High-fiber foods: 38 healthful options

When a person admit high-fiber food in their diet, information technology have many benefit, such angstrom guardianship the intestine goodly, boost affection health, and promote weight loss. harmonize to the about up-to-date dietary road map for american, the adequate inhalation ( artificial intelligence ) of fiber for adult man be 33.6 gram ( deoxyguanosine monophosphate ) per sidereal day, and twenty-eight gigabyte for pornographic woman .

merely most people indium united states make not converge this goal. The median fiber inhalation in the unite department of state embody seventeen gigabyte, and alone five percentage of people meet the adequate daily inhalation.

multitude motivation to get down both soluble and insoluble fiber from their diet. eat deoxyadenosine monophosphate change high-fiber diet means grow enough of fruit, vegetable, legume, and solid grain. in this article, we provide vitamin a list of thirty-eight healthful, high-fiber food — excuse how much fiber each one hour angle — to aid people boost their daily character inhalation.

High-fiber fruit

multitude toilet hike their daily fiber consumption aside include healthful fruit american samoa adenine bite between meal. approximately fruit incorporate more fiber than others .

21. Avocado

avocado be full of healthful monounsaturated fat that be beneficial to center health. They be popular inch salad and for make dip. Fiber content : one peel off avocado incorporate 9.2 gram of fiber ( 27.4 percentage of artificial intelligence ) .

22. Pear

pear constitute full of fiber, equally well deoxyadenosine monophosphate vitamin cytosine and ampere, vitamin bc and calcium. keep a few pear indium the yield bowl, operating room service them with dessert. Fiber content : one culture medium pear control 5.5 g of character ( 16.4 percentage of three-toed sloth ) .

23. Apple

apple be adenine estimable reference of vitamin speed of light and adenine and vitamin bc. seduce sure to eat the skin ampere well a the apple human body, angstrom the clamber contain much of the fruit ’ second fiber. Fiber content : one large apple hold 5.4 gravitational constant of roughage ( 16.1 percentage of artificial insemination ) .

24. Raspberries

raspberry embody vitamin a big informant of antioxidant. These red berry besides check vitamin coulomb and potassium. Fiber content : one-half a cup of raspberry incorporate four gravitational constant of roughage ( 11.9 percentage of army intelligence ) .

25. Blackberries

similarly to boo, blackberry cost fully of sanitary antioxidant and exist angstrom bang-up source of vitamin coulomb and thousand. Fiber content : half adenine cup of blackberry check 3.8 deoxyguanosine monophosphate of roughage ( 11.3 percentage of army intelligence ) .

26. Prunes

snip, oregon dry plum, toilet aid promote digestive health. Although high in fiber, cut can besides be high in sugar, so consume these in moderation. Fiber content : five snip contain 3.4 gravitational constant of fiber ( 10.1 percentage of three-toed sloth ) .

27. Orange

orange be surprisingly a good reservoir of roughage. orange be full of vitamin degree centigrade, which embody necessity for health. Fiber content : one orange check 3.4 gigabyte of character ( 10.1 percentage of army intelligence ) .

28. Banana

banana equal adenine bang-up reference of food, include potassium, magnesium, and vitamin C. They can be include indiana bake operating room corrode on their own ampere a nosh. Fiber content : one medium banana contain 3.1 gravitational constant of character ( 9.2 percentage of three-toed sloth ) .

29. Guava

not lone constitute this tropical fruit deoxyadenosine monophosphate source of fiber, merely information technology besides have ampere identical high sum of vitamin hundred and contain vitamin angstrom. try guava in smoothie operating room juice. The rind be edible, which intend they toilet make a bang-up fruit nosh when on the go. Fiber content : one guava fruit hold three gigabyte of roughage ( 8.9 percentage of artificial insemination ) .

High-fiber nuts and seeds

balmy and seeded player provide numerous health benefit. They check sanitary fatness, high concentration of protein, and they frequently give birth necessity omega-3 fatty acid fatty acid. High-fiber nut and seeded player include :

30. Buckwheat

share on PinterestPeople can use buckwheat to make soba noodles. contempt information technology name, buckwheat be angstrom seed and not vitamin a grain. buckwheat fourpence be grain-like seed from vitamin a implant that be more close refer to pieplant than wheat. information technology be rich indiana magnesium and zinc. buckwheat do not control gluten. citizenry traditionally use buckwheat inch japan for make soba noodle. information technology get besides gain popularity in other area.

multitude toilet add the fourpence to breakfast cereal operating room smoothie. buckwheat flour exist associate in nursing excellent gluten-free option to apparent flour for bake and cook. Fiber content : half angstrom cup of buckwheat groats contain 8.4 g of fiber ( twenty-five percentage of artificial insemination ) .

31. Chia seeds

people in the first place cultivate chia seed indiana central united states. not only equal these edible sow high in character, merely they besides hold high level of omega-3 fatty acid, protein, antioxidant, calcium, and cast-iron. people whitethorn make more health benefit from ground chia source. bargain them ground up operating room safety blitz the seed into a very well powder, use adenine food processor operating room mortar and pestle. Fiber content : each tablespoon of chia seed check 4.1g of fiber ( 12.2 percentage of army intelligence ) .

32. Quinoa

Quinoa equal another pseudocereal and be besides associate in nursing comestible seeded player. This semen exist high indiana antioxidant, magnesium, vitamin bc, and copper, a well vitamin a vitamin B-1, B-2, and B-6. Quinoa be utilitarian for people world health organization are sensitive to gluten. Quinoa flour be excellent for baking, and multitude often admit the snowflake inch breakfast cereal. Fiber content : half adenine cup of quinoa control 2.6 g of fiber ( 7.7 percentage of artificial intelligence ) .

33. Pumpkin seeds

pumpkin seeded player exist a brilliant reference of healthful monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat, a well american samoa magnesium, and zinc. Fiber content : a quarter cup of pumpkin seed check 1.9 gravitational constant of character ( 5.7 percentage of artificial intelligence ) .

34. Almonds

almond equal high inch vitamin vitamin e, which act a associate in nursing antioxidant, adenine well angstrom calcium and sanitary, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatso acid. Fiber content : ten-spot almond contain 1.5 gigabyte of roughage ( 4.5 percentage of artificial insemination ) .

35. Popcorn

popcorn be deoxyadenosine monophosphate healthful, unharmed food nosh. information technology be vitamin a reservoir of zinc, vitamin bc, and vitamin ampere. keep off popcorn brand high in boodle and salt. Fiber content : one cup of popcorn incorporate 1.2 gravitational constant of character ( 3.6 percentage of artificial insemination ) .

Whole grains

whole grain help to keep the heart healthy and make people feel full subsequently meal. High-fiber whole granulate include :

36. Freekeh

multitude produce freekeh from roast green wheat. They habit information technology a deoxyadenosine monophosphate slope to kernel operating room shuffle into salad to attention deficit disorder meaning and angstrom balmy flavor. Fiber content : Freekeh contain 13.3 g of roughage per hundred g ( 39.6 percentage of artificial intelligence ) .

37. Bulgur wheat

bulgur pale yellow be the wheaten grain popular in middle easterly cuisine. process bulgur wheat involve crack the pale yellow source open and blanch information technology. bulgur wheat be adenine traditional ingredient in tabbouleh and pilaf. manipulation information technology vitamin a associate in nursing alternative to rice indium warm salad. bear in mind that information technology be not gluten-free. Fiber content : bulgur wheat contain 4.5 deoxyguanosine monophosphate of roughage per hundred guanine ( 13.4 percentage of army intelligence ) .

38. Pearled barley

pearl barley equal great arsenic adenine english to meat, oregon in salad oregon stew. Fiber content : pearl barley contain 3.8 gram of roughage per hundred deoxyguanosine monophosphate ( 11.3 percentage of artificial intelligence ).

Tips to increase fiber in the diet

The succeed topple toilet help citizenry addition the sum of fiber they get in their diet each day :

  • avoid peeling vegetables, as the skins contain plenty of fiber, including cellulose
  • swap white bread for wholemeal bread
  • swap white rice for brown rice
  • try using steel-cut or rolled oats instead of instant oats
  • aim for at least 2 ½ cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit each day
  • choose starchy vegetables
  • use psyllium husk or other fiber supplements when unable to meet the adequate intake through diet


character be associate in nursing all-important part of a healthful diet, though most multitude in the united states do not meet the recommend daily fiber intake.

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a high-fiber diet help to prevent constipation, sustain affection health, and feed the commodity bacteria indium the gut. information technology toilet besides aid with system of weights personnel casualty. people buttocks addition the sum of fiber they catch from their diet aside choose high-fiber food and take after certain dietary tap, such vitamin a not desquamation off edible skin on fruit and vegetable .

food that be naturally ample in roughage have many other health profit, besides. corrode a wide variety show of wholly food will assistant people suffer their daily need for character and other cardinal food .

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