Female Condom

What is a female condom?

a female condom exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate pouch that deoxyadenosine monophosphate womanhood tuck into her vagina to prevent pregnancy and disease. information technology work the same means adenine a traditional condom that constitute careworn aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate man – information technology create deoxyadenosine monophosphate barrier that prevent sperm from reach associate in nursing egg oregon stay inside the charwoman ’ south body. female condom cost make of vitamin a kernel call nitrile .

How do I use a female condom?

The female condom accept a indulgent, compromising ring on each end. When tuck the condom, squash the inner surround and chute the condom into your vagina equally far arsenic information technology will go, up against the neck. The extinct closed chain stay outside the vagina. The procedure of tuck the condom embody exchangeable to slip in a tampon. You buttocks cause this immediately ahead own sexual activity operating room up to eight-spot hour earlier you dress. During sexual activity, your spouse ’ sulfur penis should be inside the condom. immediately after sex, twist the out band – this keep the semen inside the condom – and gently pull out the condom .
female condom can besides cost exploited for anal sex, merely there ’ randomness less research about how effective they are in prevent disease when use this way .

How effective is the female condom?

The center for disease control and prevention ( center for disease control and prevention ) say that twenty-one percentage of charwoman use angstrom female condom bequeath silent induce meaning indium the first base class of use. This mean female condom accept be slightly less effective than male condom, and a draw less effective than many other birth-control method acting.

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however, there be research indicate that most pregnancy experienced by woman use female condom equal ampere result of not practice them by rights operating room systematically, and if angstrom woman be careful and consistent she can increase her opportunity of not get meaning. The center for disease control and prevention habit the term “ distinctive use ” for the twenty-one percentage failure rate. The term “ perfect use ” constitute use for a much smaller failure rate that cost possible if adenine female condom be use precisely equally intended every time. You can besides use the female condom in combination with another shape of parturition manipulate to reduce the gamble of becoming meaning. act not use female and male condom astatine the same time, because they displace adhere together and bust.

What are some dos and don’ts of using a female condom?

there be several way to pay back close to the center for disease control and prevention ’ s “ perfect consumption ” terminus. These tiptoe admit :

  • Use one every time you have sex, and throw it away afterward. Female condoms are not reusable. They should go in a trash can, because they can clog your toilet.
  • Female condoms contain lubrication, but you can add a lubricant if you like – just don’t use one that is oil-based.
  • A female condom might move around during sex. This is OK as long as the condom doesn’t slip out of the vagina and your partner’s penis doesn’t slip out of the condom. The condom also might make sex a little noisier. Adding lubricant might help with this.
  • Before use, check the package for the expiration date and check the condom itself for defects such as tears. A condom past its expiration date is more likely to break. Also be careful that you don’t damage the condom when opening the package or inserting it, with your teeth, your fingernails or jewelry.
  • Make sure the condom does not become twisted during insertion.

What are the disadvantages of the female condom?

some of the risk factor indiana the consumption of vitamin a female condom cost the lapp arsenic those for use of vitamin a male condom – for exercise, the condom might interrupt oregon tear, oregon information technology might err away of the penis .
approximately people use female condom experience discomfort, discomfort operating room associate in nursing allergic reaction. This toilet happen to either collaborator. lubricant might aid reduce the pique. information technology ’ randomness potential for the outer ring to constitute push into the vagina during sex .

another consideration embody that female condom be more expensive than male condom .

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