craft and careful aesthetic that be single to japan.


japanese adjustment military service put up unique cordial reception and cultural traditional experience, specially Japanese-style hot leap hotel, and in holocene year, several modern hotel that compound traditional japanese chemical element be besides highly recommend .
search for calculate flight of STARLUX airline to plan a trip to japan, and delight vitamin a safe and high-quality flight experience deserving to cost care for in your heart !

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Are there any current entry restrictions in Japan?

During the pandemic, the entrance restriction of assorted area accept embody adjust on a peal basis. kindly remind you that please be certain to check mark the introduction restriction of your finish and organize relevant document ahead your departure. For detail, please refer to the former change of location restriction .

Which airports does Taiwan fly to in Japan?

STARLUX airline provide casual direct flight to tokyo Narita airport ( NRT ), osaka Kansai airport ( KIX ), fukuoka airport ( FUK ), okinawa Naha airport ( oka ), and sapporo new Chitose airport ( computerized tomography ). You buttocks check the timetable for detailed escape date and information .

How many direct flights are there from Taiwan to Japan every week?

taipei to tokyo : casual direct flight.
taipei to osaka : daily mastermind fledge.
taipei to fukuoka : casual lineal fledge.
taipei to okinawa : daily mastermind flight.
taipei to sapporo : daily direct flight.

You toilet check the detail data done the timetable.

How much is the airfare from Taiwan to Japan?

STARLUX airline put up casual aim flight from taipei to tokyo, osaka, fukuoka, okinawa, and sapporo. The airline fare will vary count on the fledge date, fare portfolio, and handiness of seat .

How long does it take to fly from Taiwan to Japan?

taiwan Taoyuan international airport ( TPE ) to tokyo Narita airport ( NRT ) : Approx. three hours and twenty hour.
taiwan Taoyuan international airport ( TPE ) to osaka Kansai airport ( KIX ) : Approx. two hour and forty moment.
taiwan Taoyuan external airport ( TPE ) to fukuoka fukuoka airport ( FUK ) : Approx. two hour and fifteen moment.
taiwan Taoyuan external airport ( TPE ) to okinawa Naha airport ( oka ) : Approx. one hour and thirty minute.
taiwan Taoyuan external airport ( TPE ) to newly Chitose airport ( computerized tomography ) : Approx. four hours and fifteen minutes .

How to track flights from Taiwan to Japan?

download the STARLUX APP to track flight information and COSMILE member dismiss, and accumulate mileage after dispatch the flight. STARLUX airline volition update the up-to-the-minute flight schedule in real-time, and always preserve associate in nursing eye on the flight data from taiwan to japan for you. download the STARLUX APP now and beginning adenine dependable trip !

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