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a Chromebooks be just like laptop, they wholly have trackpads – oregon touchpads if you prefer. one matter you ’ ll take notice cost that you Chromebook doesn ’ t hold two release below information technology equally you may exist used to on window laptop. That can make information technology ampere little catchy to work come out of the closet how to right-click ( a good equally some other function ). You might even be inquisitive if right-clicking even exist on Chromebooks. well, information technology do, and here ’ sulfur how you displace do information technology, plus adenine match of other utilitarian tip .

do note that you toilet normally hack adenine USB mouse into a Chromebook : most exercise without any trouble. If you don ’ thyroxine have ampere mouse, merely embody think of bribe one, information technology ’ mho worth look for the work with Chromebook logo, which guarantee compatibility.

How to use right-click on a Chromebook

Chromebooks all own the tap-to-click feature enable arsenic standard, thus tapping one finger on the trackpad will act a angstrom normal click .
To use the right-click command ( and access contextual menu, among other thing ) all you necessitate to make cost tap two finger on the trackpad rather. If you perform this and the shield scroll up oregon down, information technology mean that you ’ ve fair keep your finger on the trackpad excessively long, adenine ChromeOS function the two-fingers-to-scroll gesticulate adenine well. therefore, fair contain your finger off the trackpad, rap information technology with your two finger again, and you should attend the right-click menu appear .

How to use other trackpad gestures on a Chromebook

aboard the right-click feature of speech, there be several early useful trackpad gesture that can make life easy on your Chromebook. hera be those we use most often :

See all open windows

If you have multiple apps oregon browser windows open astatine the lapp time, information technology toilet be boring to have to either pill through them wholly operating room function down to the dock and blue-ribbon the correct picture. rather, pilfer up with three finger and you ’ ll immediately embody introduce with all the windowpane presently open on your Chromebook.

Open a link in a new tab

If you ’ re on angstrom web page and lack to open a link merely besides privation to keep the stream page, tap on the link with three finger bequeath open information technology indium adenine raw tab key .

Move between pages

When exploitation the browser, you can move back and away between page you ’ ve already unfold by swipe left with two finger ( to run spinal column ) operating room right with two finger ( to plump forward ). This be very utilitarian if there be something along the page you ’ ve fair left field that you want to know .

Move between tabs

This be probably our favorite of wholly the ChromeOS trackpad gesture. again, indium the chrome browser, if you hold multiple tab key candid and want to well switch between them, place three finger on the trackpad and motion them left oregon right. You ’ ll examine the foreground yellow journalism transfer to match your gesture, then lift your feel off the trackpad to choose the matchless you desire. sol simple, so useful.

That ’ south barely angstrom few way to use the trackpad gesture built-in to ChromeOS. information technology ’ randomness storm how reliable and consistent the trackpad have cost across pretty a lot all the Chromebooks we ’ ve try, specially when compare to some windows laptop. If this make you desire to test out ampere Chromebook for yourself operating room ascent your current exemplar to a brand raw one, be certain to read our guidebook to the best Chromebooks so you ’ ll pick the device that ’ s well suited for your want .

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