Centurylink Return Modem Ultimate Guide [7 EASY Steps]

Looking for Centurylink return modem procedure or how to return modem to Centurylink ? then this article is for you .
When it comes to the Internet, Centurylink has a respectable name in this industry. They make modems with the latest technologies available to give the best drug user feel .
however, due to some unfortunate reasons you may require returning the Centurylink modems or terminate the avail .

To return Centurylink Modem you should first contact support staff and raise a return request. Ensure that the modem is in good condition. Next, properly pack and ship the equipment back to Company within 30 days from the date of request. 

nowadays, let us discuss in detail how you can send back your equipment to Centurylink keeping in heed all the terms and conditions of the company.

This article will surely help you to clear all your doubts and get your citation back or the equipment replaced .

Centurylink Returns

centurylink returns
Centurylink returns by and large happen due to a bad modem or serviceable modems .
When your plan to send back the modem to Century Link it is obvious that you are facing some trouble. Problems faced by users vary .
But most of the major issues that result in Centurylink returns of devices are as follows :

  • No Internet Light on the Equipment
  • All lights on, but no Internet
  • Internet light is showing red.
  • Internet not working
  • Internet keeps disconnecting and reconnecting
  • Very low speed of Internet
  • Wifi not working

centurylink return equipment reasons
If you face any of the above-mentioned issues, first you need to check up with their confirm team. If the device can not be fixed by the documentation team you can ask for a replacement .
And if you plan to terminate the Internet provider permanently and choose a different supplier, necessitate for a credit refund and send the modem immediately .

Centurylink Return Modem Possible?

Yes absolutely ! But make surely your reason for Centurylink modem revert falls within the terms and conditions of the company. You can always ask for taking the device back when you terminate the Internet provider .
besides, you can get a newly device, when you find that the device has become defective and needs to be replaced .
All you need to do is timely legal action and follow the Company ’ south terms and conditions .
so, let us learn in contingent the terms and conditions for “ Centurylink tax return modem ” .

Important Return Rules

Do you know the accurate rules of the company when you plan to send back your modem ? many users have this doubt in thinker while they plan to send back a modem to Centurylink .
As per the official rules of the Company, you can send the device, but it should meet the requirements. Let us summarize the rules :
centurylink modem return rules

Returning in Case of Service Cancellation

This condition applies to when you have rented or leased from Century associate. If you canceled the services of the party you are bound to send back the device .
While sending the device to Company you should keep in mind the trace points :

  • Service should be closed within 30 days from date of activation.
  • Send back the equipment within 30 days to receive full credit refund.
  • The product should be in great condition with no physical damage.

Returning Defective Modem

sometimes you may need to report and send when the box becomes defective as mentioned above. The rules for returning a defective item vary from party to company .
The most crucial rules for Centurylink equipment recurrence are as follows :

  • You have made agreement to lease the device from the company.
  • You have purchased the equipment from the Internet provider itself and not from others.
  • It is purchased within one year of Device purchase date.
  • Most importantly, it should be returned within 30 days to get replacement.

hence, it is well understand that, whatever may be the reason, you request Centurylink return modem request .
however, make sure to send the device within 30 days timeline to get your credit spinal column or get a newfangled device about free .

How to Return Modem to Centurylink

now since we made the decisiveness to send back the equipment, let us learn the serve to send the device back to Company .
first, you need to pack the modem in the corner provided by the company. Put all the other accessories like cables, radio accessories in the box .
To make surely that the software reaches the caller in good condition and all intact, make certain you follow standard package rules .

Centurylink Equipment Return – Step by Step

Step 1.  Selecting the Box

Use a hard box with straps to pack the box. This will ensure your package reaches its destination without any harm. Avoid using old and recycle boxes. Go to the commercialize and get a modern one .

Step 2.  Remove unwanted Indicators

nowadays, remove any unwanted indicators from the corner to avoid unwanted delays in ship. If you are uncertain about it you can ask the messenger party to guide you .

Step 3.  Cushioning

Use a good cushion cover inside the box. You can use ripple sheets or any cushion substantial. good quality padding is a little investing that you can make to smoothly conduct the return process .

Step 4.  Seal the Box

now after cushioning the modem box, seal the corner with high-quality magnetic tape mean for box. Use packing mark tapes, not normal family record as they can open during transit .

Step 5.  Print Return Shipping Label 

Print the label that you will need to past on the box. We will discuss how to print the label below therefore that you don ’ t make any mistakes. Print it and paste it into the box .

Step 6.  Attach Return Shipping Label

Don ’ thyroxine forget to attach your return shipping address in the box. You can print the return shipping label from your computer and paste it into the box. Do not forget to mention your reach total on it .

Step 7.  Visit Nearest UPS Shipping Center

therefore when everything is set go to any empower UPS Shipping Center, and post it. If you want to find the nearest up location go to this link and find the nearest one .

Centurylink Return Label 

centurylink return label
A Centurylink render tag is very authoritative. Return shipping tag ensures that your package is routed to the right address. then, when you make Centurylink equipment render make certain you give importance to this step .
There are two ways to get a Centurylink Return label. Both are simple and user-friendly .
The two ways are methods are as follows :

#  First Method (UPS Shipping)

Centurylink has made it quite comfortable to print labels. To print the label go to the adopt link. When you click on the link you will be taken to a window as shown below .
A web page will open ( as shown above ) and it will ask you to fill in your Account Name and last Name/business list .
After you sign in you will be taken to label options. Print it and paste it on the box and take it to UPS for shipping.

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source : www.centurylink.com

#  Second Method (PREPAID- USPS)

Another direction is to get a embark label for your package is to generate a postpaid ship label. Generating a prepay transportation label is easy and you can do it at still .
To get one prepay tag for you go to the following link .
Fill up your information and there you go, you can get your prepay ship Label through USPS First Class chain mail. Using any of the methods print the labels on effective paper and paste them on the box .

Centurylink Modem Return to Store

Do you want to directly send the Centurylink modem to the store ? Yes, it can be done. To give the device to your nearest storehouse you need to contact Centurylink. The support staff will guide you on where and how to deposit your equipment .

Important Contact 

now that you have sent your box to the Internet provider you must track the request to know how the company has reacted to your request. As per the caller ’ randomness terms, they ship the replacement merchandise the following business sidereal day .

You should receive it within 1-2 days. In character you don ’ triiodothyronine receive the product, you can contact defend team and ask for status .

In the worst site, sometimes it may happen that you may NOT receive the successor one. If this happens immediately contact the phone number for Centurylink revert Support .
Quick Fact. Centurylink return modem Phone Number : 855-331-1346

TIPS – Return Modem to Centurylink 

When you are planning to return the equipment to the caller either for substitution or credit return keep in beware the pursue tips .
1. Have Proof of Return
Keep proof that the modem you are sending is in good condition. You can click some pictures or make a television .
2. Pack Properly
Always invest in commodity pack materials when you pack the box .
3. Track the Equipment
Track the dispatch until it reaches the company and keeps the receipt as proofread of shipping .
4. Keep Timeline in Mind
While you do all these constantly keep in mind the 30 days nonindulgent time frame of the company .
5. Act Early
Decide early if you want to go for Centurylink ’ s restitution modem. Don ’ triiodothyronine wait for the final days .

Checklist For Centurylink Return Equipment

equipment return checklist Make sure that you have checked the modem for childlike errors like office cord problems, loose cables, etc .
Check first yourself before raising a request to send back the equipment .
Some of the basic checks that you can make are :

  • Check for loose cables, cords etc.
  • Check if the device is configured properly
  • Check if the modem lights are illuminating or not
  • Make sure your device is activated properly.
  • Look for any major CenturyLink Internet Outage in your area if any. This may happen but the company will surely make things good soon.
  • Ask your family members if they have hit the Reset button by mistake.

In most basic cases, the party provides the troubleshooting without the equipment to be sent back to them .
so, double-check for basic errors, ask the party for troubleshooting on-line or through predict. If nothing works, you are fine to ask for a replacement device and send the old one to the company .

What if Your Product Warranty Has Expired?

It may happen that your device may become unserviceable after your guarantee period is over. In that case, follow these instructions :
Contact Support Staff
first, contact the support team and explain your problem. They may overcome the exit with basic troubleshooting techniques .
Order a New Modem
If support staff can not help you out to restore the device, it is better to club a newfangled modem. For ordering, you can either log in to your explanation and rate. Else you can contact customer support to place the orderliness for you .
Since your guarantee is over, you are liable to be billed for the new modem that will be sent to you .


I hope after reading this article on “ Centurylink retort modem ”, you have gathered adequate data on the Centurylink modem return process .
When you plan to return the modem to Centurylink, our advice is first to double-check and send the device within 30 days if you want a absolve substitute .
differently, you are bound to pay an supernumerary charge for newfangled equipment and you may end up paying the monthly rend for the bad item .
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