Elite Dangerous: Guide To Mining

mine is the number-one way to make money in Elite Dangerous. There is no early natural process that comes near to the potential profits of a long mine session, so buckle up, get your mining lasers fix, and start blasting those asteroids .
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If only it was that simple. Mining, like reasonably much everything else in Elite Dangerous, is a act complicated for the uninformed. Elite Dangerous entirely does an o speculate at telling you how to do anything, so we ‘ve prepared this easy mining template to help you get started on your intergalactic mine conglomerate .
Updated on May 22nd, 2021 by Harry Alston : Elite Dangerous : Odyssey is good around the corner, and to help out newfangled players jumping into the global of Elite Dangerous for the inaugural clock time, we ‘re updating our mine guidebook to cover some more of the essentials.

Elite Dangerous is a complex game, specially when it comes to collecting resources, selling them on, and running profitable mine expeditions that cover the overheads of operating expensive ships and mining gear. This updated guide will cover everything you need to know about mining, collecting valuable ores, and how to turn a profit .

Which Ship Do You Need To Go Mining?

elite dangerous cutter ship To go mining in Elite Dangerous, there are a few things you need to have on your ship : at least one Class 2 hardpoint ( these are the points you attach things to on your embark ) for the mining tools, and enough slots for other crucial mining features, like the Refinery, Limpet Controller, a detailed Surface Scanner, and a Cargo Rack. If that ‘s all a act much to take in at once, honest enough. here are the ship names that we recommend for the three stages of mine : early, middle and late-game .
In the very early on game, the Adder is the mine ship of choice. At a price of good under 90 thousand credits, it ‘s not excessively unmanageable to acquire and is one of the first ships that comes with a Class 2 Hardpoint. This lets you attach more twist mining gear that in turn allows you to collect more valuable ore .
Brand new miners will probably want to check out the Cobra Mark 3. This shop class costs less than 400 thousand credits and has the want hardpoints, storehouse space, and maneuverability to work well as a newcomer asteroid miner .
As you earn more money, you can think about upgrading into a medium-sized ship, something like the Python. It has pretty good repositing space and is large enough to carry everything you need for a successful mine dispatch. The Python besides handles smoothly and can take a few shots from pirates .
once you ‘ve established yourself as a master miner and got the rewards to show it, you will be able to reach the apex of Elite Dangerous mining : the Imperial Cutter. The ship is fast, has lots of storage, and is durable enough to survive pirate attacks .
Check out the wax summation of the best mine ships in Elite Dangerous for more information .

Getting Set Up For A Mining Trip

elite dangerous cockpit view Your choice of transport is only the first gear separate of a mine expedition. First, choose a management to head in, any way will do because Elite Dangerous is all about adventure. now you need to kit it out with 5 crucial installations:

  • Cargo Rack: where else are you gonna put all that space loot?
  • Refinery: you need to process the ore otherwise it’s worthless
  • Mining laser: this one is self-explanatory, we hope
  • Collector limpet: this basically sucks up all the ore and makes it easier to fill your ship’s pockets
  • Detailed Surface Scanner: this will help you to identify minerals hotspots

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This is good for the basic asteroid mine, but Elite Dangerous gets a lot more complicated than that. For Deep Core Mining you need a Seismic Charge Launche radius, for Surface Mining you should always attach an Abrasion Blaster, and you should probably carry as many prospecting limpets as you can, careless. We did say it was complicated .

Cargo Space

Any mine ship in Elite Dangerous will need enough cargo space to carry the ore you mine up. You should use some of the largest slots in your ship for cargo while saving some board for limpets and a fuel outdo. It is possible to overlook limpets for extra cargo space, although you could be sat in an asteroid swath for hours while you wait for all the ore to be collected .

Mining Lasers

These are the utility tools that actually make mining possible. They come in unlike shapes and sizes, but by and large for most mining missions you want at least two to three medium lasers equipped on your ship. This will largely depend on how a lot space you have on your transport, and whether you ‘ve opted for a large and gawky vessel or something smaller and more agile .


The Refinery is essential on any mining ship. This will store ore in chunks and convert it into cargo. A single Refinery bin can only convert one type of ore at once, so you will credibly one at least two or three different bins to make the most out of the ores you ‘re mining up. If you ‘re fair after two types of ore ( like Painite and Platinum ) then two bins should do the subcontract.

Prospector and Collector Limpets

These two are identical important to take with you on a mining excursion. The Prospector Limpets are fired out in a uncoiled line and when they hit an asteroid they ‘ll tell you what ‘s inside. Collector Limpets are besides fired out of your transport, and they ‘ll hover around the sphere and collect any chunks of ore that are floating around. Collector Limpets are a bit fiddly, and you can choose to use a Collector Scoop if you have a transport that is more maneuverable .

So How Do You Actually Mine?

elite dangerous asteroid explosion For the purposes of this guide, let ‘s say you ‘re merely getting started. You likely have a basic ship with a basic Mining Laser, and possibly one or two of the other attachments as well. The mining procedure works like this :

  • Probing: scanning nearby rocks in an asteroid field for minerals
  • Fragmenting: blasting apart the rock with your mining laser
  • Collecting: sucking all the ore into your ship
  • Refining: refining the collected ore on your ship
  • Selling: fairly obvious, selling the refined ore for a profit.

And repeat. Over and over again .
During the probing session, your detail Surface Scanner will highlight ring systems to find areas where there are lots of minerals. The Pulse Wave Analyser will highlight asteroids with minerals inside, and besides where the minerals are, which you can then blast apart with a Seismic Charge Launcher .
Fragmentation is done by firing your mine laser, which is bound to your controls like a ship ‘s weaponry. You want to be close, but not excessively conclusion, and fire away at asteroids with minerals at heart. This might take some time, as different rocks have different lastingness, and some mine lasers are weaker than others .
Collecting involves scooping up the ore like blame and mix or using the collector limpets that we mentioned earlier. Fly in a slowly r-2 around the debris field of the explode rock and arouse out your limpets ( if you have them ) or try to path your embark ‘s cargo soap over the floating ore .
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now it ‘s time to refine and sell your ore. Minerals are mechanically deposited into your ship ‘s refiner and you can refine them onboard. After that, head to a system where you want to sell your ores. Remember, there is a living, thriving market in Elite Dangerous that is impacted by player sales : try and find a system where your ore is selling for a good price. This might take a spot of investigation but is worth it for all your hard exercise .

Know Which Minerals Are Which

elite dangerous asteroid belt A ball of Indite is not worth deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as a batch of Void Opals, and a handful of Low-Temperature Diamonds are worth a fortune more than Gallite. These are the sorts of details that you will learn over prison term. Elite Dangerous is a simulator in every smell of the word .
You do n’t precisely mine and sell whatever you find to your nearest space station. A good miner will monitor the market, see what ‘s selling for the most, and then structure their adjacent mine dispatch around that mineral. There is a metric ton of different ores in the game, such as Painite, Platinum, Palladium, Osmium, and on and on. Different areas in the galax ( like Pristine Metallic Rings ) can contain multiple varieties of ores .
Elite Dangerous besides receives diverse proportion patches, and some ores have been nerfed recently to bring their net income margins more in line with other variations. At the time of writing, one of the most successful mining expeditions you can undertake is Platinum mine. Kit your ship out with Laser Mining gear and find a Platinum hot spot .
good resources for modern Elite Dangerous players include some of the fan-run websites, such as edtools.cc and eddb.io .

You’re Not The Only One Who Wants Shiny Space Rocks

elite dangerous pirates mining mining expeditions are not necessarily going to be peaceful. Pirates linger in the shadows of asteroid belts and scan unsuspecting miner ships. If the scan shows the miner transport has anything on it other than the base limpets, then they will attack. You can either run or fight. Either is all right.

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If you have one of the larger ships, such as the Imperial Cutter, you credibly have some weapons on board. If not, you can try to escape the pirates, later sending out a crime report if you manage to reach a Resource Extraction Site, which is often patrolled by some form of security .
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