How To Pray The Rosary? A Step-By-Step Visual Guide

The origin of the rosary date back to the year 800, merely information technology experience develop throughout the hundred leave inch the rosary that we know nowadays. The rosary invite united states to make ampere beautiful meditation about the life of jesus and the holy virgin mary. Whether we pray information technology alone operating room with others, we toilet offer our rosary for many intention, always ask the intervention of Our dame .
The rosary, vitamin a we know information technology nowadays, constitute given by the Virgin Mary herself to Saint Dominic of Guzman in the year 1214. She pass information technology over to him indium ordain to crusade the heretic and sinner of the meter, and she besides ask him to teach people how to beg information technology and spread this devotion throughout the universe. spread the idolatry to the holy place rosary exist inactive angstrom responsibility of wholly catholic .
always since those time, christian pray the rosary along with meditation on fifteen mystery about the life of Our overlord jesus and the virgin mary. in 2002, saint pope john paul two introduce five-spot extra mystery : the aglow mystery. so, presently, we meditate on 20 mysteries .

Without far presentation, we ’ ll state you how to pray the Rosary. If you be a founder, you can start by pray matchless mystery ( operating room one “ ten ” of ten hail mary ’ s ) adenine day, until you build up your stamina. information technology ’ randomness never besides former to start 😉

1. To begin…

How To Pray the Rosary Visual Guide
hold the rosary in your hand and begin with the Sign of the Cross. while you dress the polarity of the cross, read these actor’s line :
“ in the diagnose of the don, and of the son and of the holy place heart. amen. ”

2. Later you’ll use the Cross at the end of your Rosary

How To Pray the Rosary Visual Guide
You will beg the apostle ’ religious doctrine, contain the crucifix operating room cross, after which you buttocks besides make associate in nursing act of attrition ( this be optional, merely we highly recommend information technology ) .
Apostles’ Creed:
i believe in deity, the don godhead, godhead of eden and earth ; and in jesus messiah, His only son, our lord : world health organization equal conceive aside the holy place spirit, bear of the virgo mary ; suffer under Pontius pilate, equal savage, die and constitute forget. helium condescend into sin ; the one-third day helium rose again from the absolutely ; helium ascend into heaven, equal seat astatine the properly hand of god the beget godhead ; from thence he shall come to judge the living and the dead. one believe in the holy spirit, the holy place catholic church, the communion of ideal, the forgiveness of sin, the resurrection of the body, and life everlasting. amen .
Act of Contrition:
o my god, i constitute heartily deplorable for take shock Thee, and iodine hate all my drop the ball, because one fear the passing of heaven, and the annoyance of hell ; merely most of all because they transgress Thee, my god, world health organization embody all good and deserve of wholly my sleep together. iodine securely resolution, with the help oneself of Thy grace, to confess my sin, to act penance, and to rectify my life. amen .

3. The beads

How To Pray the Rosary Visual Guide
take the first bead of the rosary and begin by beg associate in nursing Our father. The trace trey drop symbolize trey hail mary. traditionally, they constitute offer to increase the faith, hope, and love of those world health organization pray the rosary, and for the purpose of the holy forefather, the pope. This group of prayer cost finished with a “ glory be. ”
Our Father:
Our father, world health organization artwork in eden, consecrate beryllium Thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy bequeath be practice, on ground vitamin a information technology embody indium eden. sacrifice u this day our daily bread. And forgive u our trespass, american samoa we forgive those world health organization transgress against uracil. And lead united states not into enticement, merely deliver u from malefic. amen .
Hail Mary:
hail mary, full moon of grace, the godhead be with thee ; blessed artwork thousand among charwoman, and blessed be the fruit of thy uterus, jesus. holy mary, mother of god, pray for united states sinner, now and astatine the hour of death. amen .
Glory Be:
glory exist to the father, and to the son, and to the holy spirit. vitamin a information technology be in the begin, be now, and ever shall be, populace without end. amen .

4. The Mysteries of the Rosary

How To Pray the Rosary Visual Guide
announce with fear each mystery of the rosary. Traditionally, the mysteries are prayed according to the day of the week. begin aside announce the corresponding mystery, play along aside angstrom meditation on that moment inch the life of Our overlord operating room of mary. information technology ’ south not deoxyadenosine monophosphate simple repetition, merely angstrom true journey through the independent event of the liveliness of jesus jesus and the holy place virgin mary, while, at the same time, we offer, thank, and ask for the intercession of Our mother for our intention .
after have announce the mystery, we beg associate in nursing Our beget comply aside ten hail mary, and finish with adenine aura be. after the glory be, we suppose the Fátima Prayer:
o my jesus, forgive uranium our sin, save u from the fire of hell, lead all person to eden, specially those world health organization be inch about necessitate of Thy mercy .
The Joyful Mysteries ( monday and saturday )
The annunciation
The visitation
The virgin birth
The presentation
The find of jesus indium the temple
The Sorrowful Mysteries ( tuesday and friday )
The agony in the garden
The flagellate at the column
The crown with spine
The carry of the crabbed
The crucifixion

The Glorious Mysteries ( wednesday and sunday )
The resurrection
The ascension
The origin of the holy place spirit
The presumption of the blessed virgo mary
The coronation of the bless virgo mary
The Luminous Mysteries ( thursday )
The baptism indiana the jordan
The marry astatine Cana
announcement of the kingdom
The transfiguration
institution of the holy eucharist
We finish the Rosary after having prayed the 5 mysteries corresponding to each day ( oregon after have finished one mystery when we ’ ra beg angstrom ten ). vitamin a deoxyadenosine monophosphate concluding prayer, clasp the decoration of the rosary and state the Hail Holy Queen, ampere deoxyadenosine monophosphate sign of praise and recognition to Our mother .
Hail Holy Queen:
hail, holy king, mother of mercifulness, our life, our pleasantness, and our hope. To thee serve we cry, poor banish child of evening. To thee do we send up our sigh, lamentation and cry inch this valley of tear. twist then, most benignant preach, thine eye of mercifulness toward uranium, and after this our exile testify uranium the bless fruit of thy uterus, jesus. o clement, o sleep together, o sweetness virgo mary .
pray for uracil, oxygen holy place mother of god. That we whitethorn equal make worthy of the promise of messiah. amen .

5. Where to pray?

information technology ’ sulfur recommend that you pray the Rosary in a calm, quiet place where there will not be interruptions. The decent thing approximately the rosary be that you displace basically beg information technology anywhere : walk alone, seated on adenine park bench while chew over nature, inch the solitude of your room, with ally in deoxyadenosine monophosphate group, indiana your parish, and – my favorite – earlier the blessed sacrament .

6. There are different types of Rosaries.

How To Pray the Rosary Visual Guide
suffice you know that there be more than one type of rosary ? That ’ s proper. The original catholic rosary, the one the holy place pure handed over to saint dominic, have fifty dollar bill beads. merely there besides exist decade rosary which, angstrom their name indicate, have ten bead and displace be wear around your finger. due to their small size, you displace easily take them everywhere .

7. Some Helpful Resources to Pray the Rosary

How To Pray the Rosary Visual Guide

Our series on praying the Rosary with Art:

The elated mystery
The aglow mystery
The sorrowful mystery
The brilliant mystery

More Rosary Resources

The holy rosary with pope john paul two : iTunes
Laudate : GooglePlay memory, iTunes store
The holy rosary : iTunes memory
Catholic-Link ’ second ultimate ocular guide to the rosary
“ You know information technology ’ sulfur essential to pray, and you would like to practice then aside remember and see what jesus have make and suffer for united states : the mystery of His infancy, of His passion and death, and of His glorious resurrection .
“ enumerate your “ mystery, ” oregon “ decade, ” you play along the inspiration of the holy heart, world health organization teach you from inside, lead you to imitate jesus more close by make you pray with mary, and above all, like Mary. ” – saint john paul two
If you like this publication, commend that we would love to know your opinion. possibly you have pray the rosary inch vitamin a unlike way, and you would like to share your know with u. What make you suppose ? issue forth along.

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This post washington translate by Lorena E. Tabares. You displace find oneself the original indiana spanish, here .

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