Could I make a living being an Indie Game Dev?

I highly disagree on “you might make nothing”. As I mentioned in my previous post, I made 2 games. In the first game, I was at -$5k. Yes. Minus. On the game I released a few days ago, I put a lot more: $30k. I have 0 sales. So, I’m at -$30k on my second game. With interest from 2007-2010, I’m at a grand total of -$36k as of today.

And unlike you other lucky fellas that have been posting on this thread, I have a wife, a 1.5year old child, and I am the sole bread winner in the house from my regular software developer day job; which I’m probably going to lose since I’ve been neglecting it (quite heavily, too) to work on my failed game.

I also have a mortgage. The mortgage is actually what enabled me to borrow heavily from the bank ($24k), since I was able to “prove” to the bank that I can pay it back (because I have the mortgage). So they just added it on top of my mortgage, so now the amortization is only a lil’ while longer on top of the decades I already need to pay it off. Not much of a difference in the very long run. Sort of like not haggling taking off $1,000 from a house that costs $500k. You’d be saving only $3 per month.

You guys have it easy, and you are very lucky. You just don’t have to give up. Somehow, I won’t, either.

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