Digital Gaming and Interactive Media | Lake Washington Institute of Technology

LWTech is the only public college in the Northwest to offer an associate degree and
applied bachelor’s degree in Digital Gaming and Interactive Media. These hands-on,
production-oriented programs are taught by experienced industry professionals who
prepare students for careers in video game development, interactive media, marketing,
advertising, education, industrial simulation, and virtual reality.

Digital Gaming and Interactive Media program courses cover a broad range of skills
including traditional art, 3D modeling, programming, level design, technical art,
animation, user interface, game mechanics, and project management. The program prepares
students to work in professional studios and supports students who build their own
independent (indie) games.

The Digital Gaming and Interactive Media program is closely linked with the Design and Computing and Software Development programs, giving students a well-rounded education in art, design, and coding, as
well as game and interactive media production.

Program Highlights

  • Projects stress problem-solving, creativity, technical skills, teamwork, interdisciplinary
    collaboration and industry-standard best practices
  • Past graduates found employment at companies such as Bungie, Nintendo, Microsoft,
    Amazon, EA Pop Cap, Oculus, Funko, Schawk!, and Cartoon Network
  • Outstanding students showcase their games at PAX West
  • Students retain the rights to the projects they create, and are encouraged to self-publish
  • Courses prepare students for real-world positions as 3D modelers, level builders,
    experience designers, project managers, and technical artists

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the Digital Gaming and Interactive Media programs are prepared for entry-level
positions in the video game and interactive media industries, as well as careers in:

  • Industrial and medical simulation
  • Virtual reality
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Educational media
  • Film and television

Class Schedule

Lake Washington Institute of Technology does not offer every course each quarter.
It is the student’s responsibility to consult the Class Schedule and work out an individual schedule with an advisor or counselor. Any developmental coursework a student might be required to complete may increase
the program length.

Admission Requirements

At LWTech we welcome all students as an open enrollment college and we are committed
to your inclusion at the college. Admission to the associate degree is open to all
students. Admission to the applied bachelor’s degree is competitive.

Additional background check considerations.


The Digital Gaming and Interactive Media program of study leads to an industry or
specific employers that may not hire individuals with certain types of convictions,
immigration status or involvement in suspicious activity. Examples of common background
checks required in this industry are criminal record, immigration status, work history,
credit history, driving record, education, professional licenses and certifications,
drug screening and use of social media and character witnesses. 

Associate Degree

The associate degree prepares students for entry-level work in the digital gaming/
interactive media industry and for LWTech’s applied bachelor’s degree. Admission to
the associate degree is open to all students.

Entry into this program requires completion of an admission application.

Applied Bachelor’s Degree

Admission to the applied bachelor’s degree is on a competitive basis. Students will
be able to transfer to the applied bachelor’s degree with an associate degree in LWTech’s
Digital Gaming & Interactive Media, or a digital design degree from a community or
technical college. Classes includes 3D Game Design, Digital Story Telling and Mythology,
Designing for Interactive Technology, Principles of Game Mechanics, and more. This
is the first degree of its kind in the state of Washington offered by a public institution.

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