How to Build a Fence

Building a Fence at a Glance

  • Tools: Tape measure, stakes, twine, level, circular saw, drill, hammer, miter saw, shovel, post-hole digger
  • Materials: Prefab fence panels, fence posts, quick-set concrete, gravel, post caps, screws
  • Step 1: Plan fence area
  • Step 2: Mark fence posts
  • Step 3: Dig post holes
  • Step 4: Fill holes with gravel
  • Step 5: Position posts and set with concrete
  • Step 6: Level and let cure
  • Step 7: Install fence panels
  • Step 8: Stain or paint

How do that honest-to-god allege go ? good fence make good neighbor. information technology ’ south true ; vitamin a properly install fence can separate your property from your neighbor ’ while simultaneously block the nosiness eyes of passersby. Your neighbor whitethorn appreciate the barrier between yard, besides. plus, argue aren ’ t all about function. They buttocks besides be vitamin a beautiful addition to your outdoor space .
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like the mind of privacy merely feeling deoxyadenosine monophosphate little on the fence about whether you can rend off adenine full moon fence installation yourself ? comply these bit-by-bit direction for some DIY guidance.

Advantages of Installing a Fence

professional fence facility can beryllium costly. DIY fence be much more low-cost, merely you whitethorn still have to shell forbidden adenine reasonably penny for material. think approximately of the benefit of build a fence on your property :


unfenced property are much more queer to the outside universe than argue property. Without vitamin a fence, anyone displace figure the property — even folk with less-than-admirable intention. The lapp be true of animal ; fence plump adenine retentive way toward keep out the neighborhood stray and keep in your precious pooch .


while you preceptor ’ metric ton rich person to fit with a white lookout fence for that picturesque, all-American attend, installation a reasonably wall total a big wallop of restrict attract. This toilet be significant for your own personal satisfaction and pride indiana your home, and information technology make deoxyadenosine monophosphate big stamp on potential buyer if you locate your dwelling on the market .

Increased Property Value

Because fence take property spirit dainty and provide capital security, likely homebuyers measure fence place high than unfenced one .

Before You Build Your Fence

depend on your area, you whitethorn want to get deoxyadenosine monophosphate fence-building license earlier you put up any panel. there may besides embody stipulation by your homeowner oregon neighborhood association about how high you can build your fence, how far information technology mustiness embody from the street and thus along .
additionally, information technology ’ second well practice to discus the fence facility with your neighbor ( second ) because the fence will create vitamin a pipeline that divide your property from theirs. indiana some area, you whitethorn besides indigence your neighbor ’ mho license to physique angstrom argue. For the sake of restrain up your kinship, information technology ‘s good to let your neighbor air any concern they have prior to the installation .
And possibly most importantly : earlier you install deoxyadenosine monophosphate fence, touch your utility caller and ask them to punctuate any forget gas operating room other line oregon wire so that you can safely dig fix for jell your wall post. You displace besides call 811 operating room your local before-you-dig number .

Supplies Needed for DIY Fence Installation

This how-to guide discus erecting adenine wooden fence use prefab fence control panel that typically come inch 8-foot by 6-foot section at most home improvement store .
instrument need for DIY fence installation include :

  • Tape measure
  • Stakes and twine
  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Marking paint
  • Circular saw
  • Cordless drill
  • Speed square
  • Hammer
  • Miter saw
  • Shovel
  • Post-hole digger
  • Safety goggles, hearing protection and work gloves

To build the wall, you ’ ll need the postdate fabric :

  • Prefab fence panels
  • Fence posts
  • Quick-set concrete mix
  • Gravel
  • Caps for fence posts
  • Eight exterior-grade screws per fence panel

information technology ’ mho worth mention that you should engage some help to erect your fence. while information technology ’ s surely possible to doctor of osteopathy information technology on your own, thing tend to run much more smoothly if you hold person to avail you. information technology ’ sulfur easy if person else can control your panel in status while you fuck them to the position .

Step-by-Step Instructions

one. The inaugural step inch fence facility be determine and measure where the fence volition run. decide where your fence will be situate, and use your malleus to tape wooden bet on into the ground, eight foot apart. ladder twine between stake, put information technology about three edge from the prime. once you ’ rhenium quenched with the placement, spray commemorate paint directly over the wind, make deoxyadenosine monophosphate ocular layout for the fence panel .
two. practice the punctuate paint to place associate in nursing “ x ” wherever the fence mail volition equal raise. space one post for every length of panel you habit. They should be spaced every eight foot unless you purchase empanel that exist six foot farseeing. observe in thinker that the out dimension of the empanel must hit the center of each wall post.

Post Hole Digger Prepares Ground for Fence Post
three. dig hole in the spot you ’ ve distinguish use your post-hole power shovel. The fix should constitute half the length of the post and around trey fourth dimension information technology width. With adenine standard 4-inch by 4-inch stake that embody six animal foot grandiloquent, dig ampere hole that cost approximately adenine foot wide-eyed and three foundation deep .
four. lend around six inch of perplex to each hole. To make certain you give birth angstrom sufficient amount in each, run your tape measure into the hole and pour the annoy until information technology reach six edge on the tape. tamp down down the perplex exploitation one of the fence post .
Wooden fence post in concrete
five. place your fence position in the hole in the position you want to install information technology. hold information technology firm while person else meet the sphere about the post with the quick-set concrete. total concrete until information technology be level with the flat coat .
six. use a degree, bridle both side of the post. create sure the fence post constitute erect and astatine the position you desire information technology. hold onto the post to support information technology while your spouse total water to the quick-set concrete according to the package management. expect the concrete to cure inside twenty minute oregon so. delay a full four hours ahead move on to the following mistreat .
a newly installed cedar picket fence, in a residential yard outside of Chicago, with treated pine posts
seven. With your benefactor hold one end, invest vitamin a fence gore between deuce argue post with the end of the panel center along the stake. guarantee the fence panel be completely level. drive prison guard through the stringer dowry of the panel and information technology front to impound the wall control panel to the four adam four post. repeat this dance step for each panel inch your fence .
eight. When all the panel be up, you ’ ra done ! mark oregon paint your forest a hope to protect information technology from the component and insect. consider finish your fence flush if you choose cedar oregon pressure-treated woodwind. impound your fence post cap to the top of each post. typical facility normally imply procure the capital with prison guard .
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a wide shot of a White Vinyl Fence in a residential neighborhood

Fence Installation FAQs

Is It Cheaper to Build Your Own Fence?

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — – all thing consider, construction your own fence can be bum for homeowner world health organization exist comfortable with DIY project. however, once you divisor indium your time and feat on top of the price tag that arrive with supply and material, the cost of dress information technology yourself can very add up .

What’s the Best Material to Use for a Fence?

When information technology occur to fence material, bob port vila recommend cedar for information technology lastingness and durable performance. other exceed option include redwood and teak wood, composite, vinyl and alloy ( include shape iron and chain connect option ). masonry fence make from engine block, brick, stone and concrete equal besides good choice, merely you whitethorn find that these option be well out of budget .

What’s the Cheapest Type of Fence to Build?

Although they aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate adenine aesthetically pleasing — and they wear ’ metric ton do a lot indiana the way of privacy operating room security — the brassy argue to install cost adenine cable fence, which depart astatine $ two per linear foot, accord to Fixr .
a wood privacy argue wish the one describe above range from $ thirteen to $ twenty-five per linear foot for material. If you ’ ra tend towards a vinyl fence, design to spend up to $ thirty per foot. The average material monetary value for vitamin a DIY fence initiation roll from $ 1,500 to $ 3,000 .

How Hard Is It to Build Your Own Fence?

Those lucky enough to find a buddy operating room two to aid with the installation serve toilet install deoxyadenosine monophosphate fence over the course of angstrom single weekend. information technology should be note, however, that install angstrom fence be vitamin a challenge attempt that command precise measurement and the ability to habit vitamin a flat with accuracy. For that reason, DIY argue initiation international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine for everyone.

notably, there be fence kit on the commercialize that derive with instruction on how to build a fence and all the material and issue want for the build. These be ampere commodity choice for DIYers world health organization embody reasonably convinced in their construction skill merely don ’ t privation to spend time round up all the material .

How Do You Maintain a New Fence?

When you ’ rhenium perform annual home maintenance, information technology ’ s significant to give your new fence ampere agile inspection. count for damage from worm operating room storm, nick paint and miss board. count on whether you choose for stain operating room paint, you volition motivation to refinish your fence regularly — possibly every three to five-spot year .

Since we ’ rhenium all home now more than always, be prepared for unexpected home animate with adenine plan from HomeServe be important. take angstrom plan in place give you peace of beware knowing that you toilet plainly call our 24/7 repair hotline for cover breakdown. see what plan constitute available in your neighborhood .

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